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Famous Couples Married in Las Vegas Part 2

Celebrity weddings in Las Vegas
We’ve had a few “celebrity weddings” at Viva Las Vegas, including one to a cardboard groom—Edward!

These days, not only movie stars, but rock and sports stars, too, make Las Vegas their celebrity wedding destination. Here’s the gossip on a few more celebrity weddings in Las Vegas:

In 1987, Bruce Willis married Demi Moore in a private suite at the Golden Nugget, one of downtown’s glitziest hotels. Thirteen years and three daughters later, they called it quits. Moore remarried (Ashton Kutcher) in 2005 (not in Las Vegas)–and we all know how that turned out… And, BTW, Ashton Kutcher visited Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with the late Brittany Murphy in 2003 to promote their movie, Just Married.

Mega rock star Jon Bon Jovi married Dorothea Hurley, his high school sweetheart, in 1989 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. They both wore jeans and leather jackets and had their cab driver as the only witness. The couple now has four children. Thank goodness some famous folks who marry in Vegas manage to make love last!

Basketball giants Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman were both married in Vegas, Jordan at the Little White Wedding Chapel, and Rodman at The Little Chapel of the Flowers, both right down the street from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Rodman’s marriage to Baywatch actress Carmen Electra in 1998 didn’t last more than a year. Sadly, Jordan didn’t fare much better with his vows.


The unusual pairing of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton took place at the Little Church of the West on May 5, 2000. Since the split, just three years later, Jolie has had her “Billy Bob” tattoo on her arm (mostly) removed. Those two also wore jeans to their wedding, and wore vials of each other’s blood to boot. Turns out, that kind of commitment wasn’t the ticket. We are happy Jolie has found happiness today with Brad Pitt. (Jolie has also visited Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, as a guest. Her gorgeous photo graces our lobby!)

And who can forget the 55 hours that Britney Spears was married to childhood friend, Jason Alexander? They did the crazy-Vegas-movie thing, overdoing New Year’s in 2004 and getting hitched at A Little White Wedding Chapel. They filed for annulment the very next day. Like you do.

What’s the moral of all this Las Vegas wedding chaos? Your odds of a happy marriage, as a “regular” person in love, are likely WAY better than most celebrity couples. If you’re serious about marriage, but want to have a fun, unique and still romantic ceremony in Las Vegas, visit us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. It’s where couples return again and again. to renew vows with the SAME person! 🙂

Famous Couples Married in Las Vegas (Part 1: Classic Couples)

Viva Las Vegas weddings
Las Vegas Weddings….Not just for the rich and famous, but for couples in love!

Las Vegas, known as the entertainment AND wedding capital of the world, issues more than 100,000 marriage licenses every year. Most of these marriages involve your “average” loving couple, but many famous celebrities have tied the knot here over the years, too.

Sadly–and it’s no surprise (judging from tabloid news)— celebrity Vegas weddings seem less likely to “stick” than the “average” ones. The evidence is written in movie star history. Take for example Mickey Rooney, who got married to Ava Gardner in January of 1942 at The Little Church of the West. Even though their marriage only lasted a couple of years, Rooney returned to marry seven other brides (one at a time) at the same chapel. You’d think he might have switched it up a little, choosing a different venue for every bride…?

…No disrespect intended to any other chapel, but THAT’S a good reason to choose Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for your vows…No bad Rooney wedding karma! In fact, we are rather proud to say that after 16 years of doing weddings at Viva Las Vegas, we’ve actually had many couples return to renew their vows in five, ten, or fifteen years with us. One day two weeks ago, a Viva Las Vegas first, EVERY ceremony held at the chapel was a wedding vow RENEWAL! Go, MARRIAGE!

More movie star weddings: At age 50, Frank Sinatra married the barely-legal Mia Farrow in Las Vegas 1966. That marriage broke up fairly quickly after Farrow didn’t show up on the set for a movie Sinatra had lined up, starring her. (Apparently, the filming of Rosemary’s Baby ran long. And, presumably, that’s the reason divorce ensued…Sinatra must have really been mad…)

Movie legends Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward fared better. They were wed in January of 1958 at the El Rancho Hotel and Casino. Their marriage was a shining example for Hollywood, and the two remained married until Newman’s death in 2008.

Las Vegas wedding flowers
Apparently some wedding bouquets last longer than celebrity Vegas weddings….sigh….

Probably the most high-profile wedding in the history of Las Vegas was the marriage of Elvis Presley (then 32) and 21-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. The ceremony took place at the Aladdin Hotel (now Planet Hollywood) on May 1, 1967. The wedding itself was quite intimate with close family and friends, but a huge reception banquet followed. Here at Viva Las Vegas, we see plenty of re-enactments of the Elvis and Priscilla wedding–and we even rent the costumes! Check out all of our fun Elvis wedding packages at

Later in the week: More recent celebrity weddings in Las Vegas. Some hits, a few flops…

Craziest Las Vegas Weddings We’ve Ever Seen!

Las Vegas ZZ Top Wedding
It’s gonna be hard to “top: the ZZ Top wedding!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re ALWAYS being asked about the craziest Vegas wedding we’ve ever seen. Where do we begin? There have been SO many!

Usually the couples doing the asking are having a fairly “normal” traditional or Elvis wedding at the time. The really “crazy” folks generally don’t seem all that phased by their wacky ceremony/minister/guests. An over-the-top costumed wedding fits right in with their spectacularly fun-loving lives.

Unique Vegas weddings that have made a huge impact are the ones that go heavy on the costumes. We loved the ZZ Top wedding, seen above, custom-ordered for a “Billy Gibbons”-style minister, with a procession of ZZ Tops going down the aisle before the bride.

Then there was the Viking wedding. Helmets and horns everywhere. (Big fans of the Capital One Venture card?) While we DO rent costumes, if you’ve got A LOT of wedding guests dressing up, you’re on your own. Good luck checking bags! 🙂

Of course, since we do a lot of Elvis weddings here, we’ve often seen a whole chapel filled with Elvi. THAT makes for some AMAZING wedding pics!

Zombie Elvis wedding
Getting married by Zombie Elvis is definitely NOT a drag…

We should mention the Intergalactic Wedding conducted by Darth Vader, with dozens of guests all dressed as their favorite sci-fi characters. Here at Viva Las Vegas, every day is Halloween! In fact, we’re doing Zombie Elvis weddings year ’round. There’s nothing quite like a parade of zombie bridesmaids going down the aisle…

Feel free to borrow from the craziest wedding ideas ever, or just surprise us. A call to one of our creative wedding planners is all you need to come up with a wild and crazy wedding package that’s just right for you! Viva Las Vegas Weddings, 1-702-384-0771 Or check out our more “sedate” Elvis, themed and traditional wedding packages at

Top 10 “Celebrities” to Attend Your Las Vegas Wedding

Elvis wedding in Vegas
Corey and Glenn went all out for their 10th anniversary celebration with us!

Elvis AND Priscilla at your Las Vegas wedding? That special request poses no problem at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! Corey and Glenn of Los Angeles renewed their vows with Elvis this week (in honor of their 10th anniversary) by blowing into the chapel with Elvis and Priscilla in their vintage 1964 pink Caddy convertible. THAT’S the way to make an entrance!

The ceremony was a complete surprise for Glenn. (We love it when husbands or wives plan a special surprise for each other after years of marriage.) Corey was dressed all in pink and carried a bouquet of pink roses, which, by the way, is a great look with the pink car!

Viva Las Vegas wedding couple and family
Corey and Glenn included this GREAT family photo on their Viva Las Vegas wedding website. It’s the spot where friends and family can see photos and watch your ceremony live online.

You, too, can add a special character or two to make your wedding or wedding vow renewal more “you.” ‘Pretty sure it will make your ceremony a sensation with family and friends, either in person or watching cross-country on our live webcam. We can add characters from your favorite TV show, movie or rock band.

“Load” your Pink Cadillac with any of our top impersonators, below….or just ask for a favorite and we’ll see what we can do. Give one of our wedding coordinators a call to customize your Elvis or themed wedding package. (Viva Las Vegas Weddings: 702-384-0771) It’s okay to go as crazy as you want for a wedding vow renewal or even a REAL wedding. After all, it’s Las Vegas! We guarantee no one will ever forget YOUR spectacular night! (If you want your “add-on” celebrity to perform a song in addition to Elvis’s, there’ll be a bit more of an up-charge for that, above and beyond just the usual “wedding attendant” duties.) 🙂

Top 10 Celebrity Impersonators for your Las Vegas wedding (with or without Elvis, with or without Pink Cadillac wedding entrance):

1. Priscilla
2. Marilyn Monroe
3. Tom Jones
4. Michael Jackson
5. Tina Turner
6. Alice Cooper
7. Aretha Franklin
8. Steven Tyler
9. Billy Idol
10. Cher

Or, surprise US with your special request. We love that sort of thing!!!!

Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Minister–Before He Was Elvis!

Brian as Elvis
Viva Las Vegas’s own Brian Mills sported this’do’ for more than just portraying Elvis in Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel general manager Brian Mills will be recognized by many of our married couples as “Elvis” (or a Godfather, Beatle, Pharoah, Starship Captain….). But Brian wore that Elvis look even before he was marrying folks in Vegas. Here we provide hard evidence of his former pompadour hairstyle, worn playing Danny on the European tour of the musical, Grease!

Check out the video, below, of Brian singing “Sandy” in Austria.


Before he was Elvis, Brian also performed as a principal singer on the Las Vegas Strip at the Tropicana Hotel’s world-famous Folies Bergere. In fact, every Elvis who’s marrying couples at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel was once a star on the Strip, Broadway, and in shows around the world. Just another great reason for choosing the Best Wedding Chapel in Nevada!

Elvis Wedding in Vegas? Super-size It!

Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding
Angela and Kirk,
married July 31 at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Even from across the pond, you can arrange a really BIG Elvis wedding in Las Vegas. Your Viva Las Vegas wedding can be viewed live worldwide, but WHO DOESN’T want to fly to Vegas to celebrate your marriage with Elvis? (And the party doesn’t end with the ceremony, since everyone keeps right on celebrating everywhere on The Strip.) Angela and Kirk, all the way from the UK, recently filled a limousine bus with guests for their Elvis wedding with Pink Cadillac entrance.

wedding limo bus las vegas
Guests were transported in a limousine bus for “Goin’ to the Chapel of Love”

Asked how they decided on a Las Vegas wedding, Angela and Kirk replied, ” WE didn’t. Angie just told Kirk!” To be fair, they had both talked about how cool it would be. And as is often the case, the idea begins to sound better and better the more couples think about it.

Kirk and Angela had met in Sainsbury’s supermarket in England, according to their romantic story on their personal Viva Las Vegas wedding website. (We always like to read how couples meet and how the proposal went. We love that stuff!)

For the ceremony, Angela made a stunning bride, dressed all in white with rhinestone accessories—belt, hair clip, handbag, headband—even her SHOES were covered in rhinestones! The guests were a lively bunch. All were dancing in the aisles by the end for Elvis’s rendition of Viva Las Vegas. Have a look at their amazing ceremony, seen at the link below, or skip forward to the dancing at the end. This is the way to get hitched!

Names on Marquee on The Strip after wedding
Elvis checking out Angela and Kirk’s names on our Strip marquee after the ceremony

Only at Viva Las Vegas–after our Elvis, themed and traditional weddings— the names of the bride and groom appear on our marquee, right on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. It’s the best photo op of all, and guests are welcome to take photos of you two lovebirds. Now that’s the way to super-size your wedding. Viva Las Vegas!