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Flying Weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Vegas helicopter wedding
Say your vows high above the bright lights of Las Vegas!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ve got lots of up-in-the-air options for your Vegas wedding. If you love the thrilling feeling of flight, consider one of our fantastic Helicopter Wedding Packages! What could be more romantic that a flight over the lights of the Las Vegas Strip after your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel ceremony? How about GETTING married IN the helicopter over the lights of Vegas? We have packages that offer either choice. Packages include many fun frills like a champagne toast, limousine transportation to the heliport, flowers, photography, even wedding cake to-go.

Vegas Helicopter Wedding
Getting Married with a View of Vegas!

Another of our helicopter wedding options allows you to view the depths of the Grand Canyon by helicopter, minutes from Vegas, as part of your wedding day. Before the trip, you’ll be married in a gorgeous Traditional, Themed or Elvis ceremony at our chapel. We’ll work with you to make all the details perfect. Then you’ll be swept away by limo to the heliport. Our helicopter wedding packages can include just the two of you, or you can invite a small number of guests.

Not big on flying? Add Cirque du Soleil-style “flying” silk performers to your gorgeous indoor wedding ceremony, high above the altar in our Main Chapel. Choose our Viva du Cirque Wedding Package, or just add our breathtaking flying duo to any other Traditional, Elvis, or Themed Wedding package. Our performers can customize their flight and costumes. Flying vampires for a Gothic Wedding? Can do!

Wedding silk flyers
A romantic and unique addition to your wedding vows!

For more information on our helicopter wedding packages, please visit our website at: To find out more about our Viva du Cirque wedding performers, give us a call at 702-384-0771.

Pizza, Elvis and Loathing in Las Vegas at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

All the Pizza with Elvis
Viva Las Vegas’s Elvis chats with Carlo in All the Pizza episode!

Carlo from TasteMade’s online channel’s “All the Pizza” paid a visit to Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, and it is a MUST SEE if you’re thinking of getting married by Elvis in Vegas. We’re sharing a hilarious clip from the episode below.

Wacky and adorable Carlo WAS going to marry a pizza at our chapel, but even though marriage laws have become more open and inclusive, apparently they won’t let a person do that.

Enjoy this interview with Elvis, chatting inside the chapel over a slice, then getting goofy with a few operatic renditions of Elvis classics… You’ll learn a little bit about the history of Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel, and, between bites, Carlo asks some of the questions that couples ask us most when they arrive for their weddings.

Book your own Elvis Wedding with spectacular Pink Cadillac Entrance at You’re on your own for the pizza! Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Hitch Up Your Horses for a Western Themed Wedding in Las Vegas!

Western Wedding Vegas
Here’s the perfect wedding for Country Western fans, rodeo fans, or fans of the sweet and simple!

Thinking about getting hitched during the National Finals Rodeo, in Vegas every December? Or, would you just like the simplicity of a country wedding? Viva Las Vegas Weddings has you covered with our Western Themed Wedding Package. You’ll have a customizable Country/Western Themed Wedding guaranteed to knock your boots off! The package includes Western props, lights and smoke (trail dust?), flowers, photography and video, even round-trip limo service from your Las Vegas hotel. You’ll have a choice of ministers for your ceremony. Minister characters can be a cranky coal miner, a dashing cowboy, or maybe even a Johnny Cash impersonator to do the honors and sing a tune, if you like. Just let us know what you’re hankering for in your country-style wedding ceremony.

Our Western-themed wedding package includes one country song to be performed live during the unity candle lighting. How ’bout “I Cross My Heart,” “I Swear,” or “Keeper of the Stars”? There won’t be a dry eye in the chapel. Some couples prefer to bring their own music on a CD. That’s fine, too. Please tell us ahead of time so we can have it all set up for you.

Your favorite country ballad can be played as the bride strolls down the aisle, and for the recessional, you might want to do the Electric Slide or a Boot Scootin’ Boogie with friends and family. Just like at your favorite country bar, we’ll take requests. You can have your ceremony streamed live online for the folks back home, too, in case they’re not in town for the event.

Country Western wedding Vegas
Wear your best boots to your Western Themed Wedding in Vegas!

Our hitchin’ post and Western props set the stage for your wedding, so you’ll fit right in wearing your best Western duds and cowboys hats—some brides choose to don a white, veiled cowgirl hat and white boots. For more information on this or any of our themed, traditional or Elvis weddings, call us at 702-384-0771 or check our website at See ya back at the ranch, before you ride into the sunset as bride and groom or “podners” united in marriage.

Beach Party Wedding in Las Vegas! Seriously, DUDES!

vegas beach party wedding
The bride (or groom) is carried down the aisle on a surfboard and into the wading pool of matrimonial bliss to begin the Beach Party wedding ceremony. Really.

Summer is in full sizzling swing at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. Couples who want to get married in barefoot comfort (or in flip flops) on our indoor “beach” are choosing our very hot 1960s Beach Party Wedding Package. Our Beach Party Themed wedding lets you wear your beachwear best and comfy sandals, or come tropically dressed or wearing a wild bikini! We’ve got the beach balls and sand pails, along with surfer dudes to carry the bride down the aisle on a board. Get married to surfin’ Beach Boys tunes with a wacky beachcomber minister–stuck in a ’60s time warp. The very casual Beach Party ambiance makes for a great wedding vow renewal, too– for those who want to celebrate an anniversary!

