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Renew Your Wedding Vows in Vegas with ALL Your Married Friends!

WEdding vow renewal with Elvis
The more the merrier when it comes to renewing your vows with Elvis in Las Vegas!

Want to renew your wedding vows in Las Vegas with all your friends there, to help celebrate? Wedding vow renewals are nearly as popular as first weddings here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. But, besides traditional wedding vow renewals, with just one bride and groom, many couples have re-tied the knot in multiples of three, four, or more couples, all lined up at the altar with Elvis. (Or, you might want Darth Vader, Tom Jones, or another wacky impersonator minister to sing to you and perform your mega-wedding-vow-renewal ceremony.)

There’s no better way to celebrate your love for your spouse and your love for your friends than a trip to Las Vegas to say “I Do.” We guarantee, it will be one of the most memorable trips of all your lives!

Choose from an Elvis ceremony, one of our wildly fun costumed and themed weddings, or even a romantic, traditional service. There’s a small upcharge for each additional couple, to cover extra flowers and photography. Our helpful and friendly staff can discuss all the details with you, either by phone or via online chat.

Viva Las Vegas chapel
Somehow we’ll get all the names on our marquee after your ceremony….

Some of Viva’s multiple-couple vow renewals that we’re still talking about are the ones where the couples dress up and get crazy. We’ve seen a huge line-up of Elvi and Priscilla’s at the altar, Elvi and Marilyn’s, and then there have been assorted casts of characters that defy description. Surprise us! (We also rent costumes, if that makes the whole thing easier for you.)

For more details, give us a call at 1-702-384-0771, or visit us at

If you’re going to renew your wedding vows in Vegas, consider going all out and bringing your other happily married friends along. You only live once, but you can get married lots of times! 🙂

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

wedding sale las vegas
Seasonal wedding specials at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Even though you’ll be saving buckets of money on a wedding in Las Vegas (compared to fancy church weddings back home), it never hurts to take advantage of a Las Vegas wedding special. After all, saving a little bit could buy your wedding night dinner! Here are a few of our Viva Las Vegas wedding specials that might do just that!

1. Get married on a weekday! On Themed Thursdays, you’ll save $50.00 on any of our themed wedding packages, including Elvis Blue Hawaii, Gangster, Camelot, Egyptian, James Bond, Bluez Brothers, or any of our seemingly limitless selection of fun and crazy themed weddings. All include round-trip limousine service, theatrical fog and lighting, and exciting music, costumes and characters. (You can dress up, too, of course.)

2. Are you a veteran or are you currently in the military? We’ll pay your minister’s fee–that’s a $60.00 savings. We want to do a little something to honor your service, and your special wedding day. Let us know at the time of your booking, and we’ll be proud to give the discount to our betrothed servicemen and women.

3. Frightening Fridays in October will save you $25.00 off our Halloween-themed weddings regularly priced at $475.00 or more. See website for more details on our Gothic, Dracula, Zombie and Grim Reaper weddings, complete with cemetery setting and your monstrous minister emerging from a coffin. Yikes. Check out all of our creepy but unique wedding options for October, below:

4. Arriving in Vegas by car? Go to our homepage and click on “Free Gas!” on the left to find out how to get a $50.00 gasoline gift card. It should help get you home after your fantastic wedding and honeymoon!

5. Fan of the Phantom? On Fridays you can choose our Phantom of the Opera wedding package at a $50.00 savings off regular price. You’ll have fog, opera singers, thrilling music and the most romantic Broadway-style wedding ever. Limo and organ loft included.

For more info on these and other specials, visit us at, chat online or call us at 1-702-384-0771.

Unique Las Vegas Wedding with Elvis and Great Gatsby Style!

Elvis Wedding in Las Vegas with Gatsby theme
Melany and Nathan’s one-of-a-kind Elvis/Gatsby wedding with a pink Cadillac entrance

Even though Viva Las Vegas weddings already offers the most unique wedding packages in Las Vegas, we’re always delighted by the innovative wedding ideas our couples bring to the…altar. Melany and Nathan came all the way from Australia this weekend with friends and family in tow, all dressed to the nines in fabulous Great Gatsby era finery. Of course, they ordered up an Elvis wedding, a pink Cadillac entrance down the aisle, and a hula girl to dance to the Hawaiian Wedding song in the chapel filled with tropical mist. Wow. And why not?

According to Mel, “After nine years of time together, (we) thought it might be a good idea to cement (our) wonderful relationship with a Gatsby style wedding complete with a very un-Gatsby Elvis style wedding in Vegas. Viva Las Vegas looked like the best of the best when it comes to really kooky and fun elvis ceremonies, so here we are. A very unusual and memorable way to confirm the unusual and memorable relationship that Nathan and I have so much enjoyed sharing together. We hope that all of our friends and family are able to enjoy sharing this moment with us, and look forward to spending more great times with all of you in the future.” And, friends and family who couldn’t be in Las Vegas WERE able to share on our live streaming feed direct from the chapel.

Right now, Viva Las Vegas weddings is having one of our wild and crazy add-on specials. Upgrade any of our Elvis, themed, or traditional weddings by adding a be-feathered Las Vegas Showgirl, a shirtless and hunky Chippendale dude, or a Hawaiian hula girl to dance to Elvis’s rendition of the Hawaiian Wedding Song for only $100. Or? We take requests and will customize your wedding so that it reflects YOUR unusual and memorable relationship.

