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Your Spectacular Las Vegas Wedding Entrance!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.57.25 PM

If you want to make an unforgettable entrance down the aisle at your Viva Las Vegas Themed Wedding, boy do you two have choices to make! Here are a few of our Themed Wedding packages that involve a surprise entrance down the aisle amidst theatrical fog and lights! You’ll also be accompanied by thrilling themed music, candlelight and a themed minister character to match your package. All of these weddings include flowers, photography, wedding coordinator–even round trip limo transportation to and from your Strip or Downtown Hotel. Here are a few favorites:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.15.23 PM

Above: In our Egyptian Themed Wedding, the bride is carried down the smoky aisle on Cleopatra’s throne!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.18.43 PM

Above: A Fairy Tale of a wedding includes a carriage pulled down the aisle by two knights of the round table. You can also add the carriage entrance to our Camelot Themed Wedding!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.27.13 PM

Above: Biker chicks and dudes can blow into the chapel on their own Harley, or on ours! (We work out the details, depending! You may not want limo service.)

vegas beach party wedding

Above: A summertime favorite Beach Party Wedding includes the bride’s entrance on a surfboard and a wacked-out minister stuck in the 60s.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.09.53 PM

Above: It’s our most popular Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding entrance! Choose the Pink Cadillac Wedding Package and be driven into the chapel by Elvis, or add the Caddy to any other wedding package. Your guests will be blown away!

Back to the Future Wedding
Marty drives into the wedding chapel in the DeLorean Time Machine!

Above: You’ll have to make a special request for this one! It’s not on our website yet, but call us at 702-384-0771 and ask about our custom Back to the Future Themed Wedding!

Citroen CV Wedding in Vegas

Above: If you love the Peter Sellers or Steve Martin Pink Panther movies, get married in our Pink Diamond Themed Wedding by “Inspector Clueless” and be driven down the aisle in this Citroen CV!

For more information on all of these wedding packages, visit us at to explore our Themed Wedding dropdown bar. You can live chat with us on the website or give us a call for all the details. All of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings also make wonderful wedding vow renewal ceremonies! For any wedding ceremony, Traditional or Themed, we can customize a wedding entrance that’s just right for you! Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Renew Your Vows with Elvis in Our Popular Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding—FREE Lighted Leis, Too!

Elvis wedding vegas
Get your free lighted Hawaiian lei, baby!

When your 10th, 15th, 25th…or even 50th anniversary rolls around, it’s time to head to Vegas and Viva Las Vegas Weddings to renew your vows! Our NUMBER ONE wedding package for renewals is our fabulous Elvis Blue Hawaii ceremony! And from now until the end of the year, ask for your FREE lighted leis when you book an Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding with us! It’s a blog-only special, and makes the perfect memento for your exciting day (or night) with Elvis! Add the spectacular Elvis pink Cadillac entrance to your Blue Hawaii Wedding Package, and you’ll receive FOUR MORE lighted leis for your attendants…or…for another couple or two, if you choose to have a multiple-couple wedding vow renewal!

Elvis pink Caddy wedding
Add a pink Caddy entrance, with Elvis driving right down the aisle and through the palm trees!

Best of all, you can come casually dressed, since Hawaiian shirts, sarongs and sandals are all you really need to renew your vows! Tropical wear is a guest favorite, too, so spread the word! Also, if yours is a wedding vow RENEWAL, you won’t need to get a marriage license or go downtown–you’re already legally married! (If you book our Blue Hawaii wedding for your first wedding, well…you’ll need to do that part first. Call us, and we’ll tell you how at 702-384-0771.)

Our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding includes three songs sung live by “The King”–including the iconic Hawaiian Wedding Song, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and Viva Las Vegas. It also includes flowers, photography and video, theatrical lights and fog, plus round trip limousine transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel. You’ll have a hula girl dancing to the Hawaiian Wedding Song, palm trees, and your very own personal wedding coordinator to run you through the drill before your guests are escorted into the chapel. Add live streaming internet coverage if you have friends or family who can’t come to Vegas to witness your special day in person.

Vow renewal in Vegas
The Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding also makes the perfect anniversary wedding vow renewal package–for just the two of you, or you and another loving couple or two!

