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Viva Las Vegas Wedding Reviews That Made Us Smile!

Traditional wedding in Vegas
JeVon and Amanda exchange vows with our own Reverend Daphne–it looks like everyone was trying hard not to cry!

Our Elvis weddings, Traditional Weddings, and even our Themed Weddings may not always go off without a hitch with all the many detailed factors involved, but we ARE always aiming to make everyone’s wedding in Las Vegas as perfect and memorable as we possibly can. And, it looks like we are mostly successful! We get choked up when we see feedback on TripAdvisor that lets us know we’ve made couples very happy on one of the most special days of their lives. We thought we’d share a few with you, ones that recently made US very happy!

“Amazing experience”

Reviewed August 5, 2015
We loved our experience with this team. Internet reservation was smooth and they answered all my questions by email.
Outstanding Customer service
They pick us up at the hotel with a limo because the regular car was broken so we were really glad about that! The driver was so nice he even took pictures for us.

Ceremony was funny and cheesy as we expected, everybody there was really into it! We never felt that they were bored at all . My husband bought his tuxedo tshirt there.

The package is really good; including flowers, elvis songs, pink caddie..

Weddings runs smooth one after another, no delay, everybody has a smile.

The photographer took her time and made sure we were happy with the poses.

Ordering pictures by internet after was really easy, no mistakes in my order. Im satisfied. I recommend this without a doubt.

REv. Roland Las Vegas
Rev. Roland, when not in the Elvis jumpsuit, presides over beautiful traditional weddings, too!

“A Great Day!”

Reviewed July 14, 2015
We had such an amazing time at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Rev. Roland August performed our ceremony. We couldn’t have gotten luckier. What a nice genuine person. Everyone made us feel welcome. My partner and I had chosen the simplicity package and was well worth the money. They were there to guide us through the whole thing. So easy. I stressed for nothing. You will be in great hands. Thank you all for a great day!
Visited July 2015

Elvis weddings las vegas
Rev. Roland, the Elvis on the left!


Reviewed June 23, 2015
My husband & I were married at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on June 17, 2015. The service was great and the wedding ceremony was intimate and fun! We really appreciate the time and effort that was put into making our day so special. I would recommend this wedding chapel to anyone who is planning a Las Vegas wedding!!! Thanks again!
Visited June 2015

Thanks to all of our couples who take the time to let us know how we are doing. We take every review to heart and, positive or not, we’ll keep trying to make your wedding day everything it should be! For all your questions and with help planning your wedding, wedding vow renewal, or just to discuss all the options to customize your Las Vegas wedding, call us at 702-384-0771. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and all our staff members thank you for helping to make us the best we can be!

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A SURPRISE Elvis Wedding in Las Vegas!

surprise wedding in vegas
A glowing (and VERY surprised) bride!

While we see a fair number of surprise Las Vegas wedding vow renewals (where, generally, the husband springs the ceremony on his wife for their anniversary), actual marriages are rarely a surprise for the bride. But, this week, William, a truly determined groom, decided to pull out all the stops for his unwitting beloved, Kaisu.

The evening began with a magical and unexpected proposal in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, along with a pink Cadillac tour of the Strip and Fremont Street with Elvis. While cruising Downtown, the couple made a stop at the Marriage Bureau, Kaisu’s first hint that more was to come.

Next stop? Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for an Elvis Blue Hawaii Themed Wedding! William was not only confident he’d get a “yes,” but he’d even requested that Kaisu wear something tropical for a dinner out at Margaritaville, which was all she had been expecting. William’s months of planning really paid off. He and Kaisu were both dressed perfectly for their Hawaiian themed ceremony with Elvis, fresh leis and all!

Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding in Vegas
Elvis sings The Hawaiian Wedding Song during the vow exchange.

William and Kaisu met in Helsinki, Finland, three years ago. It was a raining, and William found there were only two empty seats in a café. One was near an unappealing-looking gentleman, the other was next to Kaisu. What to do? Not only did Kaisu have the stunning beauty of a supermodel, she spoke fluent English as well. A no-brainer for William! Clearly the stars were lined up for romance on that day.

Since then, the two have traveled the world together. Perhaps in that same spirit of adventure, William hatched the idea for an incredible surprise wedding in Las Vegas, somehow managing to keep it a secret from everyone. We’re pretty sure their family members in Finland were blown away when they saw the wedding video archived online the next morning!

As ever, we at Viva Las Vegas Weddings did our best to make their Blue Hawaii wedding a little slice of paradise they would always remember. We felt honored to be in the presence of two people who are so clearly soulmates, and who seem so clearly destined to be together. We’ve never seen anything so beautifully executed and planned, and it was very special for us to be a small part of that. Best wishes for many, many happy years ahead, William and Kaisu. We won’t soon forget you!

Dance Like Uma Thurman at Your Vegas Wedding!

Uma Thurman dancing at vegas wedding
Tami and Chuck strut their stuff to “Viva Las Vegas.”

