The Newest Las Vegas Wedding Package: The Pink Panther Themed Wedding Ceremony

Pink Panther wedding in Vegas
Our photographer and talented wedding character, Kalin, takes on the role of Inspector Clouseau in our latest wild and crazy themed wedding in Vegas!

Be the first to get married in Vegas by the infamous Inspector Clouseau! Who knew our Viva Las Vegas wedding photographer, Kalin, was a dead ringer for Peter Sellers? Even more amazing, he can do the perfect phony French accent to unite you in wedlock in Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel’s one-of-a-kind Pink Panther Wedding! No, it’s not on our website. But we can take our 60’s/Disco/Austin Powers wedding and turn it on its head, substituting Clouseau in trench coat and hat, Pink Panther themed music, Parisian fog, and Cato attacking your unsuspecting minister mid-ceremony as a surprise to your guests.

We can upgrade this custom package with the wacky detective making an entrance down the aisle in a sexy sports car. Just ask for whatever options you dream up. We’ll work with you to make it happen, since this is a unique Las Vegas wedding that’s never been done before!

Blues Brothers wedding in Vegas
Kalin also appears as one half of the Bluez Brothers, among other amazing wedding characters!

To discuss a wedding in Las Vegas with Clouseau or any of your favorite movie or TV characters (or “just” Elvis or a traditional wedding, if that’s more your style), call us at 702-384-0771. We can’t wait to hear your ideas and step up to the creative challenges you offer us! Ooooh -la-la and Viva Las Vegas!