To learn more or to book your fantastic Elvis themed wedding, visit us at or call one of our friendly wedding planners directly at 702-384-0771. Be sure to say you saw the special on the blog, so you’ll be sure to receive your free lighted leis. Make yours a truly VEGAS-style Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding! Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas’s Most Romantic Evening Weddings!

Las Vegas Wedding Packages
Book these Viva Las Vegas Wedding Packages in the evening hours for extra dramatic effect!

Nighttime weddings have been very popular this summer, and the most romantic Viva Las Vegas weddings for evening include lit candelabras in our Main Chapel or twinkling white lights in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapels. There’s just something about the extra drama of candles and moonlight that makes your ceremony unforgettable. Plus, you can go straight to an elegant wedding night dinner or show right afterward!

If you love the soaring music of Broadway, you can’t go wrong with an evening Phantom of the Opera Themed Wedding! You’ll be enveloped in foggy mist and candlelight, serenaded by two incredible singers. One, “The Phantom,” will perform your ceremony and then sing a duet with our “Christine”–“Think of Me,” will bring tears to your eyes and probably those of your wedding guests, too. Be sure to add live streaming internet so friends and family back home won’t miss the uniquely spectacular performance of your vows. We were surprised that this was one of our most popular themed weddings in the month of August…and now we know why!

Phantom Wedding in Vegas
Be serenaded by the Phantom and Christine during your thrilling, operatic ceremony!

If you like something even more exotic, our Egyptian Themed Wedding finds the bride carried down the aisle on Cleopatra’s Throne to repeat vows after our version of “minister” King Tut. You may want to costume yourselves accordingly. And we make that easy, since we have a costume shop right on our property. (Incidentally, this wedding is perfect for a toga party afterward!) Our altar area is decorated with sarcophagi and “ancient relics”–plus the wedding package includes hypnotic music, an Egyptian dancing girl, and a pair of hunky servant dudes. It’s a stunning and sexy setting for a very different kind of night time wedding ceremony!

Egyptian Wedding Vegas
Questions about our Egyptian Themed Wedding Package? Just asp! 702-384-0771

If you want something a bit more traditionally romantic, choose any of our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Wedding Packages. They include all the frills, to varying degrees, from the most simple but all-inclusive package to one including limo transportation from your Strip or downtown hotel. And, feel free to add characters like the Phantom or King Tut or even the King of Rock ‘n Roll to your outdoor wedding ceremony, too! Yes, we’ve done that… Custom weddings are what we do best! For more information on all these packages, performed during the day as well as by night, check out our website at

Outdoor Vegas weddings
Outdoor Garden Chapel by night

Wedding Receptions at Viva Las Vegas Weddings Start at Under $500!

Viva Las Vegas WEddings receptions
Our brand new reception room, just behind the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Garden Chapel and Gazebo

If you’d like to make your Traditional, Themed or Elvis Wedding day last a bit longer, did you know Viva Las Vegas Weddings also does receptions? We have intimate reception facilities accommodating small groups under 25 people, as well as lavish sit-down themed dinners in our Event Center with dancing, vintage piano bar and live entertainment. There’s room for up to 300 people in our gorgeously decorated Ron Decar’s Event Center. (See all of these full-service reception packages at )

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.30.23 PM

For our wide range of wedding reception packages and pricing, visit our website at: You’ll find simple champagne and cider toasts with wedding cake service, as well as more elaborate cocktail and appetizer receptions with DJ included. We’re happy to create custom menus, adjusted for your preferences and budget.

50s diner reception vegas
Do your wedding reception in the Diner!

If you’re having an Elvis wedding, receptions in our fabulous ’50s Doo Wop Diner are very popular choices, complete with sliders, sodas, and a fun jukebox ‘n retro kitchen atmosphere. You can also choose to have “just cake” and beverages, if you like. We’ll work with you to create a reception that goes along beautifully with the mood of your themed or Elvis wedding.

Las Vegas Wedding Receptions
For large and elegant receptions, our Ron Decar’s Event Center is right next door to the chapel!

For more information on our uniquely fabulous wedding receptions, give us a call at 702-384-0771. We’ll create the wedding and wedding reception that are just right for you!

