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Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Canyon Wedding Vegas
A couple watches the sun set after their Beautiful Red Rock Wedding.

We’d like to wish everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Day! As we’re passing the turkey and spending time with our loved ones, families and friends, we’ll be reminded of our gratitude for all the unforgettable couples who have passed through our doors. You’ve allowed us to share your most special and meaningful of days. Because of you, we’re constantly reminded of how precious our connections are with each other.

We also want to thank all of our wedding planners and coordinators, ministers, photographers, limo drivers, talented florists, singers, actors and tribute artists, and all those folks who keep the chapel running like a marrying machine! 🙂 We’ve included a few of their photos here, so you can “see” some of the friendly folks on the other end of the phone.

Vegas Wedding Planners

Best wishes to all for a GREAT holiday feast, and keep on sharing the love! Viva Las Vegas!