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Elvis Cyber Monday Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds!

Elvis gifts
Cyber Monday and time to find screaming deals on Elvis-themed gifts and stocking stuffers. We did the work for you!

Holiday shopping for couples who’ve recently gotten married in Vegas? The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has an online gift shop featuring Elvis memorabilia, plus we’ve found some amazing items online that will be perfect for brides and grooms who have already gotten married, or who are about to get married, by Elvis in Las Vegas.

Here are a few things we’ve handpicked, for great prices, free shipping, and for generally great reviews from customers.

Howzabout a cozy throw blanket with sleeves that looks like Elvis’ T-bird jumpsuit? This is the best price we’ve found anywhere on this, and you won’t find a better Elvis novelty gift anywhere! Go to:

Elvis windchimes anyone? These are well under $20 and are very highly rated for their lovely sound and better-than-expected quality. Plus, where else are you going to find ELVIS WINDCHIMES?

For a really impressive Elvis gift for a newlywed couple just starting out, here’s a full-on comforter set, still under $100. Beats another toaster, and they’ll never forget your unique gift!

Elvis weddings and gifts
Check the Viva Las Vegas link below for Elvis holiday ornaments, the perfect way to remember the year you were married in Vegas by Elvis!

If you’re looking for inexpensive Elvis-themed stocking stuffers, we’ve found Elvis sticky notes and an Elvis lanyard. A little Elvis goes a long way!

And, lastly, here’s a link to our own Elvis gift shop, or stop in if you’re in town for a wedding over the holidays. You can even order a gift by phone for the happy couple and we’ll have it ready for them when they arrive on their wedding day. 702-384-0771. Happy shopping, Elvis fans!

Happy Thanksgiving from Viva Las Vegas Weddings! Love Cooking Dinner? Plan Your Wedding in a 50’s-Era Kitchen!

50's diner weddings in vegas
Our Doo Wop Diner weddings really sizzle! Get married by Elvis or any 50’s character of your choice…just ask!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our brides and grooms from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, where some folks actually get married in a nostalgic 1950’s kitchen/diner! (Not on Turkey Day, though. We’re taking Thanksgiving off to cook up a mega- feast.)

The fantastic Doo Wop Diner is our most unique novelty chapel. Here’s where the two of you can tie the knot with Elvis, Marilyn, the Fonz, Donna Reed, June Cleaver, Ricky and Lucy, Betty Boop….or….We’ll take your requests and customize your wedding package to make it the most fun and unforgettable retro-diner wedding EVER!

Elvis weddings in Vegas diner
If you want something a little more kitschy than JUST getting married by Elvis…

We’ve got a jukebox, soda fountain, formica tables, chairs…We even offer hot dog, sliders and ice cream soda receptions as an add-on. Our diner weddings are great for wedding vow renewals, too! This ceremony in this camp setting has just the right pinch of quirkiness for a special anniversary celebration.

Visit our website at to find out all about our Doo Wop Diner weddings, starting at under $300 and including all the basics: flowers, photography, and the option of live internet viewing for friends and family back home. (Click on Elvis Weddings and scroll down to our Doo Wop Diner specials.)

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we give special thanks for your patronage, and are grateful to spend EVERY day of the year around people in love.

120 Viva Las Vegas Weddings on 12-13-14!

viva las vegas chapel
We’re bracing for the upcoming onslaught of our fabulous 12-13-14 weddings—all 120 of them!
First, the avalanche of Viva Las Vegas weddings on 10-10-10 opened the floodgates of marital pandemonium (the fun kind!) here at our chapel. That was followed by 11-11-11 and then 12-12-12. (We were still recovering from 11-11-11!) On those dates, we did weddings from dawn until midnight to handle the demand. Every one of our six chapels was running full throttle. We even brought in former staff members to handle the overflow– some even flew in from other parts of the country to help keep the non-stop weddings running smoothly. These “special” dates on the calender are busier for us than a typical Valentine’s Day and Halloween combined. What’s more, this year’s memorable date, 12-13-14, falls on a Saturday– the busiest day of ANY week for Las Vegas Weddings. But this will be no ordinary Saturday.

