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A SURPRISE Elvis Wedding in Las Vegas!

surprise wedding in vegas
A glowing (and VERY surprised) bride!

While we see a fair number of surprise Las Vegas wedding vow renewals (where, generally, the husband springs the ceremony on his wife for their anniversary), actual marriages are rarely a surprise for the bride. But, this week, William, a truly determined groom, decided to pull out all the stops for his unwitting beloved, Kaisu.

The evening began with a magical and unexpected proposal in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, along with a pink Cadillac tour of the Strip and Fremont Street with Elvis. While cruising Downtown, the couple made a stop at the Marriage Bureau, Kaisu’s first hint that more was to come.

Next stop? Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for an Elvis Blue Hawaii Themed Wedding! William was not only confident he’d get a “yes,” but he’d even requested that Kaisu wear something tropical for a dinner out at Margaritaville, which was all she had been expecting. William’s months of planning really paid off. He and Kaisu were both dressed perfectly for their Hawaiian themed ceremony with Elvis, fresh leis and all!

Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding in Vegas
Elvis sings The Hawaiian Wedding Song during the vow exchange.

William and Kaisu met in Helsinki, Finland, three years ago. It was a raining, and William found there were only two empty seats in a café. One was near an unappealing-looking gentleman, the other was next to Kaisu. What to do? Not only did Kaisu have the stunning beauty of a supermodel, she spoke fluent English as well. A no-brainer for William! Clearly the stars were lined up for romance on that day.

Since then, the two have traveled the world together. Perhaps in that same spirit of adventure, William hatched the idea for an incredible surprise wedding in Las Vegas, somehow managing to keep it a secret from everyone. We’re pretty sure their family members in Finland were blown away when they saw the wedding video archived online the next morning!

As ever, we at Viva Las Vegas Weddings did our best to make their Blue Hawaii wedding a little slice of paradise they would always remember. We felt honored to be in the presence of two people who are so clearly soulmates, and who seem so clearly destined to be together. We’ve never seen anything so beautifully executed and planned, and it was very special for us to be a small part of that. Best wishes for many, many happy years ahead, William and Kaisu. We won’t soon forget you!