Elvis Wedding AND Cross Country Tour! From Down Under to VEGAS, Baby!

Elvis Australian wedding couple
Tom and Silvia stop in for a wedding vow renewal, on their way to San Francisco and HAWAII!

The only thing better than renewing your wedding vows in Las Vegas with Elvis is doing it while you’re on a tour around the world. Silvia and hubby Tom were re-united in matrimony this week, traveling all the way from Australia to do it. They’ve been in the States since April, visiting nearly every part of the the country, with a focus on National Parks—including the Grand Canyon and their very favorite, Yellowstone National Park.

This year the two are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary, so they’re pulling out all the stops on their first trip to the U. S. Friends and family from around the world were able to watch their incredibly fun Elvis wedding via the chapel’s webcam. The ceremony included Elvis singing The Hawaiian Wedding Song, complete with foggy beach(Yes, we have special effects!) and a dancing hula girl. That was particularly fitting, since their next stop will be San Francisco, on the way to a REAL tropical paradise, Hawaii. Can we just say, “ENVY!!!”

Tom And Silvia of Australia at their Vegas wedding with Elvis
What began with a parking ticket, ended up in 18 years of happy marriage!

Silvia met Tom under the (seemingly) unfortunate circumstances of giving him a parking ticket. That just goes to show how strong their chemistry was; obviously, Tom didn’t hold it against her. Silvia said, “You just know when there’s something about a person…” Seeing Tom and Silvia together, we just know they have many years of joy and love ahead of them. Enjoy those sunny Hawaiian beaches, and may all your memories of your U. S. tour be filled with happiness!