Back to the Future Wedding with DeLorean Time Machine!

Back to the Future Wedding
Marty drives into the wedding chapel in the DeLorean Time Machine!

An incredible Back to the Future Themed Wedding was DEFINITELY the highlight of 10/21/15 here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! Vanessa and Nicholas tied the knot with “Doc Brown” in an unbelievable wedding ceremony that featured a gorgeous gull-wing DeLorean being driven down the aisle by “Marty McFly” in a cloud of smoke and flashing light.

This was one of our amazing custom weddings, tricked out to the last detail at the request of the couple. We’re not really sure whether we had more fun or they did! The local news media were on hand to film and interview Vanessa and Nicholas after the ceremony, too, it being such a monumental day in film history. Although the Chicago Cubs are no longer contenders for the World Series title, we still couldn’t have had a better day!

Back to the Future wedding
Nicholas, Vanessa and Doc Brown as minister!

Nicholas and Vanessa describe themselves as “geeky fans of Back to the Future.” They planned the wedding far in advance while on a camping trip. When the subject of a significant wedding date came up, the time traveling date from the movie happened to be be, relatively, right around the corner…Brilliant idea and perfect timing, you two!

Back to the Future Wedding
Doc Brown uses the Flux Capacitor and other “stuff” during this wacky wedding ceremony!

Vanessa and Nicholas also said they wanted a low stress wedding, and this seemed like it would be fun to do, especially since many of their married friends have said to them, “We should have gotten married in Vegas.” They also said they wanted to do “something nobody else was doing.” And Viva Las Vegas Weddings seems to be the place for that!

Vegas wedding chapel lights
Their wedding date immortalized over the Las Vegas Strip!

Our themed wedding packages are all-inclusive, down to the flowers, limo transportation, and photography. Just let us know what custom features YOU may want for YOUR unique Vegas wedding, and we’ll do all the rest! Check out all of our themed, traditional and Elvis wedding packages, all fully-customizable, at or call us at 702-384-0771.

Best wishes for many happy years together, Vanessa and Nicholas! We will remember this wedding fondly for AT LEAST the next 30 years!