Best wishes for happiness always to Melany and Nathan. They’re now off to San Francisco to wow folks in another of the most romantic cities in the States. We hope they’ll strut their Gatsby duds once again in the City by the Bay!

For questions and answers about your custom Las Vegas wedding, visit us at:

Get Your Las Vegas Elvis Souvenirs Here!

Elvis gifts and souvenirs
An Elvis wedding deserves some kitschy Elvis memorabilia for bride, groom and guests. We’ve got you covered!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, it’s a piece of cake to be married by Elvis in a fun and fabulous ceremony chosen from our many all-inclusive Elvis wedding packages. And whether you’re the happy couple or their wedding guests, a souvenir of your Elvis wedding in Vegas is a great memento. You’ll want something to remember the special occasion by, apart from your spouse, that is. We make it easy, too! You can shop online ahead of time, or visit our Elvis memorabilia shop in the lobby when you arrive.

For guests or friends and family back home, you can purchase a unique gift for the couple, online, ahead of time, and we’ll be happy to present it to them with your best wishes when they arrive for their wedding. That’s a little surprise from you they will never forget!

Check out our online gift shop. Remember if you are wedding-gifting, you can arrange to buy the couple a DVD of their ceremony, toasting glasses, champagne, a mini wedding-cake to-go, or even shiny gold or silver Elvis shades for their post-wedding photos!

elvis plate

Stop in to browse on your way downtown to the Marriage Bureau for your license. Mornings are often a quiet time to pop in and see the chapel and our gift shop. You can ask any last-minute questions and be reassured that every detail is ready for a perfect wedding day in Las Vegas. And, you can pick up that Elvis t-shirt!

Getting Married in Our Retro 50’s Diner with Elvis

Diner Elvis wedding
Elvis marries you near the jukebox in our one-of-a-kind Doo Wop Diner wedding package!

What’s the most affordable and fun way to get married in Las Vegas? We may be biased, but we think getting married with Elvis in our Doo Wop Diner is hard to beat. Packages start at around $300, including Elvis singing and performing your ceremony, basic flower and photo packages, your own personal wedding coordinator and wedding invitation/website…We’ve even got live streaming webcam coverage available for friends and family back home who can’t attend in person. Best of all, you can upgrade any aspect of your package to create the wedding that really says YOU. You can’t find a more unique Elvis wedding venue in Las Vegas!

Diner wedding in Vegas
Our 50s diner has an aisle for the bride to make her entrance…between the soda counter and the camp decor! Sliders and ice cream soda reception optional….

Our Doo Wop diner is full of 50’s memorabilia, and many couples arrive dressed reminiscent of the era. (Break out those saddle oxfords and poodle skirts!) We arrange all the stools, chairs and tables so that guests have a great view as the bride strolls down the aisle between soda counter and authentic decor. Add Marilyn or Priscilla (or come dressed that way yourself), or request extra songs or music to customize your nuptials. There is a small up-charge for each extra, just ask for a quote. An intimate diner-style reception is available as an upgrade to your package, or you can add a simple champagne toast with cake, if you like.

Kiki and Joffrey of Los Angeles chose to marry in the Doo Wop Diner ceremony over the weekend. According to them, “We wanted to have a moment of fun, an out of the box and non-traditional ceremony between us. We both are ready to share the rest of our lives together and commit to building a strong family one step at a time. We both love being in love and celebrating every moment of every day together.” We just know their Elvis ceremony in the diner started their marriage off in the spirit of great love, fun and celebration. Best wishes for all your days ahead, Kiki and Joffrey!

elvis diner wedding in vegas
Do it in the Doo Wop Diner, as Kiki and Joffrey did just this past weekend!

More info? Visit us at, where you can chat online with a friendly staff member, or call us at 1-702-384-0771.

Update: Same-Sex Marriage in Nevada/Las Vegas

Elvis weddings Las Vegas
We hope one day soon to kick up our heels with Elvis at EVERYONE’s legal Viva Las Vegas wedding!

Here’s an update on the oral arguments heard this Monday regarding same-sex marriage in Nevada. While there’s no decision yet, many in attendance were cautiously optimistic that the ban will soon be overturned. And, it does seem that most folks think that would be the right thing to do. In 2013, a survey of Nevada voters indicated that most people favor amending the state constitution to provide for legal same-sex marriage. The results of the survey showed that 57 percent favored gay marriage, and 36 percent were opposed.

The panel of judges in the 9th District Court will probably rule later this year. The 9th circuit presides over nine Western states, and most legal experts expect the panel to support the dissolution of same-sex marriage bans. It’s thought that if the panel overturns the ban in Nevada, and if no stays are granted, it could be just weeks before same-sex weddings can be performed here in Las Vegas.

A statement released by the ACLU of Nevada said, “Same-sex couples choose to marry for the same reasons as opposite-sex couples: love, family, children, community, and sharing and spending their lives together as one. We are confident that the Ninth Circuit will uphold the rule of law and equal protection for the plaintiffs in Sevcik v Sandoval and all same-sex couples. The time has come to reverse Nevada’s discriminatory definition of marriage and live up to our moniker as the Marriage Capital of the World.”

We heartily agree. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we believe in marriage. Marriage strengthens the bond and commitment between people. And we see that as only a good thing.

Fun Elvis Wedding in Vegas
Our very own Roland as Elvis clowning around with a bridesmaid this week