How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows: Viva Las Vegas Weddings Offers Seven Ways to Make it Easy!

Vegas traditional wedding
Toni and Danny exchanging vows this week with our own Reverend Daphne

Since we do hundreds of Las Vegas weddings every year, Traditional weddings, Elvis weddings, Themed weddings, we can tell you for sure that adding a few words of your own to the vows makes your wedding ceremony or wedding vow renewal ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE. Even the staff members have cried over the simplest prepared vows, read from a post-it note pulled from a pocket.

Don’t worry. Personal vows may not be for everyone. And that’s fine, too. Our traditional, Elvis and character ministers are warm, welcoming and pro’s at what they do.

But, if you’re up for it, nothing beats the sentiment of personal vows.

That doesn’t mean your own vows can’t have some humor in them. Most do! And usually they are only a few sentences long. Some are only one sentence, but pack a romantic, heart-wrenching punch! Don’t worry, MOST of your ceremony will be conducted by your minister, even if it’s Dracula in a Gothic Wedding. So the vows you say to each other can be as short and sweet as you like.

Viva Las Vegas Chapel
We’ll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.

But, what do you say? Here are a few tips we’ve picked up, mostly from hearing these beautiful gems of love delivered at the altar. We think these tips will help you make your wedding day that much more special.

1. Write about something specific about the other person. The one thing that made you realize that person beside you was THE ONE for you. It might be something they said the day you met, or the moment they did something that captured your heart.

2. Borrow from Letterman’s Top Ten List. Or make it a top five. Count the ways you love them. A good place to add a bit of humor, mixed with sincerity. “I love how you put my slippers next to the couch on football Sunday,” goes just fine with, “I love they way you treat my Mom and Dad, as if they were your own.” That sort of thing.

3. List the ways you are similar. The movies you both like, the food, the places you’ve been together. Or, speak of how very different you are, and how it somehow works for you two.

Writing wedding vows
The writing desk in our bride’s waiting area may be a little too late to compose vows on…but….

4. Write about how the day you met led up to this moment, saying your vows together. A quick and touching outline of that progression, with just the most meaningful highlights.

5. Talk to each other about the vows in advance. Agree to keep it to about the same length, if you like. Even one or two sentences about the other person and why you are soulmates.

6. Tell what you hope your future together will be like, and the specific ways you hope to honor the other person through your lives together.

7. Include a mention of family members, especially if they are present, but even more especially if they can’t be present and are watching live online or will watch the DVD later.

Need more help? When you call to book your wedding with us, have a chat with one of our friendly, creative staff members. They are GREAT advice givers, too. Or you can chat online. Visit us at or call 702-384-0771. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure your wedding day is all about YOU.