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Rent Your Wedding Tuxedo at Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Onsite Tux Shop!

Wedding tux rental las vegas

Did you know you can rent your Las Vegas wedding tuxedo here right here at our onsite Viva Las Vegas Weddings Tux Rental Shop? Why travel with all that extra baggage when you can borrow a dashing tux from us? It’s the ultimate in convenience. Our shop is located just behind the chapel, and it’s on the way to the Marriage Bureau where you will likely be getting your marriage license a day ahead anyway! Come in for a fitting, either coming or going!

tux rental weddings vegas
When the bride’s gown and veil take up all the luggage space, rent a tux from us! You’ll look super suave on the BIG DAY!

Our collections are perfect for that stylishly traditional wedding with Las Vegas pizazz! We feature the Matrix, Rainbow, Loewinsohn, Ivanov, Richards & Dercher spring, summer and fall collections, offering you a wide array choices. Available styles include: one, two and three-button models in notch, shawl and peak lapel. Sizes range from 36 regular to 54 regular, and some long sizes are also available.

Most tuxedo rentals are just $75 and come complete with coat, pants, shirt, ties and shoes. Some tuxedos have color options for vests and ties. Prices for colors are slightly higher. Please call the chapel to inquire about long sizes.(Tuxedos are for on-property use only.)

We rent tuxes in many styles and for all seasons!

All Viva Las Vegas tuxedos are provided by After Six and numerous other reputable providers of Men’s Formalwear Fashion for over a century. Viva Las Vegas tuxedos are the height of tuxedo fashion, always in style and always among the most sought-after in formal attire. Viva Las Vegas tuxedos are available only to couples getting married or renewing vows at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

If you have questions about renting a tux at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel’s Tux Shop, or if you want help with sizes and availability, fill out our contact form on the Tuxedo Rental page,, chat live with a wedding planner online, or give us a call at 702-384-0771.

We’ll see you at your dapper best at your Viva Las Vegas Wedding! (By the way, for our outrageously fun themed weddings, we also have a Costume Rental Shop on property!)

How to Get Your Marriage License in Las Vegas

Vegas marriage license

If you’re getting legally married in Vegas at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, you’ll first need to go downtown to the Marriage Bureau to get your marriage license.(If you’re renewing your vows, no license is needed for that!) The Marriage Bureau in Las Vegas is located at the northwest corner of Clark Avenue and Third Street, 201 Clark Avenue. Be advised that the Marriage Bureau here accepts cash only, just so you know. Here’s the link to their website with directions on how to get there:

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
The Marriage Bureau—no waiting period, no blood tests. And don’t forget to bring your license to the chapel so we can make it legal!

For express line service at the Marriage Bureau, click on the Marriage Pre-Application on their website above. You’ll need to complete this for both parties. Print and bring these forms with you when head to the Marriage Bureau for your license. You’ll also both need your ID’s, and you both need to be there in person. Check the Marriage Bureau’s website for details on any other requirements.

It’s a good idea to get your license a day ahead of time, or the “morning of” a wedding taking place in the evening or later day. You can even make a day of it, exploring all the fantastic attractions downtown Las Vegas has to offer.

When your license is in hand, be sure to have it with you ( AND the rings!) when you arrive at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for your wedding. And remember, same-sex marriages are legal and warmly welcomed at our chapel!

Elvis wedding vegas
Even if you get married by Elvis, a licensed minister will be on hand to help your though the legal stuff at the time of your ceremony!

Your minister (even if you’re getting married by Elvis, a licensed minister will pronounce you as legally wedded for the purposes of the State of Nevada) will explain how to get copies of your marriage certificate. All of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings require a $60 cash only minister’s fee, to be paid at the time of your ceremony. The minister will take care of recording your marriage, as part of his or her services to you on your wedding day. Las Vegas wedding chapel minister services are not included in your Viva Las Vegas wedding package price.

If you’re not a U.S. resident, you can still get married in Las Vegas. Many countries will require a certified copy of the marriage certificate and as apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State. Your minister will help you with questions on how to do this. You might also get in touch with your country’s Consulate in the States to confirm what you’ll need.

