Alien Abduction Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Alien Wedding Las Vegas
Amy and Scott tied the knot in their pj’s after their ‘alien abduction.”

Amy and Scott asked for our Intergalactic Themed Wedding, but wanted something decidedly unique for their original Las Vegas space-themed wedding. No Darth Vader, no Captain Quirk. An alien abduction. We customized their Viva Las Vegas wedding package, no problem, bringing in a space alien minister, as requested. But, we didn’t know they’d show up in pajamas and slippers for their very own “Alien Abduction” wedding ceremony! Okay, we ‘get it’ now….What a GREAT idea for a wedding!

They came just the two of them, and were wed amidst candlelight, smoke, and space-y music. Their alien minister had to use the universal translator to be understood during the vow exchange. This female creature from space had to watch the time, though, since she was due back at Area 51 to catch her ship on its way out of the galaxy. We can’t remember when we’ve ever had so much fun, or when we saw two people so very much in love. Amy and Scott’s aura of exuberance and shared souls were truly inspirational. We loved every minute!

Alien wedding in las vegas
Lighting the “candles of burning passion” before the mating dance of Zabevief 5

Scott and Amy exchanged lighted lollipop rings and joined in on an alien celebration dance, a ritual on the planet Zabevief 5. Hey, thank goodness the Intergalactic Wedding package includes photos and video coverage, for evidence later that it really took place!

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Wishing Amy and Scott all the best wishes in the universe for a lifetime of fun and love ahead!