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White Wedding in Vegas–British Idol Wedding Vow Renewal

Billy Idol themed wedding in Vegas
Kim and Diego went back to the 80’s during their recent wedding vow renewal in Vegas

Kim and Diego renewed wedding vows this week in a “White Wedding” presided over by our AMAZING Billy Idol tribute artist. “Billy” did the honors, dishing up a couple of iconic Idol tunes in the process. Everyone present was dressed for the wacky-yet-loving occasion, too….Let’s see…There was Saturday Night Fever‘s John Travolta, Elvis, Priscilla… Clearly this unforgettable anniversary celebration was a punk rock ‘n roll party for the ages.

Rock n roll wedding in Vegas
Who would believe such a sweet and reserved couple would order up a rock themed wedding vow renewal in Vegas?

Kim and Diego referred to their vow renewal as a “sequel” to their wedding in Brisbane, Australia, eight years ago. In Kim’s own words,”Funnily enough, we originally considered getting hitched in Vegas by Elvis! Then eloping in the Greek Islands! But as we planned it, we realised how much we needed our family and friends there with us to celebrate, so instead had a wonderful, super-fun wedding in Bris-Vegas! So now, on May 27 at 3pm, exactly 8 years later, we’re doing it Vegas style! And with “BILLY IDOL” no less! It’s too good to be true! We are both so excited!!!”

Family and friends as far away as Australia could watch the whole thing live via our live streaming webcam. For more information on a rock-themed wedding with your choice of rock musician/minister, visit this page:

To Kim and Diego, we send congratulations and our warmest wishes for many more happy, rockin’-out years to come!

Renewing Wedding Vows in Vegas with Elvis!

Renewing wedding vows in Las Vegas with Elvis
Elvis, Kelly and Dan, and Vegas showgirl celebrate 25 years of happy marriage with an amazing vow renewal in Las Vegas!

Kelly and Dan of Dallas/Ft. Worth celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this week by renewing their wedding vows with Elvis. They did it up in style, too, with the gorgeous bride in a sparkling pink bustier, the dashing groom in white bell bottoms with enormous Elvis-style belt. Can we just say “Wow!” ?

Anniversary toast in Vegas
Dan and Kelly, a VERY obviously still-in-love couple looking way too young to be married for 25 years!

The two met in July of 1988 in Dallas. Although Dan was only visiting and actually lived in Missouri, the pair wrote to each other for months. By the following March, Kelly met up with Dan in Kansas City, where he proposed at the spectacular, revolving Skies restaurant atop the 42nd floor of Crown Center’s Hyatt Regency. Wow— again!

According to Kelly and Dan, they are “…looking forward to the next 50 years—a vow renewal in Vegas by Elvis is the best way to start it!”

We’ll be thinking of this unforgettable couple on May 27th. They simply radiated happiness, lighting up the whole chapel during their ceremony. We wish them many, many years of joy ahead. Kelly and Dan, we hope to see you again for the 30th, 40th, 50th…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU!

Getting Married in a Bikini in Las Vegas!

Vegas Beach Party Themed Wedding
Be carried down the aisle by hunky, suntanned surfer dudes!

Summer’s here! It’s not only beach season, but it’s wedding season in Las Vegas. If you’re getting married in Vegas this summer but don’t want to deal with a bulky gown, tux, and honeymoon trousseau, just break out that white bikini and tuxedo Speedo and you’re set for a beach party-themed wedding! We’ve got the beach balls and sand pails along with surfer dudes to carry the bride down the aisle on a board. We’ll add beach tunes and all the atmosphere you’ll need to complete your Beach Party ceremony.

Beach WEdding in Las Vegas
Our Beach Party wedding package includes ANOTHER ride– round trip limo service to and from your Strip or Downtown hotel!

If you like, you can add your own custom extras. Elvis singing a song, a hot dog and cake reception, or even a Pink Cadillac entrance! Bring your ideas and beach-clad guests and we’ll make it just right for you. See more details:

Vegas Themed Weddings
The next best thing to getting married on the beach in Hawaii!

After the ceremony, you’ll find a lot to do in Vegas to continue your beach-themed day. May we suggest a visit to Mandalay Bay Beach for a summer evening concert? Or check out Vegas’s newest summer attraction, the fabulous Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas water park. Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Day should be the most memorable of your life, and our wedding planners will help you carry out the theme into the night. Have a blast, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Hangover Themed Wedding Vow Renewal in Las Vegas

Hangover Themed WEdding in Vegas
Image courtesy of stockimages /

Gadzooks! We just came across this uncensored Viva Las Vegas Hangover Themed Wedding posted on YouTube. We remember most of the Hangover wedding vow renewal that took place at our chapel. But the extracurricular fun we didn’t see, captured on this video before and after the ceremony, was…interesting, to say the least!

