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Blues Brothers Tribute Wedding in Vegas—WITH ELVIS!

Blues Brothers wedding in Vegas
Pull out all the stops for your Blues Brothers themed wedding—add Elvis!

Not having an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas? For couples who choose to have a traditional wedding at Viva Las Vegas, or even for couples who opt for one of our wild and wacky themed weddings, consider adding Elvis to your wedding package. He can pop in for a surprise rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” to conclude your formal ceremony in high spirits. Or, you can include Elvis simply to add to the crazy fun of one of our costumed themed weddings.

Elvis has appeared in space in our Intergalactic weddings, has rocked out next to Merlin the Magician at our Camelot themed wedding, and he’s even sung along the Nile with for our Egyptian wedding package. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can have it your way, just like the hamburger place down the street!

Have a look at this “Bluez Brothers” plus Elvis wedding we found on YouTube. (The sound and video quality are not the best, but wow, does this look like a GREAT and unforgettable wedding celebration!)


If you’d like to hear more about our many exciting wedding packages and add-on options, characters, and upgrades, you can chat with us online at: or call us at 702-384-0771. Thank ya. Thank ya very much!

Wedding Vow Renewal in Vegas: THIRD Time’s the Charm!

WEdding vow renewal Las Vegas
Helena and Scott’s Wedding Vow Renewal at Viva Las Vegas–After 10 years, it’s time to do it again!

The only thing better than renewing wedding vows with Elvis in Vegas is doing it multiple times! Scott and Helena, first married in June of 1999, have done it again. Their ceremony here at Viva Las Vegas was their third renewal of vows, and not the first one at our chapel, either!

Helena, the bride, let us know that they are not only celebrating their 15th anniversary, but also “Scott 5.0,” as if any other reason was needed to have an unforgettable time in Las Vegas. Lots of folks renew vows not necessarily on an anniversary, but also to celebrate a milestone birthday or other occasion. Recently–and very touchingly– one couple renewed their wedding vows to have a “new” anniversary to celebrate. The bride’s father had passed away on their original anniversary. So in order to honor the day differently, they created another anniversary for themselves by renewing their vows here with us. How sweet and wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for Helena and Scott, we’re guessing that the more times they do this, the more casually they go. The bride and groom both rocked cutoffs and boots for their Elvis vows. And their funky straw hats were just the right amount of accessorizing to chill on a 100-degree afternoon in Sin City. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, anything goes.

viva las vegas chapel
The chapel’s vaulted stained glass ceiling. A touch of romance for your traditional or Elvis vow renewals!

If your first wedding was very formal and traditional, a wacky Elvis or themed vow renewal in Vegas is a GREAT way to celebrate your continuing love story. The only limit in what you can do is your imagination.
But, if you just want to rekindle the romance of the day, we do stunning traditional wedding vow renewals, too! Come see us—and make new memories! Like Scott and Helena. Best wishes to this fun-loving pair. See you next time!

Rocky’s Horror Wedding Parody in Vegas: TWICE the Fun!

Rocky Horror Wedding
Chapel co-owner Jamie moonlighting as Brad in our Rocky’s Horror musical extravaganza wedding parody

Bri and Ian had so much fun at their Rocky’s Horror wedding at Viva Las Vegas five years ago, they decided to do it again on their fifth anniversary! They came all the way from Wyoming with friends and family to do it, too!

The Time Warp wedding dance
Bri and Ian after newly renewing their vows, and dancing the Time Warp!
bri and ian 5 years

We pull out all the stops for this one! Dr. Frank-N-Furter performs the ceremony (and a few musical numbers), alongside a full cast of singing and dancing characters. A foggy mist rolls through the candelabra-lit chapel as guests join in for the Time Warp. It’s a quirky, campy, rockin’ way to say “I do!”

