Five Tips for a Traditional Winter Wedding in Las Vegas

Winter Vegas Wedding
Elegant winter weddings in Las Vegas. Not TOO cold, but bring a fancy wrap!

1. Choose bright and dark colors for your winter wedding attire. Nothing looks more elegant than a classic white dress against brilliant reds or midnight blues accentuating deepest black tuxes. We can match roses, boutonnieres and ribbons to the contrasting colors of vests or ties.

2. Add a faux fur stole or shrug to your strapless wedding gown. White or black make gorgeous choices. Or, if you’ll be having a themed wedding, you might choose a long cape to wear before, during, and/or after your ceremony to stay warm AND red carpet worthy!

3.Consider bright red lips and sparkling touches of glitter when doing your winter wedding makeup. Shining hair accessories, including rhinestone adornments or tiaras make exquisite additions, especially for brunettes. Blondes might want a dash of color in their hair– a silk glittered poinsettia looks smashing in an updo. Don’t forget, you can upgrade your wedding package to include a makeup artist or hair stylist. Just let us know!

Las vegas wedding receptions
Add a warm and welcoming little reception to your winter rites. From cake and champagne to sit-down dinners, we do it all!

4. Let us do a small, intimate reception for you, so you and your guests can warm up after the ceremony over cake, champagne and hot toddies, or any hot beverages of your choice. For more information on simple to lavish receptions right on our chapel property, click on Receptions on our homepage at
Vegas Wedding Singer
Add a lovely soprano or tenor voice to sing your favorite song live to make an “Unforgettable” wedding! Here’s Kathryn, one of our professional vocalists on staff.

5. Include a live singer to perform “your song” or a warm holiday tune, as appropriate to your wedding date. You will find details on our website or call us at 702-384-0771.

Wishing you a festive winter season, and a custom-made winter wonderland of a wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!