Renew Your Wedding Vows with Elvis on the Beach in Hawaii—or Las Vegas’s Next Best Thing!

Elvis Vow Renewal Vegas
We’ve got palm trees, ocean fog, Elvis and a hula girl, but none of that “annoying” sand! Pink Cadillac is extra. You can’t get that on the beach in Hawaii!

On April 4th, Robin and Michael of Austin, Texas, celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in Las Vegas with Elvis . Our Elvis Blue Hawaii ceremony reminded them of their first honeymoon in the islands. They really did it up, with friends and family back home watching via the internet as they exchanged vows and swing-danced to Viva Las Vegas wearing Elvis shades. The bride even ordered an exotic and fragrant Hawaiian lei, in white to match her veil. It was the perfect demonstration of a happy marriage and life!

WEdding Couple
Robin and Michael’s Wedding Day, April 4, 2009

This radiant couple told their story on their free Viva Las Vegas wedding website, and we’ll share a little of their happy romance:

“We had our first date on July 4, 2006. Strong storms put a damper on the firework display in Georgetown, however, that didn’t stop us from keeping our date at Chili’s. We enjoyed dinner and each other’s company and conversation until the restaurant closed. We found we were so engrossed in conversation we had failed to realize we were the last people left in the place. We had a lot of things in common and were interested in learning more about one another. We enjoyed each other’s sense of humor and sense of adventure and definitely felt a common attraction. How could we each resist such a “cool guy” and “cute gal”?

And, something about how Michael proposed to Robin: “The proposal came on Valentine’s day 2008 at our favorite Italian restaurant in Austin. My husband secured an upstairs table by a little window and he ordered an expensive bottle of red wine for starters, which was rather unusual for him. We enjoyed a multi course dinner that evening and he seemed chatty, yet still a little nervous. I recall him getting up to excuse himself before the dessert course arrived, which made me suspicious if there would be something extra on my plate with my dessert. I even went so far as to pick up the flower on the plate and admire it, while still inspecting it to make sure it didn’t hold any ring inside. No dice, it was just a flower, so I chalked it up to him just having a long day at work and being tired. However, after dessert, he got really quiet and reached out for my hands and sat there looking into my eyes for a while before he started to tell me how much he loved me and then reached for his pocket and pulled out that lovely Tiffany blue package. He got up came to my side of the table and got down on one knee and proposed holding up the perfect engagement ring that he picked out all by himself! I have no idea what anyone else around us was doing at that moment, because all I could see was Michael through my tears and of course, I said ‘yes!'”

Blue hawaii wedding couple
We haven’t seen a happier couple, even when they’re not in Hawaii!

Why an Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding vow renewal? “We liked the idea of the Blue Hawaii Elvis Wedding because we honeymooned in Hawaii and Maui. So, it made sense, if we were going to have a Las Vegas wedding, we needed Elvis to marry us! So, here we are, ready to renew our commitment and vows to each other. Still happy, and enjoying our honeymoon together. Thanks for sharing our amazing adventure!!”

No, Robin and Michael, THANK YOU, for sharing with us. Best wishes for many, many years of happiness and tropical paradise to come!