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Happy New Year from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

New Year Las Vegas
Peace, Love and Joy to all our wedding couples in 2015!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings wants to wish all our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day wedding couples the very best in 2015. Same goes for everyone whose Las Vegas wedding or wedding vow renewal has taken place here over the years! As the clock strikes midnight, we’ll be celebrating under the fireworks of the Las Vegas Strip, hoping all those happy brides and grooms will be toasting another new year of wedded bliss ahead!

Tom Jones weddings Vegas
Only in Vegas! We can’t wait for another year of Elvis, Tom Jones, Marilyn and whatever impersonator weddings you dream up for us!

Planning ahead for a wedding in 2015? We’re here to help you create and customize the perfect Las Vegas wedding for you. If you’re unsure of the date, we know already that 1/5/15, 1/15/15, 5/1/15 are going to be popular choices. We’re not sure why, but many couples want one of those memorably-digited dates, maybe to make anniversaries easier to remember. No matter what day you choose in the new year, though, our goal is to make it the most memorable day of your lives.

Camelot themed wedding
Wishing you a perfect, Camelot-like year to come…sigh….

Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us over the past year. We are looking forward to all the fun and tender moments ahead in 2015! Happy New Year to all!

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Website That Made Us Cry

las vegas vow renewal
Julie and Colin renew their wedding vows in Las Vegas!

Colin and Julie renewed their wedding vows at Viva Las Vegas Weddings this weekend with our Tom Jones impersonator minister in a ceremony that could be viewed ’round the world, streaming online. Here at Viva Las Vegas, couples receive a free wedding website where their wedding ceremony can be seen online by friends and family who can’t come to Las Vegas to attend. Plus, couples can post photos on their site, as well as the story of how they met, how the proposal took place, and just about anything else they wish to share.

Sometimes these stories are funny, and sometimes they are heart-wrenchingly tender, as is the case when Colin wrote about his courtship and eventual first marriage to Julie. (We like to have a peek at the personal stories of our brides and grooms, when we get a chance.) Whatever couples choose to write, it is always uniquely “them.” We think it’s important to express your own feelings and your own desires for your wedding, and even for your wedding vow renewal.

Colin’s words, we think, would make perfect wedding vows. In fact, many couples choose to write their own to read to one another during the wedding ceremony. Brides, isn’t this what you would love to hear at the altar? See Colin’s incredibly romantic thoughts, below.

Colin, to Julie: “In all seriousness, Julie-two shoes, thank you for marrying me and renewing our vows together. I am officially the happiest man in the world. I thought I had prepared myself quite well today, but nothing could have prepared (me) for the life we have had together. You always look absolutely stunning, and look more stunning to me every day. I love you because you know and understand me like no-one else could, because you believe in my dreams and care about my feelings, and because you make me laugh so hard and smile so often. (Sometimes I’m not happy like when you started squeezing the dog’s spots). I am devoted to you and I love you with all my heart. People do say that today will be the happiest day of our lives again, but with you I know that every day will be just as happy as this one. So, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls in cyber world, please be upstanding for the most important toast of all…TO MY WIFE Ju-ju’s!”

Colin adds that Julie was crying after reading over what he had written to post on the website. Honestly, we got choked up reading this, too!

Wishing Colin and Julie a lifetime of continued happiness ahead. Thank you for letting us help make your wedding vow renewal possible. A toast to you two, and to all good things for the New Year, 2015!

Merry Christmas to All from Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Las Vegas outdoor evening weddings
Best wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas to all our newlywed brides and grooms, and the not-so-newlyweds, too!

If you got married at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel this year, by Elvis or in a more traditional wedding, we’d like to wish you a merry first Christmas together! And if you got married with us in Las Vegas over the last 15 years, our warm wish for a Happy Christmastime extends to you. You all play a big part in our memories of incredibly fun, tender, and heartwarming weddings over the years. At holiday time, we want to express our appreciation for sharing one of the most important events in your lives with us.

We hope your love, and your families, continue to grow in the coming year. And we hope to see you one day again, if you choose to renew your vows with us, as many of our couples do. Others have sent us endearing messages on anniversaries, letting us know they remember Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with fondness. That’s one of the things that makes our jobs worthwhile, every day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you keep the joy of this day in your hearts and in your marriages forever. We think most of the folks we have married at Viva Las Vegas will agree–the right spouse makes every day feel like

5 Ways to Surprise Your Soulmate at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony

Wedding surprises in Vegas
Have your surprise wedding guest or guests appear from behind our curtain for the wedding!
Okay, so you’ve booked your Las Vegas wedding and you’ve figured out what to wear and where you’ll stay while in Las Vegas. Whether it’s an Elvis, traditional or Themed Las Vegas wedding that you’ve both agreed on, you might still want to do something to surprise your partner during your fun, warm and wonderful Vegas wedding. We know this, because we’ve seen a lot of touching or even wild and crazy Las Vegas wedding surprises. Here are a few wedding ideas that we can arrange for you, if you think your bride or groom might be delighted, or even overwhelmed.

1. The Special Surprise Wedding Guest(s)
If you know that someone dear to your heart will be attending, but the bride (or groom) doesn’t, have your “surprise guest” arrive early and hide behind our automated curtain at the altar. At the right moment, we can raise the curtain, just before the vows begin, while the bride’s entrance music is still playing. (Of course, you will need to alert us, and have the person or persons who are the surprise arrive extra early.) We’ve got kleenex.

