Blues Brothers Tribute Wedding in Vegas—WITH ELVIS!

Blues Brothers wedding in Vegas
Pull out all the stops for your Blues Brothers themed wedding—add Elvis!

Not having an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas? For couples who choose to have a traditional wedding at Viva Las Vegas, or even for couples who opt for one of our wild and wacky themed weddings, consider adding Elvis to your wedding package. He can pop in for a surprise rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” to conclude your formal ceremony in high spirits. Or, you can include Elvis simply to add to the crazy fun of one of our costumed themed weddings.

Elvis has appeared in space in our Intergalactic weddings, has rocked out next to Merlin the Magician at our Camelot themed wedding, and he’s even sung along the Nile with for our Egyptian wedding package. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can have it your way, just like the hamburger place down the street!

Have a look at this “Bluez Brothers” plus Elvis wedding we found on YouTube. (The sound and video quality are not the best, but wow, does this look like a GREAT and unforgettable wedding celebration!)


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