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Choose Your Chapel at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

50's diner wedding in Vegas
Do it in the diner!
Our Doo Wop Diner is perfect for Elvis weddings!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, not only do you get to choose a traditional, Elvis, or magical themed wedding, but you can choose from six indoor and outdoor chapel venues at one Las Vegas Strip location!

Want the iconic Elvis wedding in Vegas? If you don’t opt for our most popular pink Cadillac entrance into the Main Chapel, you can be married instead by The King himself in our nostalgic 1950’s-era Doo Wop Diner. (Or, alternatively, Elvis can get you hitched anywhere on our property.) The Diner is equipped with webcam for live streaming coverage of your ceremony, just as our other chapels are, should you want friends and family back home to be able to look in on the festivities.

Our beautiful Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Chapels are charmingly picturesque for daytime or evening traditional or Elvis wedding ceremonies. Both are sheltered from the elements and take advantage of our nearly 300 days of sunshine each year.

Outdoor Gazebo
Outdoor Gazebo

The Gazebo Chapel is slightly smaller and more intimate than our Garden Chapel, which seats up to 40 of your guests. Both outdoor venues offer Internet coverage of your ceremony at a nominal fee so no one has to miss out if they couldn’t make it to Vegas.
Outdoor wedding packages come in a range of prices for every bride, groom and budget, and you can look them over here by clicking on the “Traditional Weddings” bar at the top our home page:

Garden Chapel
Garden Chapel

Of course, our Main Chapel is the biggest and busiest, too. Here’s where we do ALL of our themed weddings (in additional to Elvis and traditional packages). That’s because the Main Chapel boasts theatrical fog and lighting, and all the set pieces used in our various themed weddings. (Although we HAVE been known to do the James Bond Themed Wedding in our Garden Chapel….We always aim to please, if we possibly can!)

Our Main Chapel, home to many themed weddings, and gorgeous, exciting traditional and Elvis ones, too!
Our Main Chapel, home to many themed weddings, and gorgeous, dramatic traditional and Elvis ones, too!

During peak wedding times, and by special request, we also feature our Little Chapel. It’s especially dramatic for Halloween-themed and Valentine’s weddings. We think it’s a romantic and intimate gem, only footsteps away from the Main Chapel. Or, for hard-core Elvis fans, we offer the Elvis and Priscilla Chapel, where you can marry by the gates of Graceland!

Our Little Chapel
Our Little Chapel
The Elvis and Priscilla Chapel
The Elvis and Priscilla Chapel

If you’re not sure, or if we’ve given you WAY too many choices, feel free to give one of our wedding staffers a call at 702-384-0771 for help and friendly advice. We’ll come up with the perfect wedding package for you, and in the perfect setting, too!

Get Married in Las Vegas with Your Names in Lights on the Las Vegas Strip

Wedding chapel marquee names
Your names in lights on our marquee, only at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, your names appear in lights above the Las Vegas Strip after your wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony! What a great photo op! Your names will flash then freeze for a few seconds so that we can snap your picture. After that, “Married” and the date of your vows will appear for another incredible shot. Or, on a special anniversary, as in the photo below, you’ll see the number of years of marriage you are celebrating together!

Wedding Chapel marquee and lights
Anniversaries make the best excuses for a renewal of vows ceremony, with Elvis, a minister, or any of our wild and wacky character ministers.

When you book your wedding date and time with us, consider whether you want a daytime ceremony, or an evening ceremony. Daytime weddings are colorful and almost always sunny in Las Vegas. But if you’ve booked one of our themed or deluxe wedding packages, they include round-trip limousine service from your hotel. So, consider booking a time slot at dusk or after dark. That way, you’ll get to cruise the Strip and see why Las Vegas is known as the City of Lights! There’s nothing more memorable than a ride along Las Vegas Boulevard as the neon comes to life! And your names in lights will look GREAT!

Once outside after your ceremony and photo shoot– with your professional Viva Las Vegas photographer– your guests are welcome to take as many pictures as they wish. So, you can pose away under our marquee, flanked by our adobe mission bell tower and palm trees. You can’t beat THAT for a picturesque wedding portrait!

