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Father’s Day Weekend Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas

Elvis weddings for Father's Day
Whoa Daddy! Let your father give away the bride on Father’s Day at Viva Las Vegas Weddings—Elvis won’t mind a bit!

If you’re planning to be a June bride, especially if your father’s walking you down the aisle, take advantage of our Father’s Day wedding specials at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Packages start at just $225 for a sweet traditional ceremony including all the basics. Other packages include Elvis and upgrades that will make your wedding just right for you.

Daddy’s girls might want to add a special song to the ceremony, possibly Daddy’s favorite, or you can even add a special Father/Daughter dance during the ceremony in honor of the day, with Dad passing the bride on to her hubby-to-be halfway through the song. (If Dad can’t be present, you can always add a First Dance in his honor, just the two of you dancing to a song of your choosing.)

Daddy's girl? Take advantage of our Father's Day Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!
Daddy’s girl? Take advantage of our Father’s Day Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!
Let us know of any special tribute you’d like to make, or ask one of our friendly wedding consultants for ideas on how to personalize your wedding on Father’s Day.

Bear in mind that all of our weddings in any of our chapels–Main Chapel, Outdoor Gazebo, Garden Chapel, Doo Wop Diner Chapel or the Little Chapel are set up for live streaming viewing of your wedding—for friends and family members who can’t be here in Las Vegas in person. Plus, another option is to archive your video on our website, in case some of the folks live in regions where your wedding is way past their bedtime!

For details on all of our Father’s Day weekend weddings, go to:

Seattle Seahawks Fans Get Married in Las Vegas

wedding invitation las vegas
Seahawk fans Lynda and Rich’s unique wedding invitation

Anybody up for a sports themed wedding in Las Vegas? We can do that for you! Admittedly, not many Las Vegas brides are so into sports that they’ll go for a football theme at their WEDDING, those who do have a complete blast!

Football themed wedding in Vegas
“Minister” Sal (with cigar) clearly NOT at a Seahawks game–But he knows how to do “rite” by football fans!

For this occasion, Sal, our referee/wedding officiant did the honors sporting uniform stripes. The happy couple and their guests showed up wearing team colors and filling the wedding chapel with spirit. There were even time-outs during the ceremony at appropriate intervals, and a Vegas showgirl paraded around with a “Go Seahawks!” sign to the Monday Night Football theme.

If this, or any sports-themed wedding ceremony in Las Vegas sounds like a match made in heaven, we can customize your wedding as we did for Rich and Lynda, including team colored flowers and all the extras that make your package just right for you. Visit us at or call 702-384-0771 to talk about your ideas with one of our friendly wedding consultants. You may not get a sports fan on the line, but you WILL get a staff member whose main goal is to make your day perfect for you!

The ONE Thing Necessary for a Happy Marriage: The Way You Make Me Feel

Thriller Wedding Vegas
Our Thriller wedding package— it’s all about “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

Getting married in Las Vegas by a Michael Jackson impersonator is not only as cool as getting married by Elvis, but our Thriller wedding package may have song lyrics that endorse marrying the person that rings your (wedding) bells! (Kind of.) According to Psychology Today, when you are looking for the perfect partner for you, most people have a mental list of either ideal qualities or a list of deal-breakers, or both. But, the experts say, one thing matters more than any of that.

The way the person makes you feel.

Don’t believe us? Read further here:

It could be that instincts are often our most reliable senses when it comes to matrimony. A gut feeling that lets you know the other person is “the one.” Many people say they “just knew” when they’d met the right person because of some undefinable quality, which might be a feeling of being safe, adored or appreciated. It’s different for everyone.

We’re wondering how our happily married Viva Las Vegas couples felt when they knew they’d met the right person. Comments, anyone? We’re curious! Did you feel right at home from the beginning, or was there some spark of recognition or maybe a little deja vu? How did you know they were for you?


