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Surprise Las Vegas Wedding Touches! Surprise Your Spouse-to-Be, AND Your Guests!

Wedding surprises in Vegas
Have your surprise wedding guest or guests appear from behind our curtain for the wedding!
Okay, so you’ve booked your Las Vegas wedding and you’ve figured out what to wear and where you’ll stay while in Las Vegas. Whether it’s an Elvis, traditional or Themed Las Vegas wedding that you’ve both agreed on, you might still want to do something to surprise your partner during your fun, warm and wonderful Vegas wedding. We know this, because we’ve seen a lot of touching or even wild and crazy Las Vegas wedding surprises. Here are a few wedding ideas that we can arrange for you. We’ll bet that your bride, or groom, will be delighted, or even overwhelmed.

1. Special Surprise Wedding Guest(s)
If you know that a very special loved one will be attending, but the bride (or groom) doesn’t, have your “surprise guest” arrive early and hide behind our automated curtain at the altar. At the right moment, we can raise the curtain, just before the vows begin, while the bride’s entrance music is still playing. (Of course, you will need to alert us, and have the person or persons who are the surprise arrive extra early.) We’ve got kleenex. We’ve also had weddings where couples bring and display a photograph of someone who can’t be present in person. Let us know if we can help you with this sort of thing.

2. We can play your Special Song as a surprise to your future spouse as he or she comes down the aisle!
Without your partner knowing, contact us to arrange to have us play “your song” during the ceremony, either as a processional or during the ceremony for a wedding slow dance. Call us ahead, so we can help make this happen. You can even choose to have a soloist sing your song live. Just let us know what you’re planning, and we’ll keep this a secret.

3. Order a Surprise Impersonator to pop in and sing during the wedding!
No matter what kind of Las Vegas wedding you are having, we can arrange an appearance by a talented impersonator. Is your bride or groom a fan of Tom Jones, Jim Morrison, or Marilyn Monroe? Guest appearances are what we do best, even if yours will be an otherwise traditional affair. We even have flying vampires and superheroes. Just let us know.

We'll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.
We’ll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.

4. Wedding Vow Renewal–A New Ring!
Most couples who are renewing their wedding vows for an anniversary choose to re-exchange their rings, just as in their first ceremony. For grooms, there could be no bigger surprise than to replace the original wedding ring with a new even grander one, just at the last moment before placing it on her finger. Again, we have kleenex.

5. Secretly Add a Helicopter Flight Over Las Vegas
Imagine surprising your new spouse, just after your Viva Las Vegas wedding, with a limo trip to the heli-pad for a flight over the lights of Las Vegas, complete with champagne toast. We’ll make it happen.

For details on these and other possibilities for your personalized Las Vegas Wedding, give us a call at 1-702-384-0771 to discuss your ideas with a friendly wedding planner. Viva Las Vegas!