How to Change Your Name After Your Las Vegas Wedding

Names on the marquee after a Viva Las Vegas wedding...But the last names may be a-changin'
Names on the marquee after a Viva Las Vegas wedding…But the last names may be a-changin’ so here’s the scoop on that!
After officially getting married in Las Vegas, brides who decide to change their last names need to do a bit more paperwork once they’ve arrived back home. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got an easy to-do list which should make it a piece of (wedding) cake. (Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a marriage license with your new last name takes care of everything.) Here are the steps you need to follow in order to be legally Mrs. ________. (If you need instructions on how to get your marriage license in Las Vegas before the wedding, go to:

1. Change your Social Security card.
Visit the Social Security Administration’s website and fill out the application for a new Social Security card. Easy. Your number won’t change, just your name. It will take a few days to get your new card.

2. Change the name on your license at the DMV.
You’ll likely have to visit your Department of Motor Vehicles office in person to get a new license. Bring your old license, your certified marriage license and your new Social Security card.

3. Change your bank accounts to your new name.
Go into a branch location and be sure to take along your new driver’s license and your marriage license. You’ll want to order new checks and debit and credit cards while you’re at it. If you are subject to a lot of extra fees, this might be a good time to open an altogether new account in a new (fee-free) bank!

4. Miscellaneous name changes to make
Once you have your new social security card and driver’s license in your married name, all you need to do is figure out what other accounts need updating. Which ones that do may be unique to each person. Some changes can be made with a simple phone to the power company, etc., but other companies may ask for a copy of your marriage certificate or social security card. Most of the changes can be done as bills arrive in the mail– they’ll be reminders to you to make name changes. Most important of all,though, be sure to tell your employer for payroll purposes!


If this sounds like too much work, you can pay a small fee to companies you’ll find online (type in “Name Change Kit”) and you can do it all with only one form to fill out.

Best wishes to all the news Mrs.-es from Viva Las Vegas Weddings!