For more marriage license information, call (702) 671-0600. Marriage License Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week, including holidays.

For information on one of our amazing Elvis, Themed or Tradtional Wedding packages, or to ask questions about getting your marriage license in Las Vegas, give us a call at (702) 384-0771. Or you can visit us online at

Doin’ Your Las Vegas Wedding with Elvis in Our ’50s Doo Wop Diner

50s Diner Wedding Vegas
Only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…a choice of wedding chapels, including our retro Doo Wop Diner Chapel!

Today is Pi Day–that is, 3/14–and the best place at Viva Las Vegas Weddings to look for PIE is in our fantastic retro Doo Wop Diner Chapel! (Actually, we DO have diner-themed wedding receptions here, too, but you’ll have to ask specifically for pie along with/instead of wedding cake, if you’re so inclined!)

We offer affordably fun wedding and wedding vow renewal packages in the Diner. Dress from the 1950s era is optional–but a GREAT idea. Elvis most often is the choice of minister to do the honors and sing iconic songs. By special request, though, you can opt for a Fonz impersonator minister, Lucy or Ricky, June Cleaver, or even your choice of Grease (the musical) character as cool wedding officiant. We’re always up for your ideas and suggestions, and we’ll do our best to make your personalized Doo Wop Diner Wedding happen!

Our retro Doo Wop Diner is by far the coolest spot to get married by Elvis in Vegas. You’ll step back in time, surrounded by ’50s memorabilia. The Diner jukebox has all of the old favorites, but you’ll also be entertained live by The King himself. We guarantee that Elvis singing as you’re exchanging wedding vows will be the most memorable event of your lives to date!

Package Features Include:
Ceremony Performed in The Doo Wop Diner
Elvis Sings Two Songs and Performs the Wedding Ceremony
Elvis will escort you down the aisle
Two-Rose Presentation
6 Candid Ceremony Prints (taken during the ceremony)
Elvis Certificate
Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Your Names In Lights on Our Marquee high above the Strip for a photo op afterwards
Wedding Planner
Wedding Coordinator
Chapel Fee
Ceremony is Limited to 15 Wedding Guests or Less
Price $345.00

For more information about Diner Weddings, or weddings in any of our other chapels by a “normal” or character minister, give us a call at 702-384-0771. Nifty!

The 3 Most Spectacular On-Location Weddings from Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Outdoor Vegas Wedding
Our Beautiful Red Rock Canyon wedding package makes a unique and gorgeous backdrop for your spring or fall wedding!

Spring and fall are the most popular months for Las Vegas weddings in our Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Chapels, but did you know you can also get married in Las Vegas at fun, picturesque and exotic locations? You Viva Las Vegas Wedding Package takes care of everything, limousine transportation, flowers, photography, minister (even Elvis) are all provided as part of your package.

Before the scorching summer temperatures set in is the perfect time for a sunset wedding at nearby Red Rock Canyon! Your minister and photographer will meet you at a breathtaking vista point to perform and take pictures and video of your ceremony. Our limousine seats eight, so bring along guests, or, if you have a few more, you can choose to add an extra limo or two. Best of all, sunset ceremonies at Red Rock allow for a stunning view of the lights of the Las Vegas Strip as you are driving back after the wedding!

Vegas Helicopter wedding
Climb aboard for an unforgettable view of the lights of the Las Vegas Strip!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings also offers a choice of helicopter wedding packages! Get married WHILE in flight over the Las Vegas Strip, or, get married at our beautifully elegant chapel, then be whisked away for a post-wedding helicopter tour! Add all the options you wish…even Elvis! You’ll have incredible memories of this most unique of Las Vegas Weddings!

helicopter vegas wedding tour
Stunning views from your private wedding ‘copter!

Our most fun off-site Las Vegas wedding takes place in front of the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign! Elvis (with his sound equipment) meets your limousine there, accompanied by your photographer who also brings your flowers and video equipment. Elvis serenades you and your guests…plus a few tourists who are generally in disbelief at what they’re seeing. The crowds go wild when you kiss, with the sign and the scenic Las Vegas Strip in the background.