Here’s what Bri and Ian had to say, on their free Viva Las Vegas wedding website page: “We knew from the start that we were not your traditional couple and didn’t want a traditional wedding. Bri always wanted Las Vegas with fishnet stockings and Ian was up for anything if he didn’t have to wear a tux. Then it clicked. Our love for the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show seemed like the perfect fit. We wanted a giant party for all who came and a wedding to be remembered. As it was. So, why not do it all over again the second time around! Amazingly, we have made it 5 years and still not a traditional couple so why have a traditional wedding this time?”

If you’re planning a Halloween wedding at Viva Las Vegas, remember it’s our biggest day for weddings all year, next to Valentine’s. Book your Rocky’s Horror wedding package early! It’s THE perfect Halloween wedding. (Not a fan of this cult classic? We also do Addam’s Family, Gothic, and Vampire weddings, too— decking out the chapel as a spooky cemetery. Of course, we’ll also do any of these weddings any time of the year.)

Rocky Horror Magenta
Relaxing before the ceremony…

For more information about the Rocky’s Horror and other unique themed weddings, visit our website:
Best wishes to Bri and Ian for many more years of fun and happiness. See you in another five years? ๐Ÿ™‚

5 Easy Steps to Getting Married in Las Vegas


Ready to get married in Las Vegas? Once you’ve made the decision to get hitched by Elvis, or to have one of our unique Themed or Traditional destination weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the rest is simple. Just follow these five easy steps. Need more help? Call us at 702-384-0771 for our friendly personalized service.

1. Choose a date that fits your schedule/romantic whimsy. (Warning: Popular dates like 12-13-14 and Halloween are going fast!) Remember, if you’re on a tight budget, you can save nearly the full cost of your Viva Las Vegas wedding package by booking a weekday wedding. This is because hotel rooms on weekdays can be half the cost of weekends. Multiply this savings by the average 3-or-4 night stay, and—your wedding seems practically free! Plus, the crowds are smaller in casinos, shows, and buffet lines, too.

2. Visit us at to choose your classic, zany, or rockin’ Elvis wedding. Click on any tab to choose from our many Elvis, Themed, or Traditional wedding packages. Can’t decide? We have online chat available. Or, call one of our warm and helpful staff members to answer questions and offer suggestions. You can book your wedding online, or by phone. We’ll talk you through the entire process. Easy-peasy.

3. Book your hotel, flight, rental car…whatever accommodations you may need for your wedding/honeymoon stay in Las Vegas. Not sure where to stay? Ask for recommendations when you call to book your wedding. Tripadvisor is another good resource, to read reviews and compare rates. For transportation to and from your wedding, remember that all of our Themed wedding packages, and many of the Elvis and Traditional ones include round trip limo or town car transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel to our chapel. Cool! (If you select a simple package that does not include transportation to your wedding, you can always add it on or grab a cab. And, if you have your own wheels, we have plenty of parking right next to our chapel.)

4. Once you’ve checked in at your hotel, give us a call to confirm your arrival. We can answer any last-minute questions then, too. Then, you’ll need to make your way downtown to get your marriage license at the Marriage Bureau before your ceremony. Itโ€™s really easy to find the Marriage Bureau with your GPS navigation thingie, but cab drivers know the place well, too. (201 Clark Avenue, NW corner of 3rd Street and Clark.) We recommend getting your license the day before your wedding, so itโ€™s less stressful on the day of.

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
The Marriage Bureau—no waiting period, no blood tests. And don’t forget to bring your license to the chapel so we can make it legal!

To make it even easier, you can go online (up to 60 days ahead) to . You’ll still have to go down to the Marriage Bureau, but you’ll get express-lane service! For couples who are renewing their wedding vows or having a commitment ceremony, no license is necessary. You can skip step 4 almost entirely! But do call us to tell us you’ve arrived in town for your ceremony.

5. Show up 15 or 20 minutes before your wedding time on YOUR WEDDING DAY. If you have a driver, that’s something you needn’t worry about. Your driver will call you at your hotel and tell you where and when he’ll/she’ll pick you up. Be sure to have THE RINGS and your MARRIAGE LICENSE with you— and you’re good to go!

