Remembering Elvis: Jan. 8, 1935 – Aug. 16, 1977

Elvis in Las Vegas
Photo by By Ollie Atkins, chief White House photographer (public domain photograph)

This week Viva Las Vegas Weddings (and the world!) will be commemorating the 38th anniversary of Elvis’s death. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone that long. Elvis is ever-present in our hearts here at the chapel. We hear his music every single day, both in his recordings (played in the background as Elvis weddings are being rehearsed) and as performed live by our amazing Elvis Tribute Artists.

Even though Elvis is all around us on a daily basis, you’d be hard pressed to find a staff member at Viva Las Vegas who ever gets tired of hearing his songs. Instead, we’re humbled by the small way we are able to carry out his legacy. We still dance around to his tunes when no one’s looking. And who knew Elvis’s memory would forever be shared by happy couples as a part of binding their lives together, beginning a lifetime of wedded bliss?

Some people think Elvis weddings take away from the sanctity of marriage. But we–and many of our couples–see it as adding to the joy of the occasion. We’ve always said that we see as many tears at Elvis weddings as at any traditional ceremony here. When guests jump up and dance to “Viva Las Vegas” at the end of the vows, the love in the chapel is absolutely palpable!

Elvis Jailhouse Rock
Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (now in the public domain)

Does anyone know how it came to be “the thing to do”—to get married by “Elvis” in Las Vegas? Seriously. We’ve been doing some research and can’t find ANYTHING. If you know, or have any good guesses, please share with us in the comments section. We’ve been performing Elvis weddings in Las Vegas since the 90’s and haven’t a clue. Even though we remember Elvis every day, we can’t remember when there weren’t Elvis weddings in Vegas.

We miss you, Elvis. You’re still “The King.” And, thank ya very much.