Egyptian-Themed Wedding in Vegas: A Bride Costumes Her Entire Bridal Party!

Egyptian themed wedding Las Vegas
September’s most popular themed wedding at Viva Las Vegas: The Egyptian Wedding!

Roberto and Denise exchanged wedding vows this week in September’s most popular Egyptian-themed Wedding. Our Vegas-style themed wedding production includes sarcophagi set, misty smoke, theatrical lighting effects, lit candelabra, exotic music, a dancing girl, two buff Egyptian slave dudes, and a pharaoh minister. Not to mention, flowers, photography and round trip limo service!

Pharaoh Wedding in Vegas
Our very own Pharaoh Huni from the Third Dynasty prepares to perform the honors

Denise, the gorgeous bride, created all of her wedding party’s costumes herself! We were awed and amazed! Here’s one themed wedding in Vegas that truly inspires costumes. (Don’t worry, some couples opt for more traditional wedding wear, but our “cast” still wears Egyptian costumes. And, we also rent them in our costume shop!)

Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!

Above and below, a couple of screen captures from the live streaming video of the Egyptian themed ceremony.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.43.41 AM

The bride can, optionally, be carried down the aisle on “Cleopatra’s Throne” or escorted by the pharaoh’s hunky guards. Live streaming internet coverage is also available. Most couples opt for that, because the wedding looks like a Cecil B. DeMille production when everyone is outfitted the way this wedding was!

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A view of our Egyptian set before the smoke begins to swirl and the bride emerges
A view of our Egyptian set before the smoke begins to swirl and the bride emerges

Our best wishes for happiness always to Roberto and his beautiful bride, Denise! We’ll always remember this stunning wedding!