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Summer Lovin’ at a 50s-Themed Musical Wedding in Las Vegas!

Grease wedding in Vegas
If you go together like a bam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, tie the knot in our 50s diner chapel with Elvis, or… A favorite character from your favorite movie musical!

Summer’s here! Our most popular Viva Las Vegas themed weddings for summer include the Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding (lovely, cool tropical theme with ocean mist, hula girl and palm trees), the Beach Party Wedding (swim gear is okay for this casual ceremony where the bride is carried down the aisle on a surfboard), or…we’ve been known to customize weddings that reflect your summer love! While we don’t offer a themed wedding based on the musical, here’s a video, below, of a couple that asked us to whip up a “Grease” themed wedding. They came with their own costumes…and choreography!

If you have great ideas for your summer wedding at Viva Las Vegas, give us a call at 702-384-0771 and we’ll work to provide you with the music, setting, and character minister that will make your dream wedding perfect for you! Explore our various themes at and if you don’t find one that fits the bill, we’ll make the adjustments. Themed weddings include photography, flowers, DVD, and even round-trip limousine service from your Strip or Downtown hotel.

If you’d like your summer wedding set outdoors in our Gazebo or Garden Chapels, or in our 50’s Doo-Wop Diner Chapel, we can do that, too! Call us for more information at 702-384-0771, or you can chat live online with one of our friendly staffers on our website.

June’s Almost Here! The Month for Traditional Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Get married in our Garden Chapel or Outdoor Gazebo, nestled in a lush paradise behind our Main Chapel
Get married in our Garden Chapel or Outdoor Gazebo, both nestled in an intimate setting behind our Main Chapel

June has always been associated with brides and weddings, especially traditional weddings. While we do a lot of Elvis and themed weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we excel at romantic, traditional affairs as well! In June, our gorgeous Main Chapel is busy, busy, busy, but our Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Chapels will be in high gear, too! Whether you choose a daytime ceremony in soft lighting filtered through greenery-covered trellises, or an evening ceremony with romantic, twinkling white lights, you’ll have breathtaking photos and an intimate outdoor ceremony.

Outdoor Weddings Vegas
Spring for a romantic outdoor Garden or Gazebo Chapel wedding, day or evening!

Many couples prefer a traditional minister to do the honors, but you can customize your indoor or outdoor June wedding by “upgrading” to Elvis or any of our other wacky characters or impersonators to perform your ceremony or to make an appearance in an otherwise traditional wedding package. You can add a special song, too, if you like. Just let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also choose to customize the bride’s bouquet with seasonal flowers, adding matching boutonniere for the groom, or adding extra bouquets and bouts for all the attendants, too. Our onsite florist can even create arrangements to decorate the pews as you would for a traditional church ceremony! We’ll be happy to discuss all your choices and make suggestions for YOUR perfect wedding.

Outdoor wedding in Las Vegas
Romantic weddings in our Gazebo Chapel are perfect for summer evenings!

Traditional packages begin at under $300, including flowers, photography and wedding coordinator. You’ll also receive a free online wedding website/invitation to share with friends. It’s also where they can view your ceremony streaming live, if you choose to add it as an upgrade. Perfect for friends and family who can’t be here in Las Vegas to witness your ceremony in person!

Our beautiful Main Chapel is the perfect setting for a traditional wedding ceremony!
Our beautiful Main Chapel is the perfect setting for a traditional wedding ceremony!

Visit our website at to view our spectacular indoor chapel or outdoor weddings, listed under our traditional wedding packages. To customize, give one of our helpful staff members a call at 1-702-384-0771, or feel free to chat online live from the website.

Let Us “Theme” Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding and Honeymoon Stay!

In Las Vegas, mega-resorts AND our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel staff are fond of themes! If you’re coming to Vegas to get married, and if you, too, have a taste for inventive themes, you can pair up your themed hotel stay with one of our unique (and matching) wedding themes! We take suggestions, we make suggestions, and we’re all about providing you with the wedding of your fantasies! Here are a few basic ideas on how you can make your wedding trip memorable and fun!

