Free Photos Instructions

An album is now online with your photos from Viva Las Vegas Themed Weddings Inc.. If your package includes free candid photos you will need to access 2 separate files to receive your free photos and to purchase additional photos.
To order your free 4×6 photos as prints (no additional charge for these prints, but shipping charge will apply):

1. Click on the following link to access your photos: 

2. Click the Pink link in the top right corner that says “Order Photos”.  On next page click the Green link in the middle of the page that says “Order Photos”


3. Click on the Date field and select your ceremony date.  All weddings on that date will appear in a list. Find and click on your name.







4. You will see 2 files: “All Photos” and “Candid Photos” Photo groups. Your free photos are located in the “Candid Photos” Photo group .








5. Click on any picture in that group on the right side of the picture look for “Product Specials” located all the way down.









6.TYPE THE CODE THAT WE HAVE EMAILED YOU : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  (If you copy the code you may paste it by pressing “Control + V” on a PC or “Command + V” on a Mac) And then click on “Apply Code”.








7. You will then see message : “Congratulations! You are eligible to receive the …. 4×6 Candid Ceremony Photos for free. Click add to cart to add this now.”








8. Select “Add to Cart” and next screen click on “Choose Each” . On the next screen select your free photos. Click finish and they will be added to your shopping cart. You can now click checkout or continue shopping.










9. Select the candid photos you like . When you are done click finish and proceed with checkout.
















10. In the top left corner of the page click on your name.  This will return you to the two groups of photos from your ceremony.

To add the additional photos you want to buy:

1.Click on the photo group called “All Photos”

2.Click on any photo in the group that you’d like to buy

3. On the right hand side of the page, click on the type of product you’d like to purchase. 

For single prints or downloads you simply select the product, indicating 1 (or more if you want multiple copies), and then click “Buy”. 


For multiple-photo packages (prints or digital) select the package, then click “Add to cart”.  Next, click “Choose Each” on the following page.  Then you simply add each photo to that package  For print packages, make sure you complete all sections with the different sizes of prints for that package.  Then click “Finish” when done selecting.

4. Repeat this process for each photo or package you want to purchase.  Click “Checkout” in the top right corner of the page when finished and ready to checkout.

Then you follow the prompts to indicate your shipping and billing information and then your credit card details for payment.

It is a pleasure to service your photography needs. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Enjoy your photos!

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4 thoughts on “Free Photos Instructions

  1. Hi. How do I select digital photos for my selected free ones. I don’t want them mailed to me. Thanks. Anthony

  2. Good morning:

    Our wedding package is only allowing uis to pick up FOUR photos ?? How come ? We contracted much more of them and we are not happy with it.

    Can you let us know why we only have 4 free pictures ?


    1. Hello Nacho and Mercedes, please call the chapel for help with your wedding photo order, since we are the social media folks and are unable to assist you directly. The number is 702-384-0771. I’m sure they can help straighten this out for you. Thanks!

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