Get Married in Vegas by Magical Merlin of Camelot or Spellbinding “Dumbledore” of Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Wedding at Viva Las Vegas
Marriage Wizardry at Viva Las Vegas

A blast from Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ past! As the year draws to a close, we remember our version of a Dumbledore (assisted by a sort-of Professor Snape) presiding over the vows of Benjamin (dressed as Darth Vader, of course) and his fair Regina. “Dumbledore”oversaw the rites of (holy-smokes) warwedlock, while Snape kept the oddly-garbed Muggle-born guests at wand’s length. The whole affair was rather odd and topsy-turvy. But, this sort of thing is all in a day’s work for the magical staff at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Check out the wedding party, who were obviously under some sort of spell. We’re not sure if they had the better time, or we did. On this occasion, we took our Camelot Themed Wedding and turned it on its head to create characters from everyone’s favorite magical novels and movies. The guests came dressed, however, mostly as entirely different movie franchise characters, as you can see in the video clip above. Mixing and matching fantasies at your wedding can be half the fun. We’ll customize any of our themed wedding packages to include whatever zaniness you have in mind!

Harry Potter at Viva
Assorted Muggles Surround Bride Regina and Groom Benjamin

For more information on our Las Vegas Themed Wedding offerings, visit us at You’ll find contact information to call with questions or to live chat with us about making your wedding day fantasies a reality! And…happy holidays all you muggles! (We hope all is jolly with our dear couple, Benjamin and Regina!)