The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Website That Made Us Cry

las vegas vow renewal
Julie and Colin renew their wedding vows in Las Vegas!

Colin and Julie renewed their wedding vows at Viva Las Vegas Weddings this weekend with our Tom Jones impersonator minister in a ceremony that could be viewed ’round the world, streaming online. Here at Viva Las Vegas, couples receive a free wedding website where their wedding ceremony can be seen online by friends and family who can’t come to Las Vegas to attend. Plus, couples can post photos on their site, as well as the story of how they met, how the proposal took place, and just about anything else they wish to share.

Sometimes these stories are funny, and sometimes they are heart-wrenchingly tender, as is the case when Colin wrote about his courtship and eventual first marriage to Julie. (We like to have a peek at the personal stories of our brides and grooms, when we get a chance.) Whatever couples choose to write, it is always uniquely “them.” We think it’s important to express your own feelings and your own desires for your wedding, and even for your wedding vow renewal.

Colin’s words, we think, would make perfect wedding vows. In fact, many couples choose to write their own to read to one another during the wedding ceremony. Brides, isn’t this what you would love to hear at the altar? See Colin’s incredibly romantic thoughts, below.

Colin, to Julie: “In all seriousness, Julie-two shoes, thank you for marrying me and renewing our vows together. I am officially the happiest man in the world. I thought I had prepared myself quite well today, but nothing could have prepared (me) for the life we have had together. You always look absolutely stunning, and look more stunning to me every day. I love you because you know and understand me like no-one else could, because you believe in my dreams and care about my feelings, and because you make me laugh so hard and smile so often. (Sometimes I’m not happy like when you started squeezing the dog’s spots). I am devoted to you and I love you with all my heart. People do say that today will be the happiest day of our lives again, but with you I know that every day will be just as happy as this one. So, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls in cyber world, please be upstanding for the most important toast of all…TO MY WIFE Ju-ju’s!”

Colin adds that Julie was crying after reading over what he had written to post on the website. Honestly, we got choked up reading this, too!

Wishing Colin and Julie a lifetime of continued happiness ahead. Thank you for letting us help make your wedding vow renewal possible. A toast to you two, and to all good things for the New Year, 2015!