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Marriage License Fee Increase in Las Vegas–But the Cost is a Lucky Number!

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
The Marriage Bureau—no waiting period, no blood tests. And don’t forget to bring your license to the chapel so we can make it legal!

If you’re getting legally married in Las Vegas, you’ll need to go downtown to the Marriage Bureau here to get your license.(The Marriage Bureau in Las Vegas is located at the northwest corner of Clark Avenue and Third Street, 201 Clark Avenue.) After many years, the cost of a marriage license in Nevada is going up to $77. Bummer. But…sigh…it’s a once-in-a-lifetime expense and, hey, double sevens! The Marriage Bureau accepts cash only, so be prepared. See the helpful link below to find all the details and how to get there:

If you want express line service at the Marriage Bureau when you arrive to get your license, click on the Marriage Pre-Application on their website above, to be completed for both parties. Print and bring these forms with you when you go to get your license. You’ll both need ID’s and you’ll both need to be present. Check the Marriage Bureau site for details on all other requirements.

Once you have your license in hand, be sure to have it with you (and your rings, of course!) upon arrival at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Wedding vow renewals won’t require a license. And remember, same-sex marriages are legal and warmly welcomed at our chapel!

Elvis wedding vegas
Even if you get married by Elvis, a licensed minister will be on hand to help your though the legal stuff at the time of your ceremony!

Your minister (even if you’re getting married by Elvis, a licensed minister will pronounce you as legally wedded for the purposes of the State of Nevada) will explain how to get copies of your marriage certificate. All of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings require a $60 cash only minister’s fee, to be paid at the time of your ceremony. The minister will take care of recording your marriage, as part of his or her services to you on your wedding day. Las Vegas wedding chapel minister services are not included in your Viva Las Vegas wedding package price.

If you’re not a U.S. resident, you can still get married in Las Vegas. Many countries will require a certified copy of the marriage certificate and as apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State. Your minister will help you with questions on how to do this. You might also get in touch with your country’s Consulate in the States to confirm what you’ll need.

For more marriage license information, call (702) 671-0600. Marriage License Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week, including holidays.

For information on one of our amazing Elvis, Themed or Tradtional Wedding packages, or to ask questions about getting your marriage license in Las Vegas, give us a call at (702) 384-0771.

What to Tell Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Guests

Viva Wedding Chapel
Get the word out to friends and family about getting to the chapel on time!

When it’s not just the two of you eloping to Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to let friends and family who will be here know all the ins and outs of your wedding ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Here are a few things you may want to pass on, and you can even use your free online wedding website/invitation to share this information, if you like! There, you can post photos, the story of your proposal and how you met, and all the great reasons why you’re getting married in Vegas! (We’ll hook you up with your very own wedding website when you book your wedding with us!)

Here are the main things your guests might want to know in advance:

1. Be sure to arrive on time! If your guests aren’t coming to the chapel with you in the limo, make sure they know where we’re located, and make sure they allow plenty of time to get here. Since some days the chapel may be booked every single half hour of the day, by necessity we start all weddings right on time. Feel free to call the chapel to ask for advice on the best routes from your hotel. 1-702-384-0771.

2. YES! If your wedding package (as most do) includes photography and video, your guests can also take pictures during the ceremony. We request that they do this from their seats, though. Since our photographer is moving all around the chapel to get the best angles, we worry about folks tripping over each other, or hampering the photographer’s work. After the ceremony,though, cameras must be turned off for the posed photo session with our photographer. He or she will take group shots that include your guests and family members. Once they step outside the chapel to celebrate as you emerge under your “Names in Lights” on our marquee over the exit, your guests are free to take photos again. Best photo op ever!!!! (If you are having a Garden, Gazebo, or Doo Wop Diner wedding, we’ll still bring you and your guests around front to take photos under our famous sign!)

