Crazy Vegas Wedding: Inspector Clueless at Your Service!

Crazy Vegas Wedding
Inspector Clueless sprints past the camera and falls flat on his face….

It wasn’t pretty, but we did it! Last week we performed Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ first Pink Diamond Wedding Package, featuring the bumbling antics of one Inspector Clueless. The whole event was reminiscent of those wacky detective movies, with the Inspector tripping and falling at the altar, jangling props and dropping nearly everything he touched.

This first time out, it was Henny and Peter (from The Netherlands) exchanging vows after being driven down the aisle in our fanciful Citroen 2CV–a vehicle straight off the big screen. The couple were renewing their wedding vows, and this seemed like the perfect choice for their ceremony. The bride revealed that Peter had once restored a 2CV as a student of mechanical engineering, and both were fans of the old Peter Sellers films.

Fun Vegas Wedding
Getting married by a crazy detective/ Peter Sellers look-a-like

This wedding package includes everything, even round-trip limo transportation from your hotel, as well as the flowers, photography, DVD, and your names in lights high above our chapel on the Las Vegas Strip. Best of all, you’ll have Inspector Clueless and his nasal-y (phony?) French accent performing your ceremony, even if there may be toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe…

Citroen CV Wedding in Vegas
Your names in lights right on the Strip for an incredible photo-op after the ceremony! Night-time is awesome, too!

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