For those who are not yet hitched but want to find out more about a thrilling way to tie the knot, read about our Thriller wedding package at:

BTW, if you’re coming to Las Vegas for your Thriller wedding, may we suggest ONE, Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson tribute show at Mandalay Bay? It’s the perfect honeymoon night production after your Thriller Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

The Superbad James Brown Tribute Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

James Brown impersonator wedding in vEgas
You’ll think he’s the real deal as our James Brown tribute artist serenades you during your wedding vows

We don’t think there’s anywhere else besides Las Vegas that you can get married by the next best thing to James Brown himself! Bring friends and family to this concert of a wedding right on the Las Vegas Strip, or you can arrange for them to see your unbelievable wedding ceremony live streaming online in real time! Tribute artist Lionel Z makes sure you have a funky good time. Watch a couple of minutes of the video archive here (for the next few weeks only):

This musical tribute includes all the extras, theatrical lighting and fog, flowers, photography, video, and even round-trip limousine transportation from your Las Vegas hotel. For complete details visit this page:

Kirk took the stunning Ashshanae for his bride recently, with JB doing the honors, as seen on our archive, above. You, too, can experience this great Las Vegas wedding and have it archived for friends and family who can’t be here to witness the fun in person. And, what’s not to love about having your post-wedding photos taken with “James Brown” under a marquee with YOUR names in lights high above the Las Vegas Strip? At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ll take you HIGHER, baby! Viva Las Vegas!

For more information on this or any other of our tribute artist-themed weddings, give us a call at 702-384-0771 We’re happy to work with you on any custom details that make the wedding magic of your dreams.

Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding Bride Dances the Hula for Her Groom

Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding Bride
Who knew these two would marry in an Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding that brought us to tears?

Earlier this month, Kevin and Lahapa brought the islands with them from Hawaii to celebrate their marriage in an Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding ceremony in our Main Chapel. (No pressure, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel staff…) The place was filled with the fragrance of fresh orchid and plumeria leis, and with the spirit of ALOHA, of course! The couple chose to upgrade their wedding with a first dance and many other custom features. But the most heartwarming addition was the bride’s hula for her groom. We don’t think there was a face without a smile or tears. Have a look at this lovely moment, the highlight of the Hawaiian wedding:

Visit our website to see our Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package, and all of our other Elvis, themed, and traditional wedding packages in Las Vegas, all of which you can customize with the features that make your ceremony uniquely YOU. Aloha, and Viva Las Vegas!

Wedding Receptions at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Viva Las Vegas WEddings receptions
Our brand new reception room, just behind the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Garden Chapel and Gazebo

Planning a wedding with us in Las Vegas? If you want to add a reception to your fabulous traditional, themed or Elvis wedding package, we do that, too! We can host wedding receptions small or large in any of our four distinctive reception halls. We’ve got everything from casual White Castle sliders, cake and ice cream receptions in our 50’s Doo Wop Diner to elegant sit-down dinners for over a hundred guests at Ron Decar’s Event Center, right next door to the chapel. In between, we have two more intimate reception rooms, seating 20-30 guests, including our newest gorgeous reception room, pictured above. (This one overlooks our Garden and Gazebo chapels, perched on the second floor.)

WEdiding receptions Vegas
Owner (and sometime Elvis) Ron Decar hosts the most fabulous wedding receptions, from the intimate to the GRAND!

See all of our wedding reception packages and pricing at:

For larger wedding receptions, choose our Event Center venue, where you can also see live entertainment almost any night of the week. We can even arrange live entertainment for your reception. The choice is yours! Or…We have a wonderful dance floor and can book an exciting emcee to entertain your guests during the reception. Recently, Ron Decar’s Event Center received a lovely, descriptive write-up about its enterainment and menu offerings, so you might have a look here:

Our staff have backgrounds in entertainment, so we know how to throw a fun and uniquely memorable wedding reception, whatever the size. As with all of our wedding packages, we can customize to suit your style, tastes and happy dreams.

wedding entertainment Vegas
At our huge Event Center, we can put on a show for your guests as they dine in elegance