BEST Date for a Las Vegas Wedding EVER—This MARCH 14th! Here’s Why:

Science fans? Time is running out to book the BEST wedding date EVER!
Science fans? Time is running out to book the BEST wedding date EVER!

Hey all you engaged science nerds (is that a paradox?), we have the perfect Vegas wedding date and time all figured out for you. But you’ll have to hurry to book your Las Vegas “Pi” wedding day.(Somebody please tell “the Shamy.”) We guarantee this to be the coolest wedding date of anyone’s lifetime. But especially if you’re into science.

On Saturday, March 14th, at 9 am or 9pm, your pick, you can be married at the perfect time in the universe. If you’re a fan of Pi. (No, we’re not suggesting you substitute wedding pie for wedding cake, but we can make that happen, too.)

Pi, the mathematically magical number, when expressed somewhat rounded off, is roughly 3.141592653

In terms of the perfect wedding, that’s the equivalent of getting married on March 14, 2015, at 9:26am or pm, and 53 seconds. Book the 9:30 time slot, and we’ll start early! 🙂

As of this writing, we may still have space available in ONE of our chapels at that time–the Main Chapel, Outdoor Garden or Gazebo chapels, in the 50’s Diner, in the Little Chapel, or we can also get you hitched at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign…or …in a limo? If Pi-time is right for you, we’ll make it happen…somehow. You can even choose an Intergalactic Themed wedding with Darth Vader or a Starfleet officer to do the honors, if you want the ultimate in sci-fi-pi. Whatever floats your boat, or starship.

If your geek-dar just went off and you’re up for a last-minute wedding in Vegas, give us a call, but do it quickly. We’ll help you plan an unforgettable Pi Wedding ceremony. 702-384-0771 NOT for everyone, but PERFECT for some. Viva Las Vegas! Who’s up for wedding Pi??? 702-384-0771