Happy Thanksgiving and a HUGE THANK YOU from Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Vegas Tribute Artists
Wedding staffer Ramona with “Jerry” and “Dean” next door at the Event Center

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving! Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is closed for the day so that our amazing wedding staff can be with friends and families for the holiday.

On this special occasion, we give thanks to all of the couples who make our lives happier and more inspired every single day. It’s a blessing to spend each day around people who are experiencing one of the most precious and memorable times of their lives!

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We also want to thank all of our wedding planners and coordinators, ministers, photographers, limo drivers, talented florists, singers, actors and tribute artists, and all those folks who keep the chapel running like a marrying machine! 🙂 We’ve included a few of their photos here, so you can “see” some of the friendly folks on the other end of the phone.

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Wedding staffer and makeup artist, Blaze---Don't burn the turkey, hon!
Wedding staffer and makeup artist, Blaze—Don’t burn the turkey, hon!

Best wishes to all for a GREAT holiday feast, and keep on sharing the love! Viva Las Vegas!