Rockabilly Weekender Weddings in Las Vegas–With Elvis!

Rockabilly Weddings in Vegas
Get married at our Viva Las Vegas chapel or at the Weekender!

If you’re in town for the Rockabilly Weekender coming up later in the week, there’s no better time to get married by Elvis, a Rockabilly minister, or a traditional minister right at the car show. Or, choose instead an incredible themed wedding (Elvis or otherwise) at our Viva Las Vegas Chapel or 50s Doo Wop retro diner. You can even be driven right into the chapel by Elvis in his ’64 vintage pink Cadillac convertible.

Specials at our mobile Rockabilly Chapel start at just $399.00 and include flowers, photography, video, plus Elvis or your Rockabilly minister serenading you with songs—everything but the license. For more information and all the details about getting your marriage license ahead of time, visit:

Be sure to call the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to make reservations for these wedding packages at 702-384-0771. Please Note: These wedding specials are only valid on April 4th, 2015. See you at the show! (Not here for the Weekender? We do Elvis and Rockabilly weddings any day of the year. We’ll customize your ceremony so that it’s exactly what you have in mind!)