Sometimes couples getting married in Las Vegas like the ease and convenience of choosing from an array of Traditional, Themed or Elvis wedding packages. Each package includes specifically-listed bells and whistles, so you know exactly what you’re getting on your special day. (See all of them at other brides and grooms, like Tami and Chuck of San Luis Obispo, prefer to substitute and add different elements to make their wedding just right for them. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can have it either way. Or both ways. We are happy to customize!

Tami and Chuck married at the chapel this week, bringing their own photographers, choreographing their own post-wedding dance, and delighting the whole staff with their amazingly adorable ring bearer who carried a miniature pink Cadillac on the nuptial pillow. Tami held the most exquisite, exotic flowers, rather than a more traditional bouquet. The the pair also chose to walk down the aisle one after the other, Tami on Elvis’s arm, Chuck sandwiched between two feathered Las Vegas showgirls.

If these little changes give you ideas, here’s what you do: When you call to book your wedding, let us know what you’re thinking, and what your preferences are. We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your requests. (Some additions may involve uncharges, which we’ll tell you about at that time.) Call us at 702-384-0771 with all your questions.

Custom Elvis wedding in Vegas
Chuck and Tami tied the knot with Elvis in a ceremony they customized themselves!

Tami and Chuck opted for our Las Vegas Themed Wedding package, which includes Elvis singing three songs, theatrical lights and smoke, photography and video, fun and games, and even round-trip limousine transportation from any Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. The package also includes one genuine Las Vegas showgirl, but you can, as Tami and Chuck did, add another. Or…Marilyn, or even Priscilla! It’s up to you! Tami and Chuck wow-ed us with their beautifully rehearsed dance once they’d sealed their vows with a kiss.

We always like to ask how couples decided on a Las Vegas wedding. According to Chuck and Tami on their Viva Las Vegas Wedding Website, “Tami’s over-zealousness to micro-plan the perfect little (wedding elsewhere)” caused Chuck to keep suggesting, “…or we could go to Vegas?” In the end, Tami apparently called his bluff. She posted on their wedding webpage, “Now we are hitting the road to have Elvis hitch us! How traditional is that?!”

Las vEgas themed wedding
The set for the Las Vegas Themed wedding, which includes Elvis, games of chance and feathered arm candy!

Get Married in a Las Vegas Wedding Set in Your Favorite Decade!

80's rocker wedding in Vegas
Big 80’s hair, hippie duds or poodle skirts….We’ll marry you in the decade of your choice!

Whether you want a traditional marriage ceremony centered around elements that remind you of your favorite era, or whether you want a wild and wooly themed wedding set in the 50’s, 50’s, 70’s or 80’s with a wacky character “minister,” Viva Las Vegas Weddings has got you covered! These decade-themed weddings are great for anniversary wedding vow renewals, too. Wear your original wedding finery, and have your guests dress in the fashions of the time. Groovy, man!

Choose the “minister” that’s just right for the period…Liberace, Tom Jones, Austin Powers, James Bond, Alice Cooper, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo… We have impersonators and tribute artists galore. They may sing and/or play instruments, plus do the honors for your vows, of course. It’s all in a day’s work at our wedding chapel! We’ll bring out the disco lights, smoke effects, and whatever is needed to accompany your wedding tunes from the Top 40 of the day.

Hippie wedding Las Vegas
Your guests will love dressing up for your 60’s or 70’s wedding, too!

If you and your guests wear clothing reminiscent of the decade, the zanier the better. We even rent costumes! This is especially fun if friends and family back home are going to be watching your ceremony live and streaming on the Internet. Don’t forget the crazy wigs!

We even offer a retro 1950’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel if the 50’s is your thing. The Diner Chapel is also equipped with webcam for Internet viewing of your nifty ceremony. Want a reception afterward? Viva Las Vegas has Doo Wop Diner casual reception packages featuring hot dogs, sliders, and ice cream treats!

50;s diner wedding chapel in Vegas
Do it in our 50’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel with Elvis, Marilyn, or….?

Most of our era- themed weddings take place in our Main Chapel, the largest freestanding wedding chapel in Las Vegas. It’s the only chapel in Las Vegas equipped with theatrical lights and sound, smoke effects, and all the sets and props necessary to create the perfect ambiance.

Sixties Beach Party? You’ll get married by a Beach Bum minister, and the bride gets carried down the aisle on a surfboard by two hunky surfer dudes.Now THOSE are some far out wedding photos! We’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time on your wedding day.

Beach party wedding in Vegas
Wear your bikini to our Beach Party wedding and be carried down the aisle in style to Beach Boys tunes!

Maybe you’d rather go WAY back to the time of King Arthur with our Camelot Wedding with Merlin minister? Or, blast into the future with an Intergalactic Wedding with Darth Vader or Starfleet officer minister! Check out all of our time-traveling weddings at There, you’ll be able to contact one of our friendly wedding planners to help with all the details or to customize your Viva Las Vegas Wedding package. See you…whenever!

Why Getting Married by Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Should Be On YOUR Bucket List!