Staying at the TI (formerly Treasure Island)? Book our Pirate Themed Wedding as a complement to your honeymoon hotel! Bring costumes, or rent from our unbelievable costume shop once you’re here!

Pirate wedding Vegas
Pair our Pirate Themed Wedding with your stay at the lovely TI/Treasure Island resort!

Planning a stay at the Excalibur Hotel? Try pairing your resort honeymoon destination with our Camelot Themed Wedding Package! Wear costumes or traditional wedding attire to go back in time for your medieval wedding day!

Camelot Vegas Wedding
Stay at the Excalibur, get married by Merlin the Magician at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Honeymooning at the Hard Rock Hotel? Pick from our wide range of Elvis Wedding Packages, or choose your rocker minister with our Rock ‘n Roll Themed Wedding.

Rock N Roll Wedding Vegas
Get married by the rock ‘n roll hero of your choice, then honeymoon at the Hard Rock Hotel!

If a casual summertime stay at Mandalay Bay with its unique Mandalay Beach are in your plans, we’ve got a Beach Party Themed Wedding. Get hitched in flip flops and beach wear amid coastal fog and surfboards by a surfer dude minister or the wacky stuck-in-the-60s Reverend Rainbow!

Vegas Beach party Themed Weddings
A beach party themed wedding–the bride is carried down the aisle on a surfboard…of course! Perfect for your stay at the Mandalay Bay with its very own Mandalay Beach!

For an exotic wedding along the Nile, choose our Egyptian Themed Wedding to go with your Luxor Hotel stay. All of our themed weddings come with round-trip limousine transportation from whatever hotel you choose along the Strip or downtown.

Egyptian themed wedding vegas
Team your Egyptian Themed Wedding with a stay at the exotic Luxor Hotel!

Visit us at and scroll down under “Themed Weddings” to see all of our amazing themed wedding packages. Or…come up with one of your own and give us a call. We love challenges, and we’ll do our best to make your wedding day magical and perfectly-themed for YOU! 702-384-0771

See Viva Las Vegas Weddings on Video–Elvis in the Diner, or Elvis and the Pink Caddy!

You’ll see lots of couples posting their wedding videos with us on YouTube—and that’s a good way to see which of our Elvis, Themed and Traditional Wedding packages is right for you. Every wedding is different, though, with different choices of chapels, characters, songs….We can help you decide at or call us at 702-384-0771.

See two different Elvis Doo Wop Diner Weddings below. Watch the whole thing, or just a little to get the idea of what goes on in our 50s-themed diner chapel!

Renewing your vows in Vegas? Bring along your friends…to watch…or participate! See a fun and wacky multiple-couple wedding below!

Then there’s the spectacular and very popular Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding! The Deluxe version includes two showgirls, like this one!

For more information, check our website where you can live chat with our staff, or give us a call. Or…Maybe you’d rather just watch a lot of our weddings on YouTube until you see the one that speaks to you as a couple. Whether you get married with Elvis the first time, or just come to renew your wedding vows, this is the place in Las Vegas with the most choices of chapels and packages! Viva Las Vegas!

Five Very Cool Upgrades for Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding
Add a Pink Caddy entrance to any Elvis Wedding– or even Traditional or Themed Wedding! Spectacular!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, it’s perfectly okay to upgrade and customize your Vegas wedding with any of our unique add-on items. You can make the simplest Traditional Wedding very special, or turn a Traditional Las Vegas wedding into one that includes Elvis or a fantastic Las Vegas Strip photo tour. Here are a few of our most popular upgrades, and prices. Don’t see something on our website that you’d like as part of your wedding day? Just ask! We can do variations on any Themed or Traditional Wedding Package. It’s what we do!

!. Add an Elvis Pink Cadillac entrance down the aisle, $175. This is our single most popular upgrade. Only at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel can you drive down the aisle of the chapel with Elvis at the wheel! And, you can add this entrance to any ceremony, Elvis-Themed or otherwise!

