THE Most Expensive Wedding in Las Vegas (Sorry, NOT at Viva Las Vegas Weddings)

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We do host elegant weddings at Viva Las Vegas, but they are affordable—and fun!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we take pride in offering some of the most elegant, creative and affordable weddings in Las Vegas. Even our most elaborate wedding ceremonies–traditional, Elvis, or themed– won’t break your budget. That’s just one of many reasons for getting married in Las Vegas. Recently, though, we heard about a new wedding package at the Wynn resort hotel that will set you back $500,000! (How can we ever compete?) Holy cow! For about 1/1,000 of that price, we can offer you a gorgeous all-inclusive wedding package, and you can spend the savings on a couple of houses and a car…

Newlyweds Jennifer and David got married by Elvis and saved nearly half a million dollars!
Newlyweds Jennifer and David got married by Elvis and saved nearly half a million dollars!

Las Vegas is known for the over-the-top everything, and the Wynn’s amazingly pricey ceremony includes the wedding rings, a five-day party, and likely just about every kind of pampering they can dish out at one of Las Vegas’ most incredibly classy hotels. Well, we can’t compete. But, seriously, we probably won’t have to…

Don’t believe us? Check out this report on the Wynn’s new wedding extravaganza:

If you’re looking for a lavish Las Vegas wedding, there are many options at all the Strips mega-resorts. But we kinda like our options. For far less than their simplest weddings, you can upgrade any of our packages with JUST those features you want. You can even add a honeymoon suite at the Palms Resort and Casino to any of our wedding packages. You can add limo service (if it’s not already included in the package you pick out), or you can add a reception dinner with a choice of delectable gourmet menus. You can add live entertainment and dancing. You can add multiple Elvises! No matter what you include in your Viva Las Vegas Wedding, you’ll be saving a bundle, comparatively anyway.

Because we take pride in making all of our weddings beautiful and exceptional, from the most romantic to the most fun and quirky, we don’t want to say we’re “cheap.” But, well… Let’s just say affordable. Call us anytime to discuss. Or gossip. 🙂 1-702-384-0771