Las Vegas Sign Wedding
Get married in front of the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign!

For information, pricing and details about these and other outdoor weddings for spring, visit or call one of our friendly wedding staffers at 702-384-0771. They’ll also give you helpful pointers on best times to book for the ultimate in scenic weddings!

Las Vegas Cinco de Mayo Wedding Specials! Elvis Habla Español!

Cinco de Mayo Vegas Weddings
Cinco de Mayo Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday this year, so if you’re engaged and planning to get married in Vegas over this festive holiday weekend, consider taking advantage of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings Cinco de Mayo Specials! These special wedding packages begin at just $225.00 and include all the basics, plus you can upgrade to a package offering many more extras for not a whole lot more!

Already hitched? You can RENEW your vows with Elvis, or in a traditionally romantic little ceremony, too. Our biggest Cinco de Mayo weddings savings are on a wide array of our themed weddings, so check all of our specials out here before you decide:

Every wedding includes a photo op with your names in lights on the Strip!

By the way, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, our ministers and all of our Elvis impersonators can perform your ceremony in Spanish if you prefer. Just let us know when you book the wedding. Elvis habla español! Here’s just an example of what our Elvis Cinco de Mayo wedding package includes:

Use of the Elvis Wedding Chapel, one Elvis impersonator minister to sing two songs, candlelight service, three-rose presentation, boutonniere, garter for the bride, complimentary transportation for the bride and groom, a pair of king sunglasses, 24 poses viewed online, eight candid ceremony prints, video of the ceremony, souvenir wedding certificate, names in lights on the marquee, free wedding website and wedding invitation and video of the ceremony. You can have up to 30 wedding guests with this package special. Package price, not including the $60.00 fee to the legal minister, is $325.00.

Call us with any questions about our Cinco de Mayo wedding specials, good from May 1st-May 5th, 2017! (702-384-0771) And remember, May is a gorgeous weather month in Las Vegas, so be sure to have a look at our Cinco de Mayo outdoor weddings, too, in our Garden Chapel and in our Gazebo Chapel! Viva Mexico! Viva Las Vegas!

Celebrate National Extraterrestrial Abduction Day with an Area 51-Themed Wedding in Vegas!3

Alien Wedding Las Vegas
Amy and Scott tied the knot in their pj’s after their ‘alien abduction.”

Who knew? March 20th will be National Alien Abduction Day, so what better time to elope to Vegas and do a honeymoon tour of nearby Area 51? Amy and Scott were the first to do this, wearing their pajamas and slippers to their one-of-a-species Las Vegas wedding ceremony. Like UFO’s, the wedding is not on our website “radar” but we’re happy to customize our Intergalactic Wedding with a space alien minister, green lights and fog, and all the other frills. We can even provide a strange metallic wedding bouquet…just let us know what YOU want!

Amy and Scott eloped to Vegas awhile back, just the two of them, and were wed amidst candlelight, smoke, and space-y music. Their alien minister had to use the universal translator to be understood during the vow exchange. This female creature from space had to watch the time, though, since she was due back at Area 51 to catch her ship on its way out of the galaxy. We can’t remember when we’ve ever had so much fun, or when we saw two people so very much in love. WE loved every minute and still have fond memories of this unique wedding!

Alien wedding in las vegas
Lighting the “candles of burning passion” before the mating dance of Zabevief 5

Scott and Amy exchanged lighted lollipop rings and joined in on an alien celebration dance, a ritual on the planet Zabevief 5. Hey, thank goodness the Intergalactic Wedding package includes photos and video coverage, for evidence later that it really took place!

Check out all of our themed and traditional or Elvis weddings at If you don’t find a wedding that’s quite right for you, do what Scott and Amy did, and invent your own. We’d be delighted to help.

Wishing Amy and Scott all the best wishes in the universe for a lifetime of fun and love ahead!