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Las Vegas Wedding Flowers R Us!

Las vegas Wedding flowers
Remember, your wedding flowers will last as long as your photos!

Spring and summer wedding season brings out the most creative in bouquets for our traditional brides. Whether your ceremony is held in our gorgeous main chapel or outdoors in the Gazebo or Garden Chapel, you’ll want a breathtaking floral arrangement to make your photos even lovelier. Luckily, we have an onsite florist. You can choose the color of roses, ribbons, boutonnieres, and even get wildly creative and order a custom bouquet with exotic stems. Just let us know what you have in mind when you call to book your wedding, and we’ll take care of the rest! Every wedding package we offer comes with a bouquet as described in the package, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you want to go more lavish or customize as an upgrade.

Vegas wedding bouquet

Having a themed wedding, like our popular Elvis Blue Hawaii? We can replace your flowers with fresh leis as an upgrade, if you like! Consider what you’re wearing when you choose your wedding flower colors–something that contrasts nicely with the dress, or matches the attendants. And, don’t forget, we even do BLACK roses, if you like, if you book one of our extra-creepy Gothic or Halloween-themed weddings. We are up to almost any challenge.

Las vegas wedding florist

Visit our website at and type “flowers” in our search box to have a look at what’s available. But, we can make almost anything you can describe!
vegas wedding bouquet

Questions on your wedding flowers? Feel free to call us anytime at 702-384-0771 and we’ll happily talk flowers with you!

Pirate Wedding on the High Seas of Las Vegas!

Pirate Wedding Vegas
Who wouldn’t want to get married by a drunken pirate?

We’re not sure why, but our Pirate Themed Wedding here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings has been a pretty hot ticket lately! We think it’s because the costumes couples and their guests often wear are so elaborate and fun to wear. (Don’t have your own? We rent those, too!) Plus, the exciting music, ocean fog, candles, and the drunken pirate “minister” all make for a really unique and adventurous Vegas wedding! Our set includes a giant treasure chest and a few skeletonized “victims” strewn about the doubloon-laden altar.

The package includes flowers, photography, wedding coordinator to run you through your paces (not necessarily down the plank), and even round-trip limo transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel. It’s likely you’ll want to add live streaming internet coverage of your ceremony, too…or just save the DVD to show family and friends when you get back home.

Here’s a look at one of our Pirate Weddings…you can watch just enough to get the idea! But, as it turns out, everyone’s ceremony is slightly different. Some folks customize and add their own vows or even Pirate Elvis!

Visit our website at and scroll down under “Themed Weddings” to see details on this and any of our other wacky, creative weddings. We can customize any element of your wedding to make it distinctively YOURS. And, these fun weddings are also perfect for wedding vow renewals. Often couples tell us it’s the wedding they always dreamed of, but they were too afraid to have the first time ’round.

AARRGGG, mateys! Have the wedding or wedding vow renewal of your dreams on the high seas of Vegas!

Pirate themed wedding
Rent your pirate wedding costume, or bring your own! Traditional wedding wear works for us, too!

Wedding Vow Renewal in Vegas with Tom Jones Tribute Artist as “Minister”

Tom Jones Wedding Vegas
A sexy/fun wedding for your anniversary vow renewal, or even your FIRST Vegas wedding!

Renewing your wedding vows in Las Vegas for an upcoming anniversary? You might want a romantic, traditional ceremony, just the two of you. But if you’re a bit on the wild side, and if Elvis isn’t your guy, how about a vow renewal with our incredible Tom Jones tribute artist?

Tom Jones’s “double,” Harmik, not only looks the part, but sounds uncannily like the real deal. Don’t believe us? Check out a review of Harmik’s show at

The Tom Jones Wassup Pussycat package includes everything but the panties for a sexy Vegas-style extravaganza. Of course, if you want to add our kitschy Pink Cadillac entrance for bride and groom, or even add more impersonators as bridal attendants/performers (Elvis, Marilyn, Liberace…who do ya love, baby?) just ask us! You can’t overdo it in Las Vegas!

Tom Jones wedding in Vegas
Our “Wassup Pussycat” package. Tell the ladies to remember their panties!

The Tom Jones wedding package includes theatrical lights, smoke, songs, flowers, photography and even round-trip limousine service from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can also add live streaming feed so friends and family who can’t be in Vegas for your ceremony can watch the whole thing live! But, if you bring guests along, It’s Not Unusual for lady guests to swoon and fling their panties, so…alert your girlfriends before they arrive for your Viva Las Vegas Tom Jones wedding!

And, by the way, you can have Tom Jones perform your ceremony if it’s a first wedding, too. Our resident officiants will make the whole thing legal, once you’ve gone down to the Marriage Bureau for your license. More details? Give us a call at 702-384-0771, baby.

I-Do-Zombie…Zombie Elvis “Minister” Performs Weddings at Viva Las Vegas!

Zombie Elvis wedding Vegas

Even though Halloween is still months away, our Gothic, Graveyard, and Zombie weddings are popular all year! So, if you’re looking for something ghoulishly fun in the way of an Elvis or themed wedding, we’ve probably got something right up your dark alley!

Black roses, cemetery scene with fog and candles, coffins and tombstones?…Yeah, we got that! We’ve also got creepy music and the option to upgrade to live streaming internet viewing of your Zombie wedding, for those who don’t make it out of the grave to drag themselves to Vegas for the ceremony!

Grim Reaper Gothic Wedding

You can be married by Zombie Elvis, The Grim Reaper, Dracula, Elvira, Lady Vampire, and you can even upgrade to add vampires “flying” in an aerial duet above the chapel! Check out all of our Gothic wedding choices at, or call us with your ideas at 702-384-0771.