This year will be the last of those very memorable dates, though, for a long, long time. So….somehow….we have booked 120 (yes, you read that right!) weddings on 12-13-14. Are we crazy? A little bit.

Our fingers will be crossed, though. Everyone’s duties will be precisely choreographed and the caffeine will be flowing. In the past, by some miracle, these crazy-busy wedding dates have run like clockwork. We all worked together like a well-oiled machine. And we really hope that happens again! Still, we always look forward to challenges. We also look forward to working with old friends again, even if it’s just for a day. The level of excitement runs high, and it’s the adrenalin that will keep us going. But, we have to admit, we’re a little scared, just like most brides and grooms on their wedding day. But…it will be fun and completely unforgettable!

Elvis costume rental
We hope we’ll have enough Elvis costumes in our costume shop to go around!

After this one day, there won’t be any more of these unique repeating or consecutively-digited dates for awhile. But, sorry, we’re totally booked that day, as you may have gathered. You might try 1-5-15, though, for a fairly easy anniversary to remember…

If you want to see us in action on 12-13-14, log on to and clock on Elvis Wedding Chapel. We’ll be starting just after dawn. Best wishes to us and all those happy couples who will take part in a day for the Viva Las Vegas history books!

Sci-Fi Weddings in Las Vegas: Live Long and Prosper, Baby!

Star Trek wedding
You choose your “minister” from your favorite space-themed movie or TV series and we’ll do the rest!

Space may be the final frontier, but an Intergalactic Themed Wedding in Las Vegas might be your next one. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we can transport you to the sci-fi movie or TV series of your dreams for a themed wedding that’s the most fun in ANY universe. You choose your minister….Darth Vader, Spock, or any other favorite film or television character . You can actually ‘populate’ your ceremony with all the “sci-fi action figures” you want. And, of course, you may want to play roles and wear costumes yourselves. We even rent them at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. There’s a costume shop right on the premises.

Your wedding includes smoke and lighting effects, props, music from the film, plus flowers, video, photography, and round-trip limo service to and from your Las Vegas hotel. Just go to our website and then click on Themed Weddings to search for the Intergalactic Wedding package, which you can customize to make it your own sci-fi wedding fantasy.

Not sure? Here’s a recent glowing review from a happy couple on Tripadvisor. But also feel free to give us a call for more information. 1-702-384-0771

“Awesome themed weddings!”
Reviewed October 21, 2014
We were married here 2014Oct10. We decided on a Star Wars themed ceremony. Us, our kids and grandkids are big Star War fans. What a blast! Darth Vader married us and he was perfect. Our teenagers were dressed as Princess Leia and Jedi’s, my new husband was a Jedi and I wore my oldest daughters wedding dress. Which had special meaning to me. We had a dinner reception and they offered us the Elvis and Priscilla room (previously a honeymoon suite) to dine in. Well of course we then had Elvis come up and sing for us. Our guests had no idea about our theme or Elvis and they loved it. Smiles and laughs from all. Elvis/Darth you are fantastic. We had 2 limos pick us all up at the hotel we were at, 15 of us total. I checked with the chapel and they advised it was fine to bring our own bottled water in the limo and chapel. When we arrived the front desk staff and our coordinator were all so kind. And it was smooth. I was in awe finally being there after watching previous live web cams of people being married there. Thank you Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for making my dreams of a Vegas wedding come true. We could not of asked for anything more. It was perfect.

So…Suit up, outer space fans! See you at the Starship Viva!

What to Expect at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Viva Las Vegas Wedding
The one that didn’t get away! Making sure your day is just right is important to us.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re always trying to produce the wedding of your dreams. We are absolutely ecstatic when we read some of our great wedding chapel reviews on Tripadvisor and other sites. But, sometimes couples make comments about things that were not quite right or that disappointed them in some way, and we try to learn from those and do better.

