Meet Jessica: Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Social Media Diva from SWEDEN!

Jessica at Viva Las Vegas Weddings
Just arrived from snowy Sweden, Jessica is now happily sporting a new tatt–and sleeveless dresses– in Las Vegas!

Ja, we had to go all the way to Sweden to find our newest staff member, Jessica, a specialist in social media. She’s also a huge fan of Las Vegas weddings–Elvis weddings in particular! Jessica first began her university studies in International Tourism, but after being involved with her best friend’s wedding, she discovered she had a natural fondness for the wedding business. Jessica says, “I just loved the general happiness that surrounds weddings.”

Jess continues, “I once met a woman who had been married many times, but in her late 50’s got married again. She said she was in love for the very first time. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart when I hear things like that. I’m a sucker for romance and happy endings.”

After preparing for a bright future in weddings and tourism, Jessica began to apply for work abroad. The Viva management team was so impressed by Jessica’s spirit and enthusiasm that she was invited to join our staff. She set out on a new adventure, not only to a new country, but to a world full of brides, grooms, Elvis’s and crazy, imaginative themed wedding ceremonies.

Jessica says that her first few weeks at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel made her feel like she had arrived on a movie set. “Such beautiful people, gorgeous gowns and costumes! Plus the fog and lights, music and cameras everywhere. It’s just like Hollywood for some of the weddings!”

Jess gold shoes to Las Vegas
Jessica’s fancy “shoe selfie” at the San Francisco airport, on her way to Vegas, baby!

Jessica may be missing the aurora borealis sweeping across winter’s night sky, but she’s thrilled to be around the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. What’s more, she’s now promoting the fantastic theatrical lights and sounds of our wedding receptions and dinner theater-style productions at our new Viva Las Vegas Event Center, right next door. “Double the glitz and double the glamour of your usual wedding chapel on the Strip!” 🙂

Jessica encourages any couple thinking of an affordable wedding in Las Vegas to: “Please follow me, Viva Las Vegas Weddings and the Viva Las Vegas Event Center on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll get all the news, entertainment and goings-on at the chapel. I KNOW that this is THE BEST wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and I want the rest of the world to know it too. If you want to get married in Vegas – there is only one place to look – VIVA LAS VEGAS Wedding Chapel!”

“Follow my Instagram and Twitter at VLVJess and you’ll get to know me 🙂 I love music – especially Kiss, but anything from Metallica to Frank Sinatra is frequently on my Spotify. By the way, I am still hoping to find my own Mr. Right. (Oh dear, that’s the one thing we don’t provide at Viva Las Vegas—the groom!) I am known for my RED/ORANGE hair, and I’m always able to find good things in each day.”

We think we’ve found a good thing in Jessica. And, if you’re lucky enough to chat with her online or by phone, we think you’ll agree. Be sure to say “Hej!” (“hello” in Swedish….pronounced “hey!”)
Skål, y’all!