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Most Affordable (and Secluded) Honeymoon Spots Near Las Vegas

mountain honeymoon near las vegas
A cool mountain retreat (and ski lodge) is less than an hour’s drive from Vegas!
Image courtesy of EA /

Las Vegas offers as many unique honeymoon options as there are weddings at our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! With all the glitz, glamour and excitement of The Strip, romance and fun is built in to every resort. But what if you’d like a different sort of honeymoon destination, one with solitude, scenery and time to be alone? Within an hour or two by car, you can find gorgeous escapes, with unique things to do after your fabulous Vegas-style wedding!

Only a 35-minute drive away, you’ll find the fabulous Mt. Charleston Lodge, located at over 7,000 feet. They offer private cabins with jacuzzi tubs, hiking, skiing, and fine dining, too! You’ll feel like you’re in the Alps instead of an hour from Las Vegas nightlife! You can even order a picnic basket and enjoy live entertainment on weekends. Perfect! Explore at:

Valley of Fire Nevada
Valley of Fire, Nevada, on your way to the glorious Zion National Park and Cedar Breaks Image courtesy of Boaz Yiftach /

Spectacular scenery and even world-class theater are less than a three-hour drive north of Las Vegas. Zion National Park is known for its fall colors and relative solitude in winter time. You can stay at the historic Zion Lodge deep in the heart of the canyon. You’ll experience elegant cuisine and the most beautiful night skies on the planet. Or, stay just outside the park in Springdale, Utah, where you’ll find wonderfully quaint lodging, shops and eateries. Click on a few examples, and check out the incredible photos on these sites:

Near Zion is Cedar City, Cedar Breaks National Monument and the famous Brian Head ski resort. Cedar City boasts the nationally acclaimed, Tony Award Winning Utah Shakespeare Festival through summer and fall every year. Nine or more plays are presented in daily rotations in two theaters—not just Shakespeare, but other popular theatrical favorites and musicals, too. One theater is an outdoor replica of the Old Globe. There, you can eat English pastries and watch plays under the stars with cedar trees at your back. Check for information on the plays and all the lovely hotels and bed and breakfasts where you can stay inexpensively during your honeymoon visit.

Cedar City is nestled at the foot of Brian Head and Cedar Breaks, a magical drive with sights rivaling the Grand Canyon, just on a smaller, lesser-known scale. You’ll find lots of hiking, biking and outdoor adventure in Utah. It’s a great way to start your new marriage out on the right foot. Then, it’s back to Vegas and civilization, for one more dose of excitement before concluding your fabulous Las Vegas wedding trip!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ll help you with all your wedding plans, and recommend things nearby. Because some of our couples have their OWN honeymoon ideas in mind. 🙂

Best Spots in Las Vegas: Andrew McCarthy Picks Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel as a Top Spot!

See the video over at Huffington Post - Andrew McCarthy Visits Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Andrew McCarthy Visits Viva Las Vegas Weddings

We are absolutely thrilled that Andrew McCarthy included Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel among the best places to visit (or to get married!)in Las Vegas. What an honor! This fantastic video features chapel owner Ron Decar as Elvis, along with a chapel full of partying wedding guests. (See the link, below.)

The video tour includes the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a “backstage” tour of the Bellagio fountains, the new High Roller observation wheel–with a view of The Strip from 550 feet– as well as our own Viva Las Vegas Chapel. McCarthy even visits one of the most incredible buffet spreads in the world!

We’d like to extend our thanks to Andrew McCarthy for giving us the nod, as well as to all our great brides, grooms and all their friends and family members. You’ve given us such shining reviews on Yahoo, Yelp, Tripadvisor and everywhere else we’ve looked. It makes us SO happy to make you happy, and we’ve learned a lot from your insightful comments. We promise to continue our efforts to make every wedding as perfect for each couple as possible. We want to earn our place as YOUR top spot in Las Vegas!

Have fun watching this short video. Let us know what you think of Andrew McCarthy’s picks for your next visit to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!

See the video over at Huffington PostMcCarthy Bets On The Best Spots In Las Vegas


Top Five Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Viva Las Vegas WEddings main chapel
Our elegant Main Chapel, perfect for your traditional or themed wedding ceremony…But feel free to invite Elvis to be your minister!