You Can’t Have Too Many Elvis’s at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Elvis wedding in Vegas
Several Elvi and….Marilyn? A Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Especially if you’re renewing your vows in Las Vegas (for a special anniversary, or just because) it’s perfectly okay to get as silly as you want with your Elvis wedding. But you can have fun and still have a meaningful and memorable time, even if it’s your first wedding. (We’ve cried at just as many Elvis weddings as traditional ones.) So, if you want to dress up as Elvis yourself, with the bride as Marilyn, and even get your guests involved in the Elvis masquerade–we say, go for it! We even rent the Elvis and Marilyn costumes. Come as you are!

Our costume shop is located right behind the chapel. We’ve got jumpsuits, wigs, glasses, jackets, everything you need to feel like THE KING. (And, if you’re doing one of our fabulous themed weddings, we’ve got gangster costumes, sci-fi costumes, Egyptian costumes, Camelot-Ren-Faire type costumes…you name it!) Of course, you can always bring your own instead! (And, if yours will be a traditional wedding, we DO have a tux rental shop, too.)

Elvis costume rental wedding chapel

When you visit our chapel, our lobby entrance has on display a wide variety of Elvis memorabilia for souvenirs of the wedding day. Your guests can browse while waiting for everyone to arrive. If they wish, they can purchase Elvis shades, t-shirts, alarm clocks, bobble heads…You get the idea. But we don’t mind if you just want to look around at all the cool stuff.

For more information on any of our Elvis (or traditional or themed) wedding packages, visit us at Viva Las Vegas, baby. And, thank ya, thank ya very much!

What Couples are Saying About Viva Las Vegas Weddings

vegas themed wedding Elvis
If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, there are many chapels to choose from, and you can end up reading a lot of reviews to get an idea of what to expect from each one. To be honest, we’ve had a handful of cringe-worthy reviews, even though most are so nice they make us blush. We take any critical reviews in stride and try to learn from them, but mostly we are gratified to read the glowing ones, the ones that we aspire to be equal to. We WANT to exceed your expectations. Communication seems to be the key, and we can’t thank our wonderful couples enough for keeping us informed about exactly what they want, so we can try our hardest to make everyone’s wedding day as perfect as we can. Thanks everyone for your reviews that inspire us and keep us on our toes!

For those who are looking into getting married in a traditional wedding in Las Vegas, or one with Elvis, or a wildly fun themed wedding, we thought we’d share a few reviews we just came across on TripAdvisor. Not to toot our own horns TOO much….

“Best Wedding Ever!!”

Reviewed January 29, 2016
Imagine … A beautiful star filled night, just a sprinkle of rain to make everything fresh, a full moon and the love of your life. What could make your night even better? Well how about flying over the Vegas lights in a helicopter? How about getting married while you are up there?
That’s exactly what we did and it was the most amazing experience of our lives. From the first phone call to the chapel we experienced the best service. A limo picked us up at our hotel, delivered us to the chapel and returned us to our hotel. A cake and champagne were included with the package and our photographer was Excellent! I would recommend these guys to anyone!!
Thank you Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for making our night so memorable!
Visited May 2015

vegas military wedding

“Wonderful Memories of Our Special Day 9.10.15”

Reviewed November 8, 2015
When we got engaged in March, we knew we would get married in Las Vegas. We originally had plans to go on vacation elsewhere with some friends but changed as soon as we told them the news. I will admit that I was hesitant when trying to find a place to have the ceremony performed. We knew we just wanted something simple but tasteful, nothing over the top. The first thing people seem to think when getting married in Las Vegas is “Are you getting married by Elvis?” (We did not) It’s one then to plan a wedding when you have easy access to the area, it’s another when you are trying to do it all online because you’re half a country away.
From the first time I emailed Viva Las Vegas Weddings and started speaking with Shannon, my mind was put at ease. Shannon was there to help every step of the way, answering every question and addressing all my concerns. If I changed my mind on something or wanted to add something, she was there to help. We were able to arrange the whole ceremony through emails back and forth. I wanted to make sure that every detail was ironed out and that there would be no glitches once we got to Las Vegas.
When the day came we were picked up and driven to the chapel. We had decided on the outdoor chapel, at night, for the ceremony. It was beautiful! The whole setting was like we were in a park somewhere. I just can not express how perfect the night was. Although it was the hottest day of the week, 104 at 7 PM, we were taken care of with fans outside and air conditioning during the reception.
Everything was explained to us as far as what was going to be done, how the ceremony would play out, and then the reception. There was no misunderstandings on anything, never once was there a worry to be had. We were able to enjoy the whole night. Ron and his staff did an incredible job with everything.
Once we were done, we had plans to go out to eat on Fremont St. The limo driver, who would have just taken us back to the hotel, offered to drive us wherever we needed to go. We would have taken him up on it if we did not still have half a cake with us.
I would say to anyone wanting to get married in Vegas to book your ceremony here. I know there are other reviews that don’t paint such a good picture but I can not think of one negative that we experienced here.We had a Elvis Pink Caddy wedding at Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and it was fab, the staff were very helpful in the planning and replied to my emails very quickly. On the day the staff were outstanding, Elvis was brilliant, and took time to talk to us before the wedding to help personalise the actual ceremony. He had a brilliant sense of humour and made the whole event very memorable. All our guests thought it was the best thing about the whole holiday. I would recommend this chapel to anyone , it helps that guest are allowed to take photos ( they can’t do this at other chapels).
Visited October 2015