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What to Expect When You Renew Your Wedding Vows with Elvis

Elvis vows in Vegas
Lee marries Lee all over again with The King!

Just a little shy of their 30th anniversary, Lee and Lee (no wonder they seemed like two peas in a pod!) renewed wedding vows with Elvis this week. What was remarkable to us, though, is that they seemed just as much in love as any couple getting married for the first time. Here’s what they had to say about their event on their Viva Las Vegas wedding website:

“Hey friends! You know we’ve always marched to our own drum and that’s often off of the beaten path. So it is with our wedding vow renewal. While we had thought about doing this on our 30th anniversary, the opportunity presented itself this year and it’s close enough to August 9th, in our opinion. Together we’ve made it this far and what better way to celebrate than to have a not real wedding in the town of not real stuff with the officiant not a real Elvis? This craziness is precisely what makes us so good together.”

Wedding chapel vow renewal
Stroll down the aisle together, have Elvis escort the bride, or let your bride make her own entrance like your first wedding!

We’d have to say, we agree. They WERE great together, dancing in a tight embrace while Elvis sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The best part about a wedding vow renewal with Elvis? Come as you are! Or, wear your original wedding duds, if they still fit. When it’s your second wedding, you can do things your own way. You can even book an Elvis Blue Hawaii themed wedding and wear Hawaiian shirts and sarongs, if you like!

80's wedding vow renewal
Lee and Lee at their first wedding, way back in 1986

Whether you come to the chapel, just the two of you, to renew vows with Elvis, or whether you bring along a ton of friends and family, or even if you spring a surprise wedding vow renewal on your spouse for an anniversary present, you are sure to have the most memorable fun since your first wedding! Choose from our simplest Elvis wedding package, like a ceremony in our 50’s Doo Wop Diner with Elvis singing two songs, or order up the incomparable Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding where The King drives you right down the aisle. Whatever Elvis wedding you choose, you won’t soon forget the time you said “I Do” all over again in Vegas. For more info and choices for your Las Vegas wedding vow renewal, visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com !

All our best wishes go out to Lee and Lee for a wonderful anniversary. It would be okay with us if we see you again next year to do it all over for the “real” 30th! 🙂