We think it goes without saying, Viva Las Vegas Weddings has the five best wedding chapels in Vegas! Even though we offer MORE than five venues here on site, here are our most-beloved, and most popular wedding chapels. Our Main Chapel, above, is the one where all of our themed weddings take place. (Most of our traditional weddings, too.) It’s elegant yet inviting, boasting state-of-the-art sound, lighting and theatrical effects (for those wild and crazy themed weddings). It’s also where the Pink Caddy comes cruising down the aisle with Elvis chauffeuring the happy couple right up to the altar–if you’re into that sort of thing….

Vegas outdoor weddings
Viva Las Vegas Garden Chapel, softly lit by night, lush and green in filtered daylight.

Our larger outdoor Las Vegas weddings take place in our romantically picturesque Garden Chapel. You may choose a traditional minister or Elvis to do your rites. You also choose a daytime or evening wedding time, depending on the mood you’re after. We do all the rest!

Outdoor Vegas Weddings
Go for the Gazebo for a simple, old fashioned outdoor wedding ceremony in Las Vegas!

Our Gazebo Chapel is popular for sweet and intimate vows. You can still stream your wedding live online via our Gazebo webcam, too! We offer daytime and evening packages year ’round.

50's Diner WEdding chapel in Las Vegas
Do it in our circa 1950’s Diner with Elvis, Marilyn, or….? Poodle skirt optional.

For a uniquely fun and camp wedding setting, try our Doo Wop Diner. Elvis serves as minister, or choose from an array of characters or pop singer impersonators to do the honors. We can stream your ceremony live on the Internet, and you’ll see your names in lights on the Strip afterward. We even offer Doo Wop Diner mini-receptions afterward— with sliders, hot dogs, and root beer floats for you and your guests!

Viva Las Vegas Event Center dinner receptioons
For large weddings and receptions, there is no more stunning a venue to show off a bride (and to celebrate afterward) than in our Viva Las Vegas Event Center

If you are thinking of a large traditional affair, check out our new Viva Las Vegas Event Center. Your wedding and reception dinner take place in the grandest of ballrooms, complete with the assistance of our gourmet chef and master cake baker, and our Old Vegas vintage Vegas cocktail bar. Select from a wide variety of menus and entertainment options. We do it all, right here, at Viva Las Vegas!

For information on these chapels and all of our amazingly varied and all-inclusive wedding packages, visit us at:

Best Las Vegas Gladiator Themed Wedding Ever!

Gladiator Wedding Vegas
Megghan and Tim, self-described “geeks,” wed in Vegas this week, costumed as warriors in our Gladiator Themed Wedding

This week was full of amazing Vegas themed weddings! There was the incredible Old School Hip Hop Wedding with dancing in the aisle after the ceremony. Before that, the wedding with all four “Beatles.” And, topping off a blast of a week for us here, Megghan and Tim lived out their “geekiest” fantasy with a Gladiator Themed wedding. The whole ceremony was streamed live to friends and family all over– since these “blissfully happy warriors” had an intimate, private wedding for just the two of them– plus their sword-bearing gladiator groomsman.

The couple came dressed in full, and very impressive, gladiator regalia. (Note: We also rent costumes for any of our themed weddings here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. In case you don’t want to carry full armor and weaponry on the plane.) Megghan carried a bouquet of black roses, and the chapel was filled with smoke and pulsing strains of gladiator battle music. Our own Seanus Maximus conducted the ceremony in his deep, boom-y voice. But the bride and groom also exchanged special vows they’d prepared for each other. Tim concluded his vows with, “It’s dangerous out there. I don’t want to go alone. Will you go with me?” Awwww…We thought that was cute. 🙂

Touchingly, Megghan’s ring was a gorgeous custom Legend of Zelda ring, after her favorite game. We love it when everything to do with a wedding is VERY personalized.

Gladiator Wedding in Vegas
Another couple exchanging vows at their Gladiator Themed Vegas Wedding

For more information on our Gladiator Wedding package, visit us at:

Best wishes to Megghan and Tim for a lifetime of doing battle together, but only with outside forces, never each other!

Aussies Get Married by Elvis in Las Vegas, Bring Two Dozen Guests!

Aussie Elvis Wedding in Vegas
Kandi and Dale came all the way from Down Under with a chapel full of friends and family members for their Elvis Pink Caddy wedding

The Viva Las Vegas chapel was rockin’ out this week with 26 Australians who had traveled halfway around the world to witness the Elvis wedding of Kandi and Dale. They were a happy, rowdy bunch, screaming in delight as the beautiful bride and her three gorgeous bridesmaids (in spectacularly stylish black dresses) cruised down the aisle will Elvis in his ’64 Pink Cadillac convertible. (And we know THAT made an impression on all their friends Down Under, watching the ceremony streaming live via the Internet!)