2. Your Special Song, or Your Special Wedding Dance
Without your partner knowing, contact us to arrange an add-on of a dance to “your song” during the ceremony, or have your special music played as the bride comes down the aisle. Call us ahead, so we can help make this happen. You can even book a soloist to sing your song live. Just let us know what you’re planning, and we’ll keep this a secret.

3. Order a Surprise Impersonator Appearance
No matter what kind of Las Vegas wedding you are having, we can arrange an appearance by a talented impersonator at any point in your ceremony. Is your bride a fan of Tom Jones, Jim Morrison, or Marilyn Monroe? Or? Guest appearances are what we do best, even if yours will be an otherwise traditional affair. We even have flying vampires and superheroes. Just let us know.

We'll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.
We’ll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.

4. Wedding Vow Renewal–A New Ring!
Most couples who are renewing their wedding vows for an anniversary choose to re-exchange their rings, just as in their first ceremony. For grooms, there could be no bigger surprise than to replace the original wedding ring with a new even grander one, just at the last moment before placing it on her finger. Again, we have kleenex.

5. Secretly Add a Helicopter Flight Over Las Vegas
Imagine surprising your new spouse, just after your Viva Las Vegas wedding, with a limo trip to the heli-pad for a flight over the lights of Las Vegas, complete with champagne toast. We’ll make it happen.

For details on these and other possibilities for your personalized Las Vegas Wedding, give us a call at 1-702-384-0771 to discuss your ideas with a friendly wedding planner. Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings on CBS News for 12-13-14!

Vegas WEddings on the news
Melvina and Larry tied the knot in Vegas on 12-13-14 and were featured on CBS News!

There were SO MANY weddings in Las Vegas on 12-13-14 that it made the national news! In case you missed it, Melvina and Larry (who met online!) got married in Las Vegas with an exotic Egyptian-themed ceremony at 7:30 AM. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel was so busy that some later bookings had to get married at some pretty non-traditional times. Have a look at the news link below to get an idea of the outrageous good fun going on in Las Vegas on that unforgettable, sequentially-numbered date:

For Melvina and Larry, only their own personally-written wedding vows would do, which they each read from tiny papyrus (?) scrolls during the ceremony. We were enchanted by their sentiments, which reflected their shared love of roller coasters, ping pong, and which tied them together as “partners in crime, without the criminal activity.” We loved it!

GArden weddings las vegas
Jillian and Neil wed on 12-13-14 in a Garden ceremony

Jillian and Neil married on 12-13-14 in a Garden Chapel ceremony. They’d been together since a holiday party in 2007 and decided to get married in Las Vegas since they “don’t like to do anything normal,” writing on their online wedding website, “The date is going to be a blast down there.” And it was!

James Bond wedding Las Vegas
Darron and Robert said “I Do” to 007 on 12-13-14.

Darron and Robert, who met at a Wendy’s, classed up their wedding vows James Bond style. Their Bond-Girl attendees dressed in all in red, while the guys wore black tuxes– including the “minister” Bond, James Bond. The bride carried a red bouquet as she strolled down the aisle on Robert’s arm, just before 007 drove his vintage sports right up to the altar. The happy couple will have gorgeous wedding photos, and will need them to prove that they were married by James Bond himself!

Elvis Pink Cadillac wedding
Bobbie and James will be hanging out forever after a 12-13-14 wedding.

Bobbie and James got hitched on 12-13-14 with an Elvis Pink Caddy ceremony, featuring two showgirls, lots of feathers, smoke, and the King of Rock and Roll as minister. They’d decided during happy hour at a bar last February to get married in Las Vegas. The proposal? “Do you want to hang out with me forever?” We truly thought this was a perfectly wonderful expression of love, and so was the whole idea to have a fun and memorable Vegas-style wedding.

Whether or not you get married in Vegas on a special date with consecutive or repeating digits, EVERY wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is as special as we can make it. So check out our many Elvis, traditional, or themed wedding packages, and give us a call to tell us how we can make your day even more special! 1-702-384-0771

Get Married by “Liberace” in Las Vegas!

Liberace show las vegas
Get married by “Liberace” for the holidays, or just come see this incredible Christmas tribute!

Hey Liberace fans! Looking for the most fabulously kitschy way to get married in Las Vegas—or at least as kitschy as an Elvis wedding? Look no further than Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! We’ve got Daryl Wagner, a dead-ringer for Liberace himself, and not only physically. Daryl plays, sings, acts and sounds every inch of the real deal! You’ll be married by “Liberace,” and you’ll be serenaded personally by him at his baby grand, to the light of an ornate golden candelabra, no less! Your Liberace tribute wedding includes all the frills, or ask our wedding planners about customizing every detail your Liberace wedding ceremony to make it right for you. Be sure to ask about having your Liberace-themed wedding ceremony streamed live online for friends and family back home to watch. They will NEVER believe this one!

Daryl at the keys
Daryl at the keys
Daryl is the most renowned Liberace tribute artist in the world. If you’re in town for the holidays, come see his live performance at our very own Ron De Car’s Event Center, right next door to the chapel. We’re offering a gourmet holiday buffet, and the unmatched musical stylings of the next best thing to Liberace himself. Daryl has performed for many years here in Las Vegas and around the world, and he’s got the world-class over-the-top, jewel-spangled wardrobe to pop out the eyes of your guests. (And, Daryl takes requests….)
viva las vegas wedding chapel
For more information on a Liberace or other impersonator-themed wedding in Las Vegas, give us a call at 702-384-0771 to discuss your vision of the impersonator wedding of your dreams. If you’re thinking of a Liberace-style wedding of your very own, visit us on our website for all the details :

For ticket and other information about our Liberace Christmas Show, visit: