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Fun Las Vegas Wedding Ministers

Liberace wedding Vegas
Liberace, Elvis, Marilyn, Tom Jones—pick your favorite Vegas/movie/music icon–We’ve got a tribute artist to do the honors!

Happy Halloween from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel—where it’s Halloween all year long!

Only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings can you pick virtually ANY legend or fictional character to marry you! We have many to choose from on our Themed Weddings drop-down menu at Or, we take requests! We can customize your themed wedding with characters, costumes and music that create the wedding ambiance you imagine! Our staff consists of actors, singers and performers who have decades of experience behind them. They LOVE the challenge of making your wedding fantasy a reality!

Egyptian wedding Vegas
Get married by a pharaoh in our Egyptian Themed Wedding!

Once you’ve looked over our website offerings, give us a call with your ideas or questions at 702-384-0771. Check out our blog archives to view our customized Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Addams Family and Bonnie and Clyde Themed Weddings–all customized versions of our standard Camelot, Gangster, and James Bond Themed Wedding packages.

Thriller Wedding in Vegas
MJ Impersonator can marry you, dance, sing and blow your guests away!

If you want theatrical lights, sets and smoke, or a spectacular car or motorcycle entrance into the chapel and down the aisle, choose our Main Chapel. But we can also customize your themed for one of our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapels, or set your wedding in our 50’s retro Doo Wop Diner Chapel. All are outfitted with live streaming webcams if you wish to upgrade your ceremony to be seen by friends and family back home.

Beatles wedding  Vegas
Pick your band or favorite rock singer to marry you!

If you and your guests want to dress up to fit your theme, bring your own costumes, or rent them from us. We even rent tuxes and Zoot Suits! Remember, too, all of our themed wedding packages include round-trip limousine service, flowers, photography and DVD, plus photos of you and your guests under your names in lights on our marquee right on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip! Call us for more information at 702-384-0771.

Camelot Wedding Las Vegas

Star Trek wedding
You choose your “minister” from your favorite space-themed movie or TV series and we’ll do the rest!

Star Wars Characters of the 501st Legion — Guests at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Star Wars-ish wedding in Vegas
Our Intergalactic Themed Wedding with Darth Vader Minister, and 501st Legion Guests!

Our popular Intergalactic Themed wedding lets brides and grooms choose from their favorite sci-fi characters, captains, or creatures. They can select a “minister” from among their favorites, too. Populate the particular universe you want for your wedding day by letting us know what movie or TV series you’re going for. Recently, Jennifer and John got married in Vegas in an incredible Intergalactic Themed Wedding attended by costumed guests, all decked out as Star Wars figures.

The wedding party consisted of members of the 501st Legion, an international fan-based organization that constructs and wears exact replicas of stormtrooper, bounty hunter, Sith Lord, and other characters and villains from Star Wars films. They are all-volunteer and the 501st boasts over 8,000 members around the world. They own over 11,000 costumes as a group, all approved for appearances at charitable events and hospitals, often at the request of Lucasfilm’s Events Department. When a pair of their own got married, our Intergalactic Wedding was clearly the way to go.

star wars themed wedding
More guests from the 501st!

Our Intergalactic weddings include smoke and theatrical lighting effects, flowers, photography, costumed characters and glorious accompanying sound track, plus round trip courtesy stretch limousine service from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel! You can even add live streaming internet coverage for your “production” so anyone who can’t be in Las Vegas can watch all the fun unfold. We also rent costumes, or bring your own. Encourage your guests to participate in the masquerade, too, if you like.

Elvis and Chewbaca
And…Elvis has been known to be an add-on at Intergalactic Weddings…You won’t be the first!

Visit our website for more info on YOUR customized Intergalactic Themed Wedding at
Thanks and best wishes to the 501st Legion, and happiness always for Jennifer and John! We were in awe of your incredible wedding!!!!

Amazing Las Vegas Wedding Specials!

vegas wedding specials
Walking down the aisle in gorgeous style!

Did you know you can have a lovely, candlelit traditional Las Vegas wedding with up to 30 guests for under $250? Your wedding takes place in our elegant Main Chapel, with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. For one low price, you’ll have a three-rose bouquet, boutonniere for the groom (matching,colors of your choice), photography, music, your names in lights over the Strip on our marquee–a great after-ceremony photo-op. You also get a free wedding website/invitation to share the date with friends and family, a personal wedding coordinator to rehearse your paces before the wedding, and six free candid 4 x 6 photos.

Viva Las vegas Wedding chapel
Our Main Chapel

If your budget allows, you can upgrade your package to include a DVD, a more elaborate floral display, or even live streaming online Internet coverage of your ceremony. Some couples who choose traditional weddings add a live singer to perform “their song”—or even Elvis! You can also be married in our exquisite Outdoor Gazebo, with daytime and evening packages starting at $275.00.

For couples with a bit more wiggle room in their budget– and a flight of fancy– choose from our many Elvis and Themed Wedding packages. Right now, book an Elvis Blue Hawaii Themed Wedding and receive free lighted leis for the bride and groom. Add our fabulous Elvis Pink Cadillac entrance, and we’ll throw in four more lighted leis for your guests…or additional couples, if it’s a multiple-couple vow renewal!

Vegas Wedding Specials
Our very own wedding coordinator Justyna models a lighted lei.
And, if you’re marrying soon, check out our GREAT Gothic Wedding specials for the upcoming Friday the 13th of November at

Elvis wedding vegas
Get your free lighted Hawaiian lei, baby!

You can also call a helpful Viva Las Vegas Weddings planner at 702-384-0771 to help customize the right package to meet your dreams and your wedding wallet! We will create a day that’s perfectly memorable, and perfectly YOU! Viva Las Vegas!

Back to the Future Wedding with DeLorean Time Machine!

Back to the Future Wedding
Marty drives into the wedding chapel in the DeLorean Time Machine!

An incredible Back to the Future Themed Wedding was DEFINITELY the highlight of 10/21/15 here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! Vanessa and Nicholas tied the knot with “Doc Brown” in an unbelievable wedding ceremony that featured a gorgeous gull-wing DeLorean being driven down the aisle by “Marty McFly” in a cloud of smoke and flashing light.

This was one of our amazing custom weddings, tricked out to the last detail at the request of the couple. We’re not really sure whether we had more fun or they did! The local news media were on hand to film and interview Vanessa and Nicholas after the ceremony, too, it being such a monumental day in film history. Although the Chicago Cubs are no longer contenders for the World Series title, we still couldn’t have had a better day!

Back to the Future wedding
Nicholas, Vanessa and Doc Brown as minister!

Nicholas and Vanessa describe themselves as “geeky fans of Back to the Future.” They planned the wedding far in advance while on a camping trip. When the subject of a significant wedding date came up, the time traveling date from the movie happened to be be, relatively, right around the corner…Brilliant idea and perfect timing, you two!

Back to the Future Wedding
Doc Brown uses the Flux Capacitor and other “stuff” during this wacky wedding ceremony!

Vanessa and Nicholas also said they wanted a low stress wedding, and this seemed like it would be fun to do, especially since many of their married friends have said to them, “We should have gotten married in Vegas.” They also said they wanted to do “something nobody else was doing.” And Viva Las Vegas Weddings seems to be the place for that!

Vegas wedding chapel lights
Their wedding date immortalized over the Las Vegas Strip!

Our themed wedding packages are all-inclusive, down to the flowers, limo transportation, and photography. Just let us know what custom features YOU may want for YOUR unique Vegas wedding, and we’ll do all the rest! Check out all of our themed, traditional and Elvis wedding packages, all fully-customizable, at or call us at 702-384-0771.

Best wishes for many happy years together, Vanessa and Nicholas! We will remember this wedding fondly for AT LEAST the next 30 years!

Love James Bond? Get Married in Las Vegas by the Next Best Thing to 007 Himself!

007 Wedding in Vegas
“James” arrives in a dashing sports car, driving right down the aisle to perform your ceremony! Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Hey, James Bond fans! We know you’re excited that a Spectre-tacular new film is about to open in theaters, and for us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, that also means a big rush on our James Bond 007 Themed Weddings!
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.22.25 AM

If you want a more formal wedding in Las Vegas, just not the “traditional” kind, our sultry, sophisticated Bond Themed Wedding may be just what you’re looking for. Sexy evening attire– or traditional tux and wedding gown– make for smashing wedding photos in this elegant ceremony!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.21.25 AM

“M” is the first to arrive in the foggy, candlelit chapel. Then there are Bond girls decorating the scene, one who sings “Diamonds are Forever” during your ring exchange. As familiar movie theme music fills the air, 007 blows right into the wedding chapel and down the aisle in a flashy vintage sports car to conduct the marriage ceremony– undercover, of course.


The Bond Wedding includes flowers, photography and DVD, plus round-trip limousine service from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can add online streaming from our webcam, if you have family and friends who can’t share your wedding day in person. (We also rent tuxes and costumes, to make things even easier.) Have a look at a snippet from a Bond Themed ring exchange (complete with tiny spies), below:

For more information on this and other Themed, Traditional or Elvis weddings, visit us at

Select from the drop down menu at the top of our homepage. Or, you can always call one of our helpful wedding staff with questions and ideas at 702-384-0771. We’re happy to help you with your secret (agent) plans!

Free Lighted Leis with Your Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding Ceremony!

Blue Hawaii Elvis Wedding
Elvis lights up your lives in the Blue Hawaii Wedding in Las Vegas–a screen capture from live stream.

It’s Vegas, baby, so why not wear a colorful Hawaiian lei with flashing lights during your Elvis Blue Hawaii themed wedding? It’s the perfect addition to your tropical-shirt-and-sarong wedding duds! (Think NEON LUAU!)

It’s our first ever BLOG ONLY special! If you mention that you saw it on the Viva Las Vegas Weddings Blog, you will receive two FREE flashing, lighted leis to wear and keep as a memento when you book our most popular Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding Package! If you add the spectacular Elvis pink Cadillac entrance to your Blue Hawaii Wedding Package, you’ll receive FOUR MORE lighted leis for your attendants…or…for another couple or two, if you choose to have a multiple-couple wedding vow renewal!

Elvis pink Caddy wedding
Add a pink Caddy entrance, with Elvis driving right down the aisle and through the palm trees!

Our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding includes three songs sung live by “The King”–including the iconic Hawaiian Wedding Song, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and Viva Las Vegas. It also includes flowers, photography and video, theatrical lights and fog, plus round trip limousine transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel. You’ll have a hula girl dancing to the Hawaiian Wedding Song, palm trees, and your very own personal wedding coordinator to run you through the drill before your guests are escorted into the chapel. Add live streaming internet coverage if you have friends or family who can’t come to Vegas to witness your special day in person.

Vow renewal in Vegas
The Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding also makes the perfect anniversary wedding vow renewal package–for just the two of you, or you and another loving couple or two!

To learn more or to book your fantastic Elvis themed wedding, visit us at or call one of our friendly wedding planners directly at 702-384-0771. Be sure to say you saw the special on the blog, so you’ll be sure to receive your free lighted leis. Make yours a truly VEGAS-style Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding! Viva Las Vegas!