Little disappointments happen sometimes, though, and many seem to be when brides and grooms aren’t quite sure what to expect. We hope that if they know a little more in advance, they’ll be able to help us make their day even better by expressing concerns or asking questions.

Here are a few of the most common concerns, with suggestions to help with planning your perfect Las Vegas wedding.

1. Some couples find the ceremonies to be too short. Depending on the package you choose (and whether songs by Elvis or other performers are involved) your actual ceremony will run from eight to about 16 minutes. Your ceremony has a 30-minute time frame, but that includes your mini-rehearsal with your wedding coordinator, and a photo shoot afterward with our photographer. We do our best not to make you feel rushed. That’s usually not hard, since we have weddings down to a science and most run very smoothly. If you have a simple traditional ceremony, and you’d like it to be a little longer, feel free to read vows to each other, or add a candle lighting, song, or first dance. Our staff will be happy to discuss options with you ahead of time. On the whole, most couples are very happy with the time frame, especially…for some reason…the grooms. 😉

2. If your wedding will be seen streaming live online, be sure to tell your friends and family to call the chapel immediately if the streaming is not working. This is a rare mishap, but often easily corrected if there’s a problem. As we all know, technology can let us down sometimes, but we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

3. Most wedding packages include photography and some photos. Some pictures ceremony candids, some are formally posed in the chapel, and some are taken outside afterward. Flash photography is used for the most part, but our photographers vary it a little, sometimes using ambient/natural light. Visit our website and click on “order photos” to get an idea of what your pictures will be like. We are one of few chapels in Las Vegas that will allow your guests to take photos from their seats during the ceremony. But, for posed shots in the chapel after the wedding, our photographer has a private session and no other pictures may be taken. (Note: We also may be the only wedding chapel in Las Vegas where you can hire and bring in your own photographer instead of using our house photographer. There is a fee involved for this, though, since our own photographer will still be hard at work videotaping and running lights, music and sound for your wedding. Ask our friendly staff about bringing in your own photographer at the time you book your wedding.)

4. If your wedding package includes limousine service, it’s important to be on time meeting your “ride” at the designated spot outside your hotel. We try very hard to keep our weddings on time, especially when family and friends will be watching live on the internet, so punctuality is very important all along the line. For example, if your wedding time is 6pm, we need to have you there and ready to go by then, since it is more than likely that someone will be getting married at 6:30, too! Lateness causes some uncomfortable juggling, which we really try to avoid. That said, things do come up, but communication and timeliness are what we strive for. After all, it’s your wedding day!

Any other questions or concerns? Let us know how to help. 702-384-0771 We want you to feel confident ahead of time that your day will be just right, and your wedding uniquely YOU.

Get Married in Vegas, Baby! Austin Powers Themed Wedding at Viva Las Vegas

las vegas austin powers wedding
We won’t be expecting you or your guests to behave at our craziest themed wedding of all!

If you’re an Austin Powers fan, love the groovy retro 60’s vibe, and are thinking of getting married in Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas Weddings has the wedding package for you! Book our 60’s Themed Wedding and ask for our Austin Powers impersonator to be your wacky minister. This package includes everything, flowers, theatrical lighting and smoke effects, movie music, photo/DVD package, and even far out round-trip limo service to and from your hotel. Just show up in your most groove-a-delic 60’s finery, and invite your guests to time trip with you.

For more information on your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or any-other-decade wedding, visit:

If you want to go even wackier, add Elvis, Tom Jones or Marilyn impersonators to your Austin package, baby!
If you want to go even wackier, add Elvis, Tom Jones or Marilyn impersonators to your Austin package, baby!

For more info on a wedding that’s as unique as the two of you are, call us at 702-384-0771 or check out all of our themed, Elvis, and romantically traditional wedding packages at !