If you have questions or just want to look at all of our wedding venues (the Main Chapel, Garden or Gazebo Chapels, or our 50’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel), visit There you can check out all of our fabulous traditional, themed and Elvis wedding packages, chat live with a wedding planner, or find our phone number, if you’d like to speak with us in person. Come star in your own Las Vegas Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

“Royal Wedding” with The Prince of Darkness

Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings
Count your blessings as you say your vows with Dracula and become forever one!

Because we have SO many themed weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, it’s pretty much Halloween here all year long! Take for example the wedding vow renewal ceremony of Richie and Joann, who re-exchanged their wedding vows to celebrate 26 years of marriage, four daughters, two sons, three granddaughters and a grandson! For this very special occasion, Count Dracula stepped out of a coffin with a bit of swagger to do the honors with his distinctive Transylvanian accent. The darkened chapel was filled with family, fog, eerie music and candlelight, and it was only June!

Dracula wedding in Vegas
Bride Joann, and Groom, Richie, after 26 fangstastic years of wedlock!

For the unique Gothic Themed Wedding, the chapel was decorated with tombstones, cobwebs and cemetery gates, all adding to the creepy mood. Joann and her maid of honor carried bouquets of blood red roses, while basic black accented the arrangements and served as the wardrobe color of choice for this horrifyingly fun renewal of vows. Joann and Richie posted a picture of themselves on their free wedding website (included with all of our themed wedding packages at Viva Las Vegas Weddings) taken over a quarter century ago. Amazingly, they were looking just as lovestruck at their vow renewal ceremony with Dracula, 26 years later. We think it’s a great idea when couples use their special wedding website to display pics from their first weddings! (It’s the page where family and friends who can’t be in Las Vegas in person can also view the ceremony live online from anywhere else on the planet!)

If this sounds like your goblet of tea, it’s not too early to book an October/Halloween wedding with us–it’s our busiest time of year and time slots fill up early! You can choose from a variety of frightful “ministers”–Dracula, Zombie Elvis, Edward, Lady Vampire/Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Grim Reaper—or we’ll happily consider a special request character of your choice. (The acting talent–and our costume closet– run pretty deep here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!) Of course, Dracula will gladly step out of his coffin to marry you any day of the year, though. And, we offer dozens of other themed, traditional and Elvis ceremonies, if Dracula makes your blood run cold….

Check out this and all of our traditional, Elvis and themed weddings at

Vegas wedding vow renewal couple
Richie and Joann, rockin’ that big hair!

Wishing Joann and Richie another quarter century of happiness together!

Getting Married by The Godfather in Vintage Vegas!

gangster wedding in Vegas
Bring the breadsticks! Getting married at our Gangster Themed wedding by “The Boss!”

Since Vegas is known for its colorful history (and even boasts its own Mob Museum) some Viva Las Vegas brides and grooms have chosen to get married by the mob in Las Vegas. Or the next best thing– in our Gangster Themed Wedding!

For our Gangster wedding, the chapel is decked out like an Italian restaurant, with your guests seated at tables with red and white checkered cloths, grapes and bottles of Chianti. Our “godfather” minister does the honors, thick accent and all, as music plays in the background and an Italian waiter attends to the wedding party.

The Gangster Themed Wedding package includes theatrical lighting and smoke effects, flowers, photography, music and courtesy round-trip stretch limousine service from your hotel. You can even upgrade your package to include live Internet coverage of your ceremony for family and friends who can’t be present in Las Vegas. How cool is that?
For more information visit this page:


Many couples dress up in Zoot suits and fringed flapper dresses, reminiscent of the age. If you don’t want to pack all that gear, we also rent costumes right here on the premises. Give us a call or chat with us online on our website for further information on this and other creative weddings at Viva Las Vegas. (We also offer reception packages, one featuring a sumptuous Italian meal, right next door at Ron Decar’s Event Center, if you’re pulling out all the stops!) Here’s the number to speak to one of our friendly wedding staffers about weddings and/or receptions: 702-384-0771

For information on our Mama Millie’s Italian Wedding Dinner/Reception, go here:

Don’t forget, when you’re “married by the mob” in Vegas, everybody takes your marriage seriously! 😉

Sizzling Pink Cadillac Entrance for Your Summer Elvis Wedding!

