Game of Thrones Themed Wedding in Las Vegas?

Game of Thrones wedding in las vegas
Fantasy themed weddings–yours or ours–are what we do best! Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev at

No, you won’t find it on our website, but we can take our Viva Las Vegas Camelot Themed Wedding and turn it on its ear to create the first-ever Game of Thrones Themed Wedding. Any takers? We can simply replace our Merlin minister with one of the principal characters from the series. How about Queen Cersei, Khaleesi (Daenerys, Mother of Dragons) or Melisandre, the Red Princess as minister? We also think we can pull off Viserys as the wedding officiant, or for an upcharge, you might wish to bring in a little person actor as guest artist to play Tyrion Lannister. Of course, if the wedding couple wants to play specific roles, we’ll try not to step on toes.

For a Game of Thrones Wedding, we’d add theme music, smoke and lighting effects, and of course medieval weaponry. Somehow, from our mega-sized costume room, we’ll come up with a great wardrobe for our players, like we always do. YOU decide the roles you want to play. Or, you just might wish to dress in fantasy costumes without portraying a specific character. Go ahead. Challenge us. Bring your own costumes, if you like. And don’t forget–your guests may want to dress up, too!

Game of Thrones Wedding alternative from Las Vegas Camelot wedding
Good-bye, Merlin! We’ll just switch out the characters from our Camelot themed wedding for a new Game of Thrones package!

For more information on this unique alternative to our Camelot wedding package, visit us at Once there, click on “Themed Weddings” at the top of the page to scroll down to our Camelot package. Imagine all the same features, just replacing your wedding characters. And remember, you can integrate elements from any other package you find there, to customize your wedding experience. Want Elvis to make an appearance and do a number in the middle of your wedding fantasy? It’s happened before at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Also, feel free to live chat with us on the website, or call one of our friendly staff to discuss your ideas at 702-384-0771. We’ll do our best to fulfill any wedding fantasy you may have. We consider it a privilege, and we love to be challenged!

And, by the way, our gorgeous Camelot themed wedding is still a favorite option. And much less gorey. 🙂