We Miss You, Elvis! January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977

Elvis Jailhouse Rock
Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (now in the public domain)

Today is the anniversary of the death of Elvis Aron Presley. We’ll be doing our fun and kitschy Elvis weddings today as always, but likely with a special reverence and a nod to the icon who is now a Las Vegas legend as well as a music legend. Many couples who come to Vegas to tie the knot with an Elvis impersonator are now far too young to have any firsthand memories of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but still acknowledge his inexorable connection to the city and to its particular mystique.

Elvis public domain photo
Photo by By Ollie Atkins, chief White House photographer (public domain photograph)

Did you know our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel features a gift shop of Elvis memorabilia in our lobby/waiting area? You can pick up a souvenir of your wedding day if you like, or buy one for the happy couple. We have everything from t-shirts to holiday ornaments. It’s a nice way to remember your special day, and also to remember Elvis. You’d be surprised how many couples who are “only” having a Traditional wedding at our chapel pick up the odd Elvis license plate frame or sunglasses!

Elvis statue
A commemorative statue of “The King” in the lobby of the Westgate Hotel

Remember you can always add Elvis to any Themed wedding or Traditional wedding to perform a song and/or to escort the bride down the aisle. We’ve even done Intergalactic Star Wars or Trek-style weddings with an appearance by The King at the end to sing “Viva Las Vegas” and get everyone dancing in the aisle! Just ask us for details and tell us your ideas when you call to book your wedding or wedding vow renewal with us, 702-384-0771. Or chat with us live online at
RIP, Elvis. You are remembered here every day by so many people, in the most happy and respectful of ways…Viva Las Vegas, Viva Elvis!

Halloween Weekend Wedding Planning at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Addams Family Wedding Vegas
Get married by Gomez Addams, or BE Gomez Addams at your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Halloween weddings in Las Vegas this year will be stretched out over a full weekend! Halloween night falls on a Monday, so we’ll also be doing Halloween-themed weddings the whole weekend before! (Well, to be honest, we’ll do them anytime of year…But Halloween happens to be second only to Valentine’s Day in popularity for weddings and wedding vow renewals.) To get your preferred time and package, now’s the time to book ahead!

Our Main Chapel will be decked out like a cemetery and filled with fog and candlelight. The Garden and Gazebo outdoor chapels will be decorated in scary fashion, as well as our blood-red-and-black Little Chapel for intimate weddings in the shadow of a cobweb-laden coffin. Check out all of our Gothic and Graveyard wedding packages on the scroll-down Themed Weddings menu at Some favorites are featured here. And…like the Morticia and Gomez wedding above, if it’s not on our menu, don’t be scared to ask us! We do custom weddings, too!

Zombie Elvis Wedding
Zombie Elvis emerges from a coffin and marries the two of you…and sings a few songs….

Zombie Elvis can marry you in any of our chapels, including the outdoor ones! We’ve also got Dracula, Elvira, the Grim Reaper, and Edward of Twilight fame as horrifyingly fun “ministers.” You and your guests will want to dress up, too, to complete your gruesome theme. It IS, after all, Halloween! (Traveling light? We rent costumes!)

Grim Reaper Wedding
Choose from Dracula OR the Grim Reaper for your Gothic or Graveyard Wedding Package!

Our Gothic packages include limo transportation, flowers (we CAN do black roses!), photography and videography, and full-service wedding coordination. You can have your frightening vow exchange streamed live to all corners of the planet, if friends and family are stuck back home trick-or-treating…

Rocky Horror wedding
Your Rocky’s Horror musical wedding features songs performed LIVE!

Our most elaborate spoof, the Rocky’s Horror Wedding, includes a full cast of singing and Time-Warping characters. It’s a full-on production with live performances and a sweet transvestite minister, from Transylvania, of course. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the only place you can upgrade your wedding with Cirque du Soleil-style flying vampires to perform high above you in the chapel’s rafters. Give us a call at 702-384-0771 to customize your Halloween/October wedding or wedding vow renewal. We guarantee it will be a ceremony you and your guests will never forget!

Flying vampire wedding
Flying vampires performing during a Gothic Wedding ceremony