Beach weddings
Dancing to The Beach Boys, “Do You Wanna Dance?” after the lighting of the candles

The Beach Party wedding includes beach fog and lighting effects, flowers, photography and DVD, even round-trip limo service. If you want to take your beach theme a little further, you can add any of our custom extras. Elvis singing a song during the ceremony, or add a hot dog and cake reception, or even a Pink Cadillac entrance! All you have to do is show up with your beach-clad guests and we’ll make it perfect for you. See more details:

Wacky Vegas wEdding
Reverend Rainbow delivering the wacky vows, with a touch of sentimentality…

You can even theme your Vegas wedding trip. Consider a visit to Mandalay Bay Beach for a summer evening concert, or visit Vegas’s newest summer attraction, the fabulous Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas water park. Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Day should be the most memorable of your life, and our wedding planners will help you carry out the theme into the night. Have a blast, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.58.46 AM

Five Las Vegas Wedding Tips for Hot Summer Nights!

Las Vegas Wedding Tips
How to look cool– and be cool– for your Viva Las Vegas Summer Wedding!

Getting married in Las Vegas this summer? It’s vacation time for lots of folks, and of course it’s a really popular time to plan a Las Vegas wedding. What’s the flip side? Temperatures here are expected to be over 110 degrees this weekend. Las Vegas can sizzle in more ways than one! But thanks to high-powered air-conditioning all over the city, you’ll do fine. Here are a few tips for staying comfortable for your Viva Las Vegas wedding. Whether you book a traditional, themed or Elvis wedding, you’ll want to look hot, not BE hot for your summertime ceremony.

1. Consider booking an evening wedding. Once the sun goes down, the air conditioning (and misting systems in our outdoor chapels) work even better. Plus you have the advantage of being wed under romantic twinkling lights and candles. It just FEELS cooler at night. Bonus: If your wedding package includes limo service, you’ll get the thrill of seeing the lights of Las Vegas to and from your ceremony.

2. Drink LOTS of water once you arrive in Vegas, to stay hydrated. The air is so dry that you probably won’t notice you’re perspiring–sweat dries THATFAST!

3. Bring a cold bottle of water with you to the chapel. We do have bottled drinking water for sale if you need it, but there’s no water fountain here. (Ours is a restored vintage chapel!)

Vegas outdoor weddings
Viva Las Vegas Garden Chapel, softly lit by night, lush and green by flattering, shaded daylight

4. If you’re planning on doing ANY sightseeing on foot during daylight hours, a dark umbrella works well to provide shade. We know. That’s sounds weird. But those black umbrellas are like being in the shade of a tree! (And, carry water with you on foot, and everywhere you go!)

5. If you prefer a daytime wedding, late morning will be the coolest time of day. You might even consider one of our summer-themed weddings that are just right for wearing tropical or beachwear and sandals….Beach Party, Elvis Blue Hawaii, etc. Choose a theme with more casual-wear options and you’ll be glad you did!

Any questions about summer weddings, or weddings any other time of year? Please feel free to call us at 702-384-0771 or live chat with us on our website at

Time to Book Your Vegas Vampire/Gothic Wedding for Halloween Night…or…Whenever!

Vampire Wedding Vegas
Vant to be ved at Viva Las Vegas Veddings?

Next to Valentine’s Day weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Halloween is THE most popular day AND night for our spectacular Gothic and Graveyard Themed Weddings. We do them all year long, of course, but if you want to tie the knot in Vegas on Halloween night, it’s already time to reserve your wedding slot with us!

Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings
“Dearly beloved…You vant to get MARRIED?!”

Dracula, the Grim Reaper, Elvira or Zombie Elvis can marry you in a ceremony that’s to die for! Our chapels will be suitably decorated for the occasion, too! The Main Chapel transforms into a candle-lit graveyard with tombstones, fog and eerie music. Your horrifying minister will step out of a coffin to perform your wedding ceremony. Most couples arrive dressed in their scariest wedding duds–’cause—it’s what you do…

For Halloween, our Garden and Haunted Gazebo chapels are always decorated with fall leaves, pumpkins, twinkling lights, and a variety of ghouls. These weddings include a “regular” minister, but feel free to request an upgrade to the Grim Reaper, Dracula, Zombie Elvis or any other monstrous minister you like for your outdoor wedding package! The choice is yours. And your ceremony can be streamed live from any of our chapels, too!

If there’s a bit of the “Goth” in you, you’ll appreciate our black rose bouquets and candelabra-lit chapel. Fans of Rocky Horror? Check out our “Rocky’s Horror” Themed Wedding, complete with live (mostly) musical production numbers. We’ll customize any of our packages to suit your particular tastes, too. Visit us at to see all the incredible choices. Book early–it will be the busiest night of the entire year!

So all you Goth grooms, grab your ghoul, and plan your wedding night…before it’s too late! We’ve attached a video sample of one of our frightful Halloween-style weddings. Hope to see YOU on the 31st. Or, whenever!