Seattle Seahawks Fans Get Married in Las Vegas

wedding invitation las vegas
Seahawk fans Lynda and Rich’s unique wedding invitation

Anybody up for a sports themed wedding in Las Vegas? We can do that for you! Admittedly, not many Las Vegas brides are so into sports that they’ll go for a football theme at their WEDDING, those who do have a complete blast!

Football themed wedding in Vegas
“Minister” Sal (with cigar) clearly NOT at a Seahawks game–But he knows how to do “rite” by football fans!

For this occasion, Sal, our referee/wedding officiant did the honors sporting uniform stripes. The happy couple and their guests showed up wearing team colors and filling the wedding chapel with spirit. There were even time-outs during the ceremony at appropriate intervals, and a Vegas showgirl paraded around with a “Go Seahawks!” sign to the Monday Night Football theme.

If this, or any sports-themed wedding ceremony in Las Vegas sounds like a match made in heaven, we can customize your wedding as we did for Rich and Lynda, including team colored flowers and all the extras that make your package just right for you. Visit us at or call 702-384-0771 to talk about your ideas with one of our friendly wedding consultants. You may not get a sports fan on the line, but you WILL get a staff member whose main goal is to make your day perfect for you!