Brides room Viva Las Vegas weddings
A cozy room for checking your lips and veil before walking down the aisle

3. No rice, no confetti, no birdseed. But YES, we do bubbles! We know it’s tradition for church weddings to throw these things as couples step outside from their wedding. But since we do so many ceremonies, we use wedding bubbles instead. We sell them in our lobby, or you can bring your own. They are just as fun and festive, and they turn into rainbows of happiness in the Vegas sunshine! 🙂

4. Since our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is a restored historic building, restroom facilities are very limited. It’s a good idea to know this ahead of time, to avoid a long line at the restroom door, if you have lots of guests! However, we do have a cozy bride’s room for checking hair and makeup briefly before the ceremony, that sort of thing. We just want you to know our limitations, if you have a LOT of friends and family attending.

5. Your guests may wish to have bottled water. We don’t have a water fountain here at the chapel. While we do sell cold bottled water in our lobby, guests, especially in summer, are also welcome to bring their own. Summertime weddings require hydration!

If you have any other concerns or questions about your Viva Las Vegas Wedding, call us or live chat with us on our website at We want your day to go as beautifully and seamlessly as possible!

Toga Wedding in Vegas? Antony and Cleopatra Get Married by a Pharaoh, and You Can, Too!

Toga Wedding in Vegas
Hector as Caesar, and Natalia as Cleopatra get wed in an Egyptian setting.

Who knew getting married in Las Vegas was the most affordable and fabulous way to combine your wedding and honeymoon trip? All of our Viva Las Vegas wedding couples have figured it out! While still staying well under $1,000, for example, you can have a Cecil B. DeMille-worthy wedding with a cast that includes an Egyptian dancing girl, slave boys carrying the bride down the aisle on Cleopatra’s throne, a pharaoh minister, plus smoke effects, candle lighting ceremony, theatrical lights and sets, not to mention flowers, photography and video, and limousine service to and from your Las Vegas Strip hotel! (And, as always, you can choose to have your wedding streamed live on the Internet.)

Hector and Natalia of Mexico were wed this week in full costume in one of our incredible Egyptian Themed weddings. Costumes are optional for these magical affairs, but usually we are blown away by the creative wardrobe we see at our exotic themed weddings. Some couples wear togas (along with all of their guests), and others, as Hector and Natalia did, dress in the roles of Antony and Cleopatra. Theirs was a gorgeous, spectacular wedding! And very intimate, since they chose to come alone to share their vows. That’s an option, too, for those who prefer to do things their own way. Quiet, private, and very unique to them.

Egyptian wedding in Las Vegas

We also do lovely traditional weddings, for those who prefer a more classic ceremony. But, just think, these same couples might come back on a 10th or 25th anniversary to renew vows with King Tut. Or Elvis. For more information on this and all of our Elvis, themed and traditional wedding packages, visit us at

Best wishes to Hector and Natalia for a long and happy life together. We won’t soon forget their beautiful wedding here!

Getting Married by Mini Elvis—PLUS Showgirls, a Drunken Pirate and a Guy in a Kilt….

Wacky Vegas Wedding with mini Elvis
Caitlin and Michal of Australia tie the knot in Vegas in the wackiest wedding of the week!

Like we always say at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, “If you don’t see a wedding you like, we’ll customize one for you!” So Caitlin and Michal and a large group of their mates (all the way from Australia) celebrated their marriage with a mini-Elvis minister, two showgirls dancing to “Viva Las Vegas” and a drunken pirate. The best man, from Dublin, Ireland, donned his kilt and somehow fit right in.

Pirate Wedding in Vegas
A former wench, Captain Jack, and wedding coordinator, Ramona, hard at work in the chapel!

According to the bride and groom, their “real” wedding will be held early next year in Australia. This was just a fun “practice” wedding, part of a pre-wedding celebration in Las Vegas. The group will also be “doing” Sin City and visiting San Francisco and the California coast. It’s good to squeeze as much in as you can, after a long trip halfway ’round the world!

Showgirl and Elvis wedding
Mini Elvis minister and showgirl– the perfect complement to a Pirate Themed Wedding?

