So You Want a Tacky Las Vegas Wedding….

TAcky Vegas Wedding
If cheesy is what you want, we can do that…Beautifully!

Believe it or not, some people actually TELL us they want a cheesy, tacky Las Vegas wedding. But not in a “bad” way. They’re big on the “kitsch factor,” and that’s fine with us. While we like to think that we specialize in elegant traditional weddings, fun and wacky Elvis weddings, and a wide variety of themed weddings, we CAN do tacky, if that’s for you! After all, some people think of a Vegas wedding as a bit on the quirky side anyway. We don’t mean to perpetuate this myth, but if it’s what you want, in the spirit of fun, we can do tacky with the best of ’em!

For between $250 and $300, we have packages with all the basics, including Elvis or a “normal” minister, in our spacious Main Chapel, our Doo Wop Diner, or in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden chapel. Pare any package down to the minimum, or add extra out-there characters like Liberace or Marilyn. We can work with you on price, if you don’t need an all-inclusive package. “Tacky” ceremonies also make fun wedding vow renewal ceremonies. We even have a “deluxe” Las Vegas Themed Wedding, with all the bells and whistles included.

In summertime, some couples add to the “casual ambiance” by getting hitched wearing shorts and flip flops. Some dressed-down brides even wear veils and tiaras with their cut-offs. (Hey, we also rent veils, ladies!) And we’re accustomed to seeing every kind of costume there is. You can come dressed as Elvis and Marilyn, or any other iconic Vegas pairing. Steve and Edie? Donny and Marie? Penn and Teller?

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to create your very own style of Las Vegas wedding or wedding vow renewal. We have lots of ideas, and we’re open to yours. Only in Vegas, baby!

Just the two of you? Get married Vegas style, and pick only the options you really need!
Just the two of you? Get married Vegas style, and pick only the options you really need!