We think getting married in Las Vegas is about 1,000 times easier than any other kind of wedding. At Viva Las Vegas, we consider it our job to make it easy and worry-free for you. Because your wedding should be all about you, and each other. We want your Viva Las Vegas Wedding to be fun, happy, and unforgettable. Plus….EASY!

Actor Andrew McCarthy Visits Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Andrew McCarthy in Las Vegas
Andrew McCarthy and Viva photographer, Maria (who’s crushed on him since the days of the Brat Pack!)

One of the perks of working at a Las Vegas wedding chapel is seeing visiting celebrities—LIKE ANDREW MCCARTHY! (They’re not necessarily tying the knot, but often come as wedding guests of friends and family who get married in Vegas.)

Our beautiful and always cheerful wedding photographer, Maria, was thrilled when she happened to be on duty and spotted Andrew just outside our chapel. He’d come for a friend’s wedding. Maria exclaimed, “I’m NEVER on duty when someone famous is here!” Luckily for Maria, when it finally happened, the star was a guy who’s been her big-time hearthrob since the 80’s.

“The night before I met him I had watched St. Elmo’s Fire, and the week before, Less Than Zero, ” Maria added. What a coincidence!

We’re delighted Maria happened to be working that day!

Vegas wedding photographer
Maria doing what she does best—everything!

The walls of Viva Las Vegas Weddings are filled with our own “hall of fame” visitors, including Angelina Jolie, Sara Ramirez, the REAL Erin Brokovich, Ashton Kutcher, Carrot Top, Gene Simmons and many more. The folks in the pics are the real deal, even though, with all the themed weddings we do, sightings of impersonators of every kind– music and movie characters and even superheroes— are pretty common here. And then there’s The King. Yeah, him. Elvis is everywhere.

You’ll also see Maria everywhere, mostly in her “role” as photographer. But she does it all, far beyond her job description. “Sometimes I’m answering phones, coordinating weddings, playing cashier…And then I run into the chapel, shoot photos and video, all while I’m running the lights, music, fog and sound!”

There’s rarely a dull moment, even when no stars are visiting Viva Las Vegas Chapel. Maria is always smiling, though, and always taking the time to make brides and grooms comfortable when posing for their formal wedding photos. If you’re lucky enough to have Maria photographing your wedding, she’ll treat you like a celebrity, too.

And she’ll probably have stories to tell…Especially about that Brat Pack guy….

Elvis Wedding AND Cross Country Tour! From Down Under to VEGAS, Baby!

Elvis Australian wedding couple
Tom and Silvia stop in for a wedding vow renewal, on their way to San Francisco and HAWAII!

The only thing better than renewing your wedding vows in Las Vegas with Elvis is doing it while you’re on a tour around the world. Silvia and hubby Tom were re-united in matrimony this week, traveling all the way from Australia to do it. They’ve been in the States since April, visiting nearly every part of the the country, with a focus on National Parks—including the Grand Canyon and their very favorite, Yellowstone National Park.

This year the two are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary, so they’re pulling out all the stops on their first trip to the U. S. Friends and family from around the world were able to watch their incredibly fun Elvis wedding via the chapel’s webcam. The ceremony included Elvis singing The Hawaiian Wedding Song, complete with foggy beach(Yes, we have special effects!) and a dancing hula girl. That was particularly fitting, since their next stop will be San Francisco, on the way to a REAL tropical paradise, Hawaii. Can we just say, “ENVY!!!”

Tom And Silvia of Australia at their Vegas wedding with Elvis
What began with a parking ticket, ended up in 18 years of happy marriage!

Silvia met Tom under the (seemingly) unfortunate circumstances of giving him a parking ticket. That just goes to show how strong their chemistry was; obviously, Tom didn’t hold it against her. Silvia said, “You just know when there’s something about a person…” Seeing Tom and Silvia together, we just know they have many years of joy and love ahead of them. Enjoy those sunny Hawaiian beaches, and may all your memories of your U. S. tour be filled with happiness!