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Five Reasons to Choose an Evening Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Wedding Chapels in Vegas
Making a dramatic exit from the chapel under our brightly-lit marquee right on the Strip!

In summer and fall there are plenty of good reasons to time your Viva Las Vegas wedding ceremony for sunset or after dark. (Of course, our chapels are chilled during the daytime, so you’ll be cool as a cucumber either way–if yours is an indoor wedding.) Here are some thoughts to consider, if your wedding time is still undecided.

1. Outdoor evening weddings will seem much cooler in summer. Before the sun goes down, summer and even autumn temperatures can be pretty warm in Las Vegas, so you can beat the heat by holding your ceremony after dark.

2. Your names will appear in lights after your ceremony above the chapel exit. While this looks GREAT during the day, these lights are AMAZING by night on the Las Vegas Strip! (Tell your guests to bring bubbles to blow as you exit. Or, they are available for purchase in the chapel lobby!)

Unique vegas wedding
Your names and wedding date will be in lights after your ceremony! BTW, we don’t allow alcohol of any kind before or during the wedding ceremony. This groom must’ve stashed a beer!

3. If you choose an outdoor wedding in our Garden or Gazebo Chapel, the romantic twinkling white lights will add to the intimacy and mood! Plus, in summer, the misting systems provide more effective cooling after dark.

Evening Vegas outdoor wedding
Evening weddings are cooler and more romantic!

4. If your wedding package comes with limo or town car transportation, the ride is much more spectacular after the lights of the Strip have come on! For many couples, choosing a package that includes a limo is a big part of what makes the wedding experience special and more memorable. If that’s how you feel, you’ll want the lights, too!

5. Planning an evening wedding makes your wedding night flow beautifully from ceremony to afterglow. Schedule things so that a special honeymoon dinner follows directly after the ceremony. (We do receptions onsite, too, if you want to include your guests.) Many couples have plans to see a show on the wedding night…so the excitement just builds! After all, you’ll want to do the town in those fancy duds, as long as you’re all dressed up!

For more information or advice on any of our Traditional, Themed or Elvis Weddings, or our Outdoor wedding ceremonies, call us at 702-484-0771 or visit us to chat online at

Custom Viva Las Vegas Themed Weddings NOT On Our Website!

Indiana Jones wedding in Vegas
We can create your favorite movie themed wedding for you by request!

If you’ve seen all our Elvis, Traditional and Themed Weddings on our drop-down menu at and still don’t see the perfect Las Vegas wedding package for you, give us a call. Or, feel free to chat online with us right on the website. Tell us about your ideas and dreams for your ceremony, or the quirky twist you’d like to add to one of our existing wedding packages. Other couples do it all the time, as evidenced by these photos!

We don’t technically have a wedding package with an Indiana Jones-ish minister, but we can put a little something together for you. Prices and included features will be comparable to our OTHER themed weddings. If you are on a tighter budget, you can simply choose a basic traditional wedding package, and adding a character minister and appropriate movie-themed music as a slight upgrade.

Harry Potter themed wedding Vegas
Merlin from our Camelot themed wedding can also go full Hogwild!

Sometimes all we have to do is adjust one of our existing themed weddings with all the right touches. In the above photo, we substituted a familiar Wizard for Merlin in our Camelot Themed Wedding and added another well-known character. And, don’t forget, YOU can come dressed to suit a movie role. Recently we did a Grease (the musical) themed wedding in our 50s Doo Wop Diner. The couple came dressed and Danny and Sandy, and bridesmaids were all Pink Ladies. It was SO nifty!

Adam's Family wedding in vegas
Halloween-time weddings bring out the scary movie ministers!

At Halloween–or, year ’round really–we do Gothic Themed Weddings with any number of creepy “ministers.” Once we came up with the entire Addam’s Family! But we’ve also got Dracula, Elvira, the Grim Reaper, Edward, and even Zombie Elvis to do the honors in a foggy graveyard setting.

Call us with your thoughts, and we’ll come up with a package price just for you, with all the options that make your custom wedding uniquely unforgettable! Viva Las Vegas! 702-384-0771

Your Guests CAN Take Photos at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

outdoor vegas wedding
The view from the pew in one of our Evening Outdoor Gazebo weddings!