Elvis wedding in Las Vegas
Get married OR renew your vows with Elvis in Las Vegas–at least ONCE!

You wouldn’t believe how many of our Las Vegas wedding couples tell us they’ve ALWAYS wanted to get married in Las Vegas by Elvis. For those who already got married in “the usual way” years ago (but who may have wished they could have had a Las Vegas wedding instead), renewing vows with Elvis is really a no-brainer! Plus, it’s the best way ever to celebrate an anniversary. Still, more and more couples are daring enough to marry with Elvis, even the first time!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we offer a wide range of Elvis weddings, from inexpensive packages with one song (and a ceremony presided over by The King, of course) to elaborate Elvis weddings with theatrical effects, several songs and all the frills. Why choose Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel for your Elvis wedding or vow renewal? Here we offer up some GREAT reasons:

In our Main Chapel, Elvis can drive you right down the aisle in a ’64 pink Cadillac convertible! Need we say more? You simply can’t make a more dramatic wedding entrance than this. It’s an exclusive available only at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! This is one wedding you, and your guests, will never forget. Combine this with our Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package, if you like. You’ll get courtesy round-trip limo transportation from your hotel, flowers, photography and video, plus theatrical fog and lights, swaying palm trees and hula girl, and Elvis performing three songs, including the romantic “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”

Pink Caddy wedding with Elvis
We can pull out all the stops with Elvis Pink Caddy and Elvis Blue Hawaii themed weddings!

You can also get married by Elvis in our fantastic 1950’s Doo Wop Diner! This chapel diner is also outfitted with a webcam so your friends and family back home can watch your wedding live. You even get photos taken afterward with Elvis in front of our chapel marquee where you’ll see your name in lights right on the Las Vegas Strip! Another exclusive with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

An outdoor wedding more your style? Elvis can marry you in our picturesque Garden or Gazebo Chapel, surrounded by lush greenery and latticework by day, with twinkling white lights at night.

Did we mention we have the BEST Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas?Every one of our fantastic Elvis tribute artists has an extensive singing and performance background. Just about anyone can put on the jumpsuit, sideburns and glasses. But our Elvis’s not only look the part, our couples often tell us that they’re astounded by what GREAT singers they are! Goosebumps guaranteed!

We hope that if you are even toying with the idea of getting married or renewing your vows in Las Vegas with Elvis, you’ll agree that THIS IS THE PLACE to do it. In addition to the best Elvis’s around, we have a friendly and helpful staff who will make sure you find a package that’s just right for you and your budget. Viva Las Vegas! Visit us at

Las Vegas Star Trek Convention = Intergalactic Weddings at Viva Las Vegas Chapel!

Star Trek and Vegas weddings
Joseph and his new bride, Erin, joined in marriage by a Starfleet Captain!

It’s been a crazy week of fun and touching weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! With the annual Star Trek convention in town, Intergalactic-style weddings were very much on the roster here, from the reserved in-costume Original Series style, to more “out there” weddings—featuring couples and their guests decked out as every imaginable character on Earth–or elsewhere!

Captain Schlock and Lt. Rax do the honors at our popular Intergalactic themed wedding
Captain Schlock and Lt. Rax do the honors at our popular Intergalactic themed wedding

Joseph and Erin from Maryland attended the Star Trek Convention at the Rio Hotel on their wedding day, topping the afternoon off with a VLV ceremony filled with theatrical smoke and lights and the arrival of a starship captain beaming in to perform the vows. The couple had attended other Star Trek Conventions in past years, but this was their first visit to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. We were delighted that their trip could culminate in a very special wedding that coordinated beautifully with the “theme” of their wedding trip!

When Sponge Bob is a bridesmaid at an Intergalactic themed wedding....It's a universe of fun!
When Sponge Bob is a bridesmaid at an Intergalactic themed wedding….It’s a universe of fun!

Gilles and Nicholas from Lyon, France, went for a really wacky space-themed wedding ceremony–in part. ( A different sort of “out there.”) Although everyone present wore wildly imaginative, non-space-themed costumes, and although the Romulans attacked during the ceremony (everyone careened across the chapel or fell to the floor), everyone was in tears when the couple read the vows they had written to each other. It was a uniquely fun and endearing wedding!

Intergalactic Wedding Packages include your choice of sci-fi ministers, photography and video, flowers, special effects and appropriate themed music, plus round trip limousine transportation from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can also choose to customize your ceremony with any of our many options, including floral upgrades, adding a simple or even elaborate reception package, or adding the services of a hair and makeup artist. We even have an onsite costume rental shop at your disposal! Don’t forget, you can also add characters to your wedding production. It’s not unheard of to see Elvis performing Viva Las Vegas during an Intergalactic wedding–we’ve done that, too! There’s nothing quite like a captain in uniform groovin’ to The King…..

Our best wishes for happiness always go out to Erin and Joseph and to Gilles and Nicholas. Live long and prosper!

For information on this or any of our other themed, Elvis or traditional wedding packages, visit us at

Live Long and Prosper all you space couples!
Live Long and Prosper, space couples!