Pink Caddy wedding entrance with Elvis
Courtney and Nate blew into the chapel for their wedding in Elvis’s vintage 1964 pink Cadillac convertible!

Courtney and Nate of St. Louis got hitched by Elvis last evening, flanked by two showgirls and surrounded by family and friends. By the end of the ceremony, everyone was in the aisles dancing, arms pulsing overhead, to Elvis’s rendition of “Viva Las Vegas.” What a blast!

The couple has been together for six years, and they seemed REALLY ready to tie the knot in Vegas. In fact, Courtney and Nate danced CHOREOGRAPHED routines during the wedding to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and immediately after their spectacular entrance into the chapel in a ’64 pink Cadillac convertible driven by The King himself!

Deluxe Pink Caddy wedding in Vegas with Elvis
Elvis did the honors for Courtney and Nate, singing three songs and rocking out with the showgirls

Courtney freely admitted that she had planned this wedding since before she was quite sure about who the groom would be! Now, that’s following through on a dream!

And for those who think Elvis weddings are for people who don’t take marriage seriously, we beg to differ. While the ceremony is often geared toward the light-hearted, the sentiments and the sincerity about forever sharing life together were CLEARLY apparent here. We’ve rarely seen a pair so much in love, or so perfect for each other. We love that kind of stuff!

Elvis wedding group shot
Be sure to tell YOUR guests to wear their Elvis shades for your group shot!

For more information on having a wedding or wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas just like this, visit us at Click on Elvis Weddings at the top of our homepage to view our many Elvis wedding packages, or give us a call to customize a package with all the elements that will make YOUR wedding right for YOU. 702-384-0771

Our best wishes to the fun and amazingly right-for-each-other Courtney and Nate!

Goin’ to the Chapel? How to Get Married in Las Vegas!

Diner Wedding in Vegas with Elvis
Once you’ve picked your Viva Las Vegas Chapel (our Main Chapel, Doo Wop Diner, or Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapels), it’s time for one last-minute detail! The Marriage License!

After you’ve booked your amazing Elvis, themed, or traditional wedding package at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel (the best and most fun place to get hitched in Vegas), almost everything is done for you. (Okay, be sure to book your hotel and bring your wedding duds and wedding rings with you. There’s that.) But once you’ve arrived in Las Vegas for your wedding, you’ll need to make a trip downtown to the Clark County Marriage Bureau. If you’re renewing your vows, you won’t need a license. But if it’s a legal wedding you’re planning, you will need official documentation. On the bright side, there’s no waiting period and no blood test.

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
The Marriage Bureau at 201 Clark Avenue, the Northwest corner of 3rd and Clark Streets

It’s generally a good idea to get your license the day before your wedding, so it’s less stressful. The Marriage Bureau keeps long hours, though, and if you plan accordingly, it may be possible to get your license the day of the ceremony, especially if you are having an evening wedding. Since the Marriage Bureau is located in exciting Downtown Las Vegas, you can even make a day of it, visiting the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum, and doing lunch or dinner at one of our kitschy new gourmet dining spots on Fremont Street or environs. There’s lots to see and do down there!

To make it even easier to get your license, you can go online (up to 60 days ahead) to Click on the Marriage Pre-Application, to be completed for both the bride and the groom. Print and bring these forms with you to the Marriage Bureau so you can get “express lane” service when you arrive. The Bureau is open until midnight during the week, 24 hours on weekends. You’ll need $60 cash (or $65 credit card); money orders and cashier’s checks are also accepted. You’ll need to show ID (check Bureau site for details on requirements) for both parties.

Once you’ve got your license, be sure to bring it with you to the chapel at the time of your wedding. We can do the ceremony if you’ve forgotten the rings, but not if you don’t have your license in hand! Your legal minister will provide you with all the information you’ll need to obtain a copy of your license to do things like name changes, etc., once you’re legally married.

Remember, if you have ANY questions or concerns about your upcoming wedding with us, call one of our patient and friendly staffers at 702-384-0771. Or visit our website at to chat live online. We’ll make sure every aspect of your wedding is a breeze. Viva Las Vegas!