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel may be the only place in town where your guests are welcome to take photos during your ceremony. From their seats, that is! That’s just because our own photographer with be shooting pictures and video and running around to get the best angles– He/she won’t want to be crashing into other photographers, or worse, tripping them!

The pews are very close to the altar, though, and you’ll be able to get some nice shots from the comfort of your seat.

Once your ceremony is finished, there is a 10-15 minute photo session inside the chapel for the formally posted shots. During this time, we will ask your guests NOT to take pictures. That’s when our photographers do their most “serious” work. However, once that’s done, everyone goes outside in the front of our chapel where the couple’s names will be in lights on our outdoor marquee, high above the Las Vegas Strip! Now THAT is one GREAT photo op, and your guests can shoot photos to their hearts’ content again!

Las Vegas Chapel Wedding
Sight lines for guests with cameras at your Main Chapel wedding

We are also likely the only chapel in town that will allow you to bring in your own professional photographer, instead of ours. There’s an upcharge for this, because we still have to pay our photographer to be present. Also, we have to figure in a certain amount for photos we WON’T be selling to you. (It’s all part of business, folks, to be honest…but we like to give you the opportunity to have your own photographer, if you truly prefer it.) This is a rarely requested option, but if you plan to bring your own photographer and not include our photographer in your package, please let us know at the time of the booking. The staff will give you an exact price at that time, so there won’t be any surprises. 702-384-0771

50's diner wedding in Vegas
Do it in the Diner with Elvis! Guests with cameras are up close and personal in our Doo Wop Diner Chapel!

All of our wedding packages come with various-sized photo packages and include varying numbers of prints. If it’s just the two of you eloping, we’ve got you covered! If you’re not sure what to expect, visit our website and click on “Order Photos” to see examples of the pictures your photographer typically shoots during different wedding ceremonies.

If you have any questions about your wedding photos and what’s included in the different Elvis, Themed or Traditional packages you see on our website at, give us a call, or feel free to chat with us online, at your leisure.

How to Exchange Rings at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

wedding limo service las vegas
What you need to know about the “ring part” of your Viva Las Vegas ceremony

One of the last things on wedding couples’ minds is their ACTUAL wedding ceremony at Viva Las Vegas. Most remember to BRING the rings to the chapel, but hardly anyone gives much thought to how things work during the vow exchange itself. Here are a few answers to commonly-asked questions, to smoothly get you through that part of your wedding. We’ve also included a couple of cool suggestions, for those who want to customize their ring exchanges.

1. If the bride is wearing her engagement ring to the chapel, she should remove it and place it on the ring finger of her right hand before the wedding. That way, the wedding band will go on the left hand during the vows, closest to her heart. (In Roman times, it was said that the blood vessel leading to the heart ran through that finger, thus, the ring was symbolically closer to the heart, too.) Once the excitement of the wedding has died down, the bride can place her hunky rock of an engagement ring on top. If the two of you are exchanging simple wedding bands, you can skip this part altogether.

2. Be sure to give the rings to your attendants or appointed “ring person” before you arrive at the chapel. Or…WHEN you arrive is even better. You want to be very sure the rings get here…If the worst happens and the rings are left in your hotel room, or–back in Milwaukee–we can still perform your wedding and just “fake” the ring part. It’s been done…And then you’ll have a story to tell! If it’s just the two of you, wear your soulmate’s ring on your thumb or pinkie until that part of the ceremony.

3. No rings? Some couples prefer not to exchange rings at all. Or, in some countries, one ring is the norm. That’s fine. Your wedding coordinator will ask first, and your minister (or Elvis or wacky impersonator “minister”) will know just what to do.

Wedding ring exchange tips
Make sure your ring hand is ready for a close-up! Lotion works, and helps with getting rings on and off, too!

4. If you are renewing vows, you can re-exchange your original rings–if they still come off—or, your wedding officiant will have you just clasp your hand over the ring. (Hint: Some grooms, when renewing vows on a big anniversary, will replace the original ring with a NEW one, as a surprise. This is one of the most touching tributes we see at the chapel!)

5. For some fun weddings or vow renewals, we have seen lollipop rings, or some couples have chosen to tattoo rings on the third finger. It is becoming more common for couples to do what suits them, beginning their own wedding tradition.