Bridal limo Las Vegas
First Look Getting Dressed–The bride has her own limo and an hour of primping time in the chapel’s bridal room!

2. Add our First Look Getting Dressed Upgrade, $200. Having a Traditional Wedding and don’t want the groom to see the bride before the ceremony? You’ll have a separate limousine for the bride, taking her to our gorgeous bridal changing suite so she can dress and primp for an hour before the ceremony begins!

Wedding Photo Shoot Vegas
Upgrade your wedding package with an exciting photo shoot on Fremont Street after your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

3. Add a picturesque photo shoot on Fremont Street after your ceremony, $175. Our photographer will meet you for a full 30-minute photo shoot with Fremont Street’s flashy neon as a backdrop. Fremont Street is less than five minutes away from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, so take advantage of this opportunity for some truly unique wedding photos in your fancy bridal duds!

Las Vegas Strip photo shoot
Add-on a one-hour limo photo shoot on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip!

4. Add a one-hour photo tour of the Strip in your private limousine, $345. Tour the Strip by day or night after your wedding and get some incredible shots with the iconic sights of the Las Vegas Strip in the background. It’s a great way to see the lights and capture the most unique wedding photos ever!

5. Add Elvis to sing one song ($150) or a live soloist to sing “your song” ($100) during your ceremony! Customize even the simplest Traditional Wedding with a live singer to perform during your vows. You may not want to be married by Elvis, but there’s no reason he can’t surprise your guests with a song at the end! Just let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll add live music to any wedding that doesn’t already include it!

For more information on these and our other upgrades to wedding packages, call us at 702-384-0771 or visit us at and click on “Upgrades.” Viva Las Vegas!

Choose From All These Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels!

Viva Las Vegas WEddings main chapel
Our elegant Main Chapel, perfect for your Traditional or Themed wedding ceremony…But Elvis will tie the knot for you here, too!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we have several different settings to choose from when you book your Traditional, Themed or Elvis Wedding! Most of our Themed Weddings are done in our Main Chapel, just because it’s outfitted with special lighting and smoke effects. But we HAVE adapted our Themed weddings, on occasion for our other onsite chapels…Just ask! (Yes, we’ve done a James Bond Wedding in our Garden Chapel!) Most of our traditional weddings take place in our Main Chapel, too. It’s elegantly spacious AND intimate–perfect for weddings with a lot of guests OR for just the two of you. It’s also where the Pink Caddy cruises down the aisle with Elvis at the wheel, chauffeuring the happy couple right up to the altar.

Vegas outdoor weddings
Viva Las Vegas Garden Chapel, softly lit by night, lush and green in filtered daylight.

Our larger outdoor Las Vegas weddings take place in our lush and romantic Garden Chapel. You can even choose to have either a traditional minister or Elvis perform your outdoor ceremony. We offer daytime or evening weddings–just tell us the time you like best when you call us to book. Evenings bring out the picturesque twinkling white lights. Daytimes offer flattering shaded light for gorgeous wedding photos!

Outdoor Vegas Weddings
Go for the Gazebo for a simple, old fashioned outdoor wedding ceremony in Las Vegas!

Our quaint Gazebo Chapel is especially popular for smaller, simple-yet-lovely outdoor Las Vegas weddings. Our Outdoor Garden and Gazebo chapels are both equipped with a webcam, too, so your ceremony can be streamed live across the country or around the world.

50's Diner WEdding chapel in Las Vegas
Do it in our circa 1950’s Diner with Elvis, Marilyn, or….? Poodle skirt optional.

For a unique and kinda-kitschy wedding setting, we present our Doo Wop Diner Chapel. Elvis generally plays the role of minister, or choose from a wide range of characters and impersonators to do the honors instead. From the Diner, you can have your ceremony streamed live on the Internet, plus we’ll display your names in lights on our marquee high above the Strip afterward. Check out our website, too, for our Doo Wop Diner mini-receptions– serving up sliders, hot dogs, and root beer floats for you and your guests!

For information on these chapels and all of our amazingly varied and all-inclusive wedding packages, visit us at: