Cash-Only Wedding Costs When Getting Married in Las Vegas

Marriage license fee increase in Vegas
One good reason to get married in Vegas sooner rather than later–Marriage License Fees go up July 27, 2015!
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Right on the heels of an inspired Supreme Court decision in favor of same sex marriage comes an increase in the cost of marriage licenses in Nevada. We’re pretty sure that’s just a coincidence. But, since we’re still in the celebrating mood here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ll take news of the fee hike in stride. After all, it’s been many years since the marriage license fee has gone up, unlike most other things in life. Sigh.

Beginning July 27, you will pay $77 cash at the Marriage Bureau to obtain a legal marriage license, up from $60. If you’re renewing your vows, though, you won’t need to get a license at all. For more specific details about getting a marriage license in Las Vegas, check out our recent blog at:

Of course, plastic works just fine when paying for your Viva Las Vegas wedding package. We happily take your credit cards. The other cash costs involved for your wedding have to do with outside services. Remember to plan ahead. These are cash-only, and are listed for you below:

1. Marriage License, $77 cash as of 7/27/2015. (Cashier’s checks are accepted, just not personal checks.) If you’re renewing your vows, you won’t need to get a license at all. If you’re getting married before July 27th, you’re in luck. The $60 license fee is still in effect. 🙂

2. Minister’s Fee. $60 cash only. Whether you’ll be married by Elvis, Darth Vader, or a “normal” minister, a legal officiant will be present to handle your documentation, and thus there’s a minister’s fee for their services. You’ll receive an envelope for this prior to your ceremony.

3. Driver Gratuity. If your wedding package includes luxury car transportation or limousine service, you’ll want to tip your driver. We suggest $30, since the drivers spend nearly two hours on each wedding, counting picking you up, waiting for you during your wedding, then taking you back to your hotel and returning to the chapel. If you drive yourself in your own car, cha-ching, no tip.

4. Any other tips, at your option. You may wish to tip your photographer, and if so inclined, you may want to have a bit of cash up your sleeve if you want to express your pleasure with their service. (We sincerely hope you’ll be pleased, tip or no tip. We are honored to share your special day, regardless!) Beyond that, tipping is not necessary or expected, so you’re on your own with your generosity and budget.

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