Actor Andrew McCarthy Visits Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Andrew McCarthy in Las Vegas
Andrew McCarthy and Viva photographer, Maria (who’s crushed on him since the days of the Brat Pack!)

One of the perks of working at a Las Vegas wedding chapel is seeing visiting celebrities—LIKE ANDREW MCCARTHY! (They’re not necessarily tying the knot, but often come as wedding guests of friends and family who get married in Vegas.)

Our beautiful and always cheerful wedding photographer, Maria, was thrilled when she happened to be on duty and spotted Andrew just outside our chapel. He’d come for a friend’s wedding. Maria exclaimed, “I’m NEVER on duty when someone famous is here!” Luckily for Maria, when it finally happened, the star was a guy who’s been her big-time hearthrob since the 80’s.

“The night before I met him I had watched St. Elmo’s Fire, and the week before, Less Than Zero, ” Maria added. What a coincidence!

We’re delighted Maria happened to be working that day!

Vegas wedding photographer
Maria doing what she does best—everything!

The walls of Viva Las Vegas Weddings are filled with our own “hall of fame” visitors, including Angelina Jolie, Sara Ramirez, the REAL Erin Brokovich, Ashton Kutcher, Carrot Top, Gene Simmons and many more. The folks in the pics are the real deal, even though, with all the themed weddings we do, sightings of impersonators of every kind– music and movie characters and even superheroes— are pretty common here. And then there’s The King. Yeah, him. Elvis is everywhere.

You’ll also see Maria everywhere, mostly in her “role” as photographer. But she does it all, far beyond her job description. “Sometimes I’m answering phones, coordinating weddings, playing cashier…And then I run into the chapel, shoot photos and video, all while I’m running the lights, music, fog and sound!”

There’s rarely a dull moment, even when no stars are visiting Viva Las Vegas Chapel. Maria is always smiling, though, and always taking the time to make brides and grooms comfortable when posing for their formal wedding photos. If you’re lucky enough to have Maria photographing your wedding, she’ll treat you like a celebrity, too.

And she’ll probably have stories to tell…Especially about that Brat Pack guy….