For them, the Caddy ride was the shortest part of the wedding journey so far. According to members of the group, after arriving from Australia, everyone spent some time exploring the States (in smaller groups). Some took in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Others were even planning to travel to New York City and Canada before returning to Australia.

Clearly, this lively wedding party had discovered that one of the nicest aspects about getting married in Las Vegas is that Vegas is VERY well equipped for a GREAT honeymoon stay, or as a taking-off point for several National Parks or major cities. FYI for our foreign wedding couples, they told us that customs at Las Vegas’s brand new International Airport Terminal was a breeze, and besides the ease of that, Strip hotels are just a short two to three miles away, once you’ve landed.

Pink Caddy wedding with Elvis
Kandi, you go, girl! Magnificent tatt! (We wonder if Kandi planned the pink bouquet to match the pink Caddy….)

Everyone celebrated with a champagne and cake toast in our 50’s Doo Wop diner after the ceremony. The couple’s Viva Las Vegas Weddings website announced a dinner for all later in a popular Vegas restaurant. Lots of planning went into this delightful wedding celebration, and we were honored to play a part in it. Best wishes for continued happiness to Kandi and Dale and all their fun and fabulous friends and family!

5 Best Tips for Writing Wedding Vows for Your Renewal ( Elvis Renewals in Vegas, Too!)

WEdding Renewal in Vegas
Alcinda and Luis renewed their vows this week with Elvis after 25+1 years of happy marriage! Here are few more tales about happy renewals!

A few days ago at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, a sweet and stunning couple renewed their wedding vows after 21 years of marriage. With only their two young children present, and everyone in costume, they had a fun and fabulous space-themed wedding. The best part? The absolutely beautiful wedding vows they’d written to speak to each other. Although we hadn’t met the couple until their ceremony day, we were all wiping away tears as if we were close family members.

This summer, the amazing number wedding vow renewals at Viva Las Vegas Weddings has almost equalled the number of first weddings. (It’s truly heartening that we’ve seen MANY 25th anniversary Elvis weddings, with clearly-still-in-love couples exchanging wedding vows all over again after decades together.) Some couples have strolled down the aisle to exchange their wedding vows a third or even fourth time with us! But how do those vows compare to their first wedding vows?

Whether it’s a traditional second wedding, or a fun Elvis wedding vow renewal, couples most often choose to repeat the vows delivered by Elvis or a “reaL’ minister. In very special cases, couples include their very own handwritten wedding vows as well.

What about the vows moved us to tears this week? Here are a few things we’ll share, the tips that made these vows so touching and meaningful. And remember, just the fact that you wrote them yourselves, the fact that they come from the heart, will be the most endearing element.

1. Include something about your first wedding, and what your vows meant to you back then. Or, you might refer to something uniquely personal or funny that happened on your wedding day, way back when. It’s a good way to begin your vows.

2. Write about what you’ve learned over the years about the other person, and your unique dynamic as a couple. What has made you grow closer? What about your mate has made your love endure? Be as specific as you can, even if it’s about how they always fill up your gas tank for you every time it gets low. You might also consider listing a few of your favorite, quirky things that your partner does, however small.

3. Make a few specific new promises that will have meaning to your spouse. For example, “I promise to let you be your own person, Whenever we don’t share an interest in something, I promise to support YOUR interest and be your biggest cheerleader.” Or even, “I promise to greet you when you come home from work, and stop everything for even just a few seconds to let you know that you bring me joy whenever you enter the house.” That sort of thing.

4. Talk a little about the future, your hopes for the coming years together.

5. Finish with a few words about why you’ve chosen to renew your vows on this day. (Here would be the place to pop out a new ring or some surprise memento of the occasion, or even an old photo of your first wedding day in a tiny new frame or locket….Not necessary, but great if you are the sentimental and creative type!)

Remember, your own vows are optional. Elvis (or your friendly wedding minister) has got you covered, either way. At Viva Las Vegas we LOVE weddings, but the incredible wedding vow renewals we see and are moved by each day have a special place in our hearts! Come see us, again! And best wishes to Alcinda and Luis, and all of our July wedding renewal couples. It’s been a record month for eternal love!

Vegas Wedding couple
As Elvis would say, “Still a smokin’ hot couple!”