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Graceland Presents New Elvis Attraction in Las Vegas!

Elvis attraction in Vegas
New Elvis attraction and show and the Westgate Hotel Las Vegas—about a mile from Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel!
Coming to Vegas to get married by Elvis? Opening later this month at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, and even more formerly, The International), where Elvis’s record-breaking 837 consecutive sold-out-show run took place, is an all-new Elvis attraction and show. Now you can come to Vegas to be married by Elvis, plus revel in Elvis kitsch and memorabilia as part of your honeymoon adventure. To top the whole thing off, see a live “Elvis” performance on the very stage where Elvis took Vegas by storm!

Elvis statue
A commemorative statue of “The King” in the lobby of the Westgate Hotel

The Westgate Hotel will feature 30,000 square feet of “Elvis,” housing many, many jumpsuits along with assorted memorabilia to include motorcycles, cars, high school yearbooks and jewelry. Elvis’s historic showroom is being remodeled to more closely resemble what it looked like “back in the day,” before it became a venue for other iconic performers and attractions like Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Starlight Express, Barry Manilow, Liberace and Wayne Newton.

Elvis jumpsuit
Check out all the Elvis memorabilia as part of an Elvis-themed wedding and honeymoon experience in Vegas!

An incredible concert production reminiscent of one of Elvis’ legendary Las Vegas shows, THE ELVIS EXPERIENCE opens in late April, starring actor Martin Fontaine. The show will feature 24 musicians and a choir, transporting you back to the 70s as you witness one of “The King’s” shows on the exact stage where Elvis performed in front of millions of people between 1969 and 1976. To buy tickets in advance, call the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Box Office (24 hours a day) at (800) 222-5361 or visit the Westgate website.

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