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We can’t say that we condone this kind of behavior for YOUR wedding trip to Vegas. But, you have to admit, Emma and Mark and their friends must have had a really great time! And, hey, after 19 years of marriage, a couple deserves a crazy Vegas wedding anniversary. Check out all of our vow renewal ceremonies, bachelor and bachelorette parties at:

Top Reasons to Get Married in Las Vegas

Wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas
Steve and Mary knew right where to go to celebrate 30 years of marriage

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, one of the top reasons for getting married in Las Vegas is to get married AGAIN. Close to one in four of our weddings is a renewal of vows ceremony! Mary and Steve, pictured here, made a 30th anniversary trip to Las Vegas this week to do just that. These high school sweethearts met while working at Target 34 years ago. The couple chose to re-wed in an Outdoor Gazebo wedding. Here’s what they wrote on their personal wedding website: “When the idea came about to celebrate 30 years of marriage by renewing our vows, we decided there could only be one destination—Las Vegas!” We can vouch for the fact that they had a very romantic time at the chapel, then had a blast doing the town. We think it’s the perfect way to honor the past 30 years, and to begin 30 more years together!

Getting Married in Las Vegas
Steve and Mary, 30 years ago, looking exactly the same!

The same week, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including the bride and groom, as Rebecca and Travis exchanged touching and personalized vows in our Main Chapel. Even the staff and Reverend Daphne got choked up as the bride came down the aisle to John Legend’s “All of Me,” their chosen wedding song.

Wedding Proposals Vegas
Rebecca is about to be proposed to by Travis at a John Mayer/Phillip Phillips concert

Tears started up again as Rebecca and Travis presented each of their mothers with a beautiful long stemmed red rose.One of the best things about getting married at Viva Las Vegas is that you can have exactly the wedding you want, with the family and friends you want. Your ceremony can be completely private, or it can be streamed live via webcam all over the world. Getting married in Vegas means you can honeymoon in the most exciting of cities, saving tons of money on the actual wedding while designing the wedding of your dreams. At Viva Las Vegas, we offer every option you can imagine. And if you don’t see it on our website, call us and we’ll bend over backward to see what we can do to make it happen. Visit us at

Vegas wedding couple
Rebecca and Travis at ANOTHER concert! These two know how to have fun—the secret to a long and happy marriage made in Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Reverend Daphne Goes to China

Rev. Daphne Las Vegas minister
Rev. Daphne gets into the spirit to preside over a Harley Davidson Themed wedding

Our own Reverend Daphne is back in the saddle again (and back to marrying happy Las Vegas wedding couples) after an 11-day trip to China. (Pictured above, Daphne sheds her ministerial robes for a Harley Davidson wedding ceremony.) Yep, The Great Wall of China was on her bucket list. If you’ve read past wedding blogs, you know Daphne travels the world lightly. So, yes, her only luggage was a backpack and three changes of clothes. Daphne described her travel wardrobe as, “All interchangeable and very comfortable—and I brought walking shoes!”

Daphne visited Beijing for three days, then was blown away by The Great Wall. Also included in her itinerary were the Forbidden City and the famous Tiananmen Square. She continues,describing the highlights of her trip: “I sailed down the Yangtze River for four days, looking at many villages and lots of industry along the river. Then it was on to Shanghai for three days, which is far more modern than Beijing.”

“Our tour guide spoke excellent English and was extremely knowledgeable about his country. That made the tour so enjoyable. We used GATE 1 TRAVEL. All the hotels and the cabin on the Yangtze River cruise were very clean and comfortable.” Between all the walking and all the Chinese food (EVERY meal was Chinese food with no bread or desserts), Daphne lost a few pounds. How many people do that on vacation?

vegas wedding minister visits great wall of chine
The Great Wall of China
Image courtesy of cescassawin /

Other travel advice for wedding couples who might want to honeymoon in China? “If you plan to visit China, go for the sights and history of the country. It’s not a relaxing destination.”

What’s next on Daphne’s travel agenda? ” I’m looking forward to a few more countries—-swimming in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and throwing my coin into the fountain in Italy.”

How does it feel to be back to the Viva Las Vegas wedding routine? “I have to say that I was very happy that I saw the sights of China, but I’m VERY HAPPY to be home and back to work at the chapel. Americans don’t realize how fortunate they are living in this country.”

We’re really glad to have Daphne back at work, too. If she’s on duty for your upcoming wedding, Daphne’s your go-to person for worldwide travel advice. The lady gets around! Even if you just want to know what to see and do on your Vegas honeymoon, she’s got great suggestions. It’s just one of the many services our friendly Viva Las Vegas ministers provide. And, if you’ve been to China, too, you’ll have a lot to chat about as Daphne takes care of your marriage license paperwork. You’ll feel right at home. 🙂