As always, if you have questions about any aspect of your upcoming wedding ceremony, give us a call anytime at 702-384-0771 or chat online with a helpful staff member at

Star Trek Conventions in Las Vegas Mean Intergalactic Romance Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Star Trek wedding vegas
Get married aboard the vessel of your choice in our Intergalactic Wedding ceremony!

Every August the annual Star Trek Convention comes to town, and along with Trek fans invading the city (happily), wedding couples often visit us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to tie the knot in our space-themed Intergalactic Wedding. Whether you’re Original Series fans, or Next Generation, suit up in your uniforms (or rent ours) and be wed in impeccable Starfleet style. (We even do this wedding with a Darth Vader-esque minister, for you “other” couples!)

Space themed wedding vegas
Costumes optional…but it’s extra fun to dress up–even your guests can space out!

Intergalactic Wedding Packages include your choice of sci-fi ministers, photography and video, flowers, special effects and appropriate themed music, plus round trip limousine transportation from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can also choose to customize your ceremony with any of our many options, including floral upgrades, adding a simple or even elaborate reception package, or adding the services of a hair and makeup artist. We even have an onsite costume rental shop at your disposal! Don’t forget, you can also add characters to your wedding production. It’s not unheard of to see Elvis performing Viva Las Vegas during an Intergalactic wedding–we’ve done that, too! There’s nothing quite like a captain in uniform groovin’ to The King…..

When Sponge Bob is a bridesmaid at an Intergalactic themed wedding....It's a universe of fun!
When Sponge Bob is a bridesmaid at an Intergalactic themed wedding….It’s a universe of fun!

Check out (above) a truly wacky space-themed wedding ceremony where “anything goes” was the rule for the wedding couple and their attendants. Although all the guests wore wildly imaginative, non-space-themed costumes, and although the Romulans attacked during the ceremony (everyone careened across the chapel or fell to the floor), everyone was in tears when the couple read the vows they had written to each other. It was a uniquely fun and endearing wedding! You’re welcome to add any special touches you can dream up. Remember, you also can upgrade to include live streaming to your package so friends and family back home can watch if they can’t be there in person.

For information on this or any of our other themed, Elvis or traditional wedding packages, visit us at

Live Long and Prosper all you space couples!
Live Long and Prosper, space couples!

You CAN Take the (Wedding) Cake After Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Elvis Wedding Cake
Call us at 702-384-0771 to ask about our custom Elvis Wedding Cakes in a variety of sizes and price ranges!
After your Viva Las Vegas wedding, you may just want to kick up your heels and celebrate a little. We can help with that. Whether you take advantage of our on-site receptions, from a simple champagne and wedding cake toast to an elaborate sit-down affair at our new 6,000 square foot Ron Decar’s Event Center next door, we’ll make sure your after-ceremony memories take the cake!

If you have special plans of your own for after your wedding, you can order up one of our delectable, packaged-to-go wedding cakes and a bottle of bubbly to take back in your limo! A small traditional wedding cake will be packaged and waiting for you here at the chapel. The most delicious $25.00 add-on ever! For wedding parties of up to 25 guests, we also offer a cake-and-champagne-only reception for under $500.

Viva Las Vegas WEddings receptions
Have your reception on the second level, overlooking our beautiful Garden and Gazebo chapels

What could be more convenient after your wedding ceremony in our Main Chapel, Gazebo or Garden Chapel than simply strolling down our garden path to your reception venue, all decked-out and ready for your post-wedding revelry? If you book our Event Center wedding receptions, the gorgeous entry gate is right next door, and we have a wedding shuttle to take your guests over. There’s plenty of parking right outside. Nothing could be easier or more intimate! Check out our larger reception packages at

Our various receptions include everything from heavy appetizers to elegant buffets, so you’ll want to spend time choosing, depending on your budget and personal preferences. We can customize your menu, too! At our Event Center, you can choose an open or cash bar, and you’ll enjoy our gorgeous dance floor, vintage piano lounge, dance floor and state-of-the art sound and lighting.

Reception venue las vegas
We can do the most lavish of wedding receptions, as well as simple and intimate ones!

If casual is more your style, follow up your wedding with a fun reception in our Doo Wop Diner, featuring White Castle sliders and root beer floats! See all of our various reception packages on the pull-down menu on our homepage at

Diner wedding in Vegas
Our 50s diner is a unique place for an Elvis wedding AND a retro wedding reception afterward!