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Update: Same-Sex Marriage in Nevada/Las Vegas

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Here’s an update on the oral arguments heard this Monday regarding same-sex marriage in Nevada. While there’s no decision yet, many in attendance were cautiously optimistic that the ban will soon be overturned. And, it does seem that most folks think that would be the right thing to do. In 2013, a survey of Nevada voters indicated that most people favor amending the state constitution to provide for legal same-sex marriage. The results of the survey showed that 57 percent favored gay marriage, and 36 percent were opposed.

The panel of judges in the 9th District Court will probably rule later this year. The 9th circuit presides over nine Western states, and most legal experts expect the panel to support the dissolution of same-sex marriage bans. It’s thought that if the panel overturns the ban in Nevada, and if no stays are granted, it could be just weeks before same-sex weddings can be performed here in Las Vegas.

A statement released by the ACLU of Nevada said, “Same-sex couples choose to marry for the same reasons as opposite-sex couples: love, family, children, community, and sharing and spending their lives together as one. We are confident that the Ninth Circuit will uphold the rule of law and equal protection for the plaintiffs in Sevcik v Sandoval and all same-sex couples. The time has come to reverse Nevada’s discriminatory definition of marriage and live up to our moniker as the Marriage Capital of the World.”

We heartily agree. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we believe in marriage. Marriage strengthens the bond and commitment between people. And we see that as only a good thing.

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