These “fun” weddings or wedding vow renewals do not require a marriage license, since they are not meant to be full-on legal wedding ceremonies. It’s a good way to engage in a totally unique romp, just to celebrate your love for one another in a spectacular way. Sometimes multiple couples who are close friends choose to renew their vows as a group in the craziest wedding ceremony they can put together. Need ideas to do this kind of thing yourself? Visit us at If you don’t see anything crazy enough for you, you’ll find our phone number and a staff member waiting to talk or live chat with you. We’ll create a custom package that you’ll never forget! Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Best wishes to Caitlin and Michal for a sedate and elegant “normal” wedding in the near future. Enjoy your travels, mateys! 🙂 BTW, we also do elegant, traditional weddings at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Gothic Wedding Gone Wild!

Halloween weddings las vegas
Time to book those spooky Gothic Weddings. Halloween’s only three months away!

It’s that time of year when our popular Halloween Wedding time slots begin filling up at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We recently watched one of our Gothic Themed Weddings on YouTube to reminisce, and it really gave us a start… And the giggles! As scary as it was, the bride had her hands full corralling her young attendants—and she missed the Grim Reaper’s grand entrance altogether.

So, check out this video clip if you think a Gothic Wedding with Grim Reaper or Dracula minister might make your perfect October wedding. See Johnny and Niki’s wedding, below. (Note: The video camera doesn’t focus well until the cemetery fog clears, so give it a minute, and enjoy!)

For your Halloween-themed wedding, we provide all the atmosphere, special effects and horrifying “minister,” while you provide your own costumed selves…Or rent costumes from our costume shop! Do reserve early, if you can.Halloween is a VERY busy date for weddings at Viva Las Vegas. Our tombstone-bedecked Main Chapel, haunted Outdoor Gazebo and Garden chapels, and tomb-like Little Chapel are all booked until midnight, so you’ll need to plan this far in advance if you have your sights set on a Halloween Wedding in Vegas. Fair warning!

Check out our wide range of Halloween-themed wedding packages by visiting us at Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Themed Weddings” at the top of the page. After that, simply click on our Gothic, Graveyard, Dracula’s Tomb, Rocky’s Horror, Zombie, Thriller, Phantom, or When Vampire’s Fly wedding packages! There’s a Halloween wedding for everyone, or we’ll customize one for YOU! See you in October! (But, hey, we’ll perform any of these Gothic weddings any day of the year, if you want to be “different”…..)

Our Hottest Elvis Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony—The Elvis Blue Hawaii!

Elvis vow renewal in Vegas
Scott and Lisa renewed their vows with Elvis after 30 years of marriage!

Since Day One, the Viva Las Vegas Weddings Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package has been our most popular for both weddings and wedding vow renewals. (Close on its heels lately in popularity? The pink Cadillac chapel entrance with Elvis driving you inside, right down the aisle!) Just last evening, Scott and Lisa of Visalia, California, tied the knot once again to celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss!

Surrounded by beaming friends and family, this happy pair danced to Elvis’ rendition of The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love, and, of course, everyone was up dancing for Viva Las Vegas by the end of the wedding vow renewal ceremony!

Yes, we had ocean mist effects and theatrical lights. Yes, we had tropical palm trees in the chapel. Yes, Elvis sported a colorful lei with flashing LED lights! Yes, there was a hula girl, and lots and lots of Hawaiian shirts and smiles. The bride and groom wore purple leis and Lisa even carried a purple rose bouquet down the aisle. One of the best things about the Blue Hawaii wedding is that it is picturesque, casual and romantic all at once. Then, there’s the thrill and excitement of a live, singing Elvis!

Blue Hawaii weddings in Vegas
Another Blue Hawaii, with tropical ocean mist, hula girl, and Elvis serenading you!

Your Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding can be a huge family affair, or just the two of you–maybe with others watching our live streaming coverage from afar. Everyone has something different in mind, and we’ll try very hard to make your ceremony your own by customizing the elements you prefer. (Hey, you can ADD a pink Cadillac entrance to the Blue Hawaii package!)

We could tell that Scott and Lisa might not really think of themselves as “the type” for an Elvis wedding, but they seemed to be having a GREAT time, and their family and guests seemed to LOVE IT. When in Vegas, EVERYONE is an Elvis fan! We wish Scott and Lisa the very best for another 30 years of happiness together. What a way to top off the first 30! 🙂

For more information on our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding, go to: