Best Las Vegas Gladiator Themed Wedding Ever!

Gladiator Wedding Vegas
Megghan and Tim, self-described “geeks,” wed in Vegas this week, costumed as warriors in our Gladiator Themed Wedding

This week was full of amazing Vegas themed weddings! There was the incredible Old School Hip Hop Wedding with dancing in the aisle after the ceremony. Before that, the wedding with all four “Beatles.” And, topping off a blast of a week for us here, Megghan and Tim lived out their “geekiest” fantasy with a Gladiator Themed wedding. The whole ceremony was streamed live to friends and family all over– since these “blissfully happy warriors” had an intimate, private wedding for just the two of them– plus their sword-bearing gladiator groomsman.

The couple came dressed in full, and very impressive, gladiator regalia. (Note: We also rent costumes for any of our themed weddings here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. In case you don’t want to carry full armor and weaponry on the plane.) Megghan carried a bouquet of black roses, and the chapel was filled with smoke and pulsing strains of gladiator battle music. Our own Seanus Maximus conducted the ceremony in his deep, boom-y voice. But the bride and groom also exchanged special vows they’d prepared for each other. Tim concluded his vows with, “It’s dangerous out there. I don’t want to go alone. Will you go with me?” Awwww…We thought that was cute. 🙂

Touchingly, Megghan’s ring was a gorgeous custom Legend of Zelda ring, after her favorite game. We love it when everything to do with a wedding is VERY personalized.

Gladiator Wedding in Vegas
Another couple exchanging vows at their Gladiator Themed Vegas Wedding

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Best wishes to Megghan and Tim for a lifetime